Strip Ministry of Waxing

5/F Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Strip Ministry of Waxing
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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

I’ve been to other waxing salon and this is my first time here. Thanks to my sister for sponsoring haha! I’ve read a lot about Strip. Some people say that its less ouch compared to other waxing salon. I really gotta try their services.

The “Striperella” (term used for the strippers… oops what I meant is the waxing technicians rather) will escort you to your room then they will give you Hygienic pack for you to use and clean the body part to be waxed. Then once you’re ready they will come in again then instruct you on how to pose for the stripping session. haha

30 minutes. They promised to finish their services within 30 minutes. It’s their “motto” and they live with it! It’s amazing how fast it is! 128077🏻

Wax. Strip uses hot wax jelly. It comes in three flavors or rather scent. They have Cucumber, Strawberry and Lemon (if im not mistaken). All of it smells so yummy haha.

The Striperella will apply it directly to your skin with a spatula then wait for few seconds then strip! It was lesser “ouch” than other waxing salon. And it kinda feel good and was really fast. I liked it. And the result is perfect, hair no more!

Price. Well, it was expensive but I believe you are getting what your money’s worth. You can save if you will subscribe for multiple sessions.128076🏼

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Crissy B.
5.0 Stars

I've been really curious about this place for awhile, so my sister and I finally tried out Strip for a "maintenance" session yesterday! Its a lot better than the (much) cheaper waxing salons that I've tried because its way more hygienic, is much quicker, and you're generally treated much better. The pain levels are around the same though.

We had about five services done and it came out at ~4000. Although I had my upper lip done at Browhaus, so I had to pay for that separately, which I found kinda strange. We got a discount though because it was our first time, so that's a plus!

I would probably go back but only if my mom pays for it hahahaahha!

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Carmela M.
5.0 Stars

It's already summer and that means beach trips here and there. Since I'll be going to Cebu this weekend, I decided to go to Strip to have waxing service down there. I did a lot of research beforehand and I was convinced that I'll be in good hands when I go to Strip.

I was welcomed by their very cheerful receptionist. When she found out it's my first time, she walked me through the entire process and made sure I'd feel comfortable. Grace, my Striperella, explained to me every step of the process as she was doing the waxing. She asked me to relax, and conversed with me to make me feel less awkward. Since I have high tolerance for pain, the waxing itself wasn't a problem. Despite that, she would still ask me to take a deep breath before she pulled the hot wax to lessen the pain. After 30 minutes, the process was done and I was 100% beach ready.

The all off Brazilian waxing used to cost P1200+ but a while ago, I had to shell out P1595 because of the price increase. Too steep, right? Although I liked the service, I think I'll visit the other waxing salon next time who offers the same service half the price. But still, as a first timer, I'm happy I went to Strip because of the excellent service.

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Inna A.
5.0 Stars

I went to the best waxing salon ever last Wednesday night.
I had a full brazilian, underarm and half leg wax, and it hurt 80% less than it normally does.

Yes rhe price is a bit steep but I tell you, it is worth every penny! The process was so fast and meticulous that I was out of there in 30mins!

I will recommend it to everyone! As in, everyone!

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Xoxo Q.
1.0 Stars

Very disappointing for my first try here in Strip. My waxpert was not an expert at all. I was begging her to be gentle just like how other waxing salon attendants were to me. But she continued waxing in a harsh way. I've had the same service with Wink which is cheaper (half the Strip rate!!) but has more friendly/gentle attendants. I now realize that Strip is a total waste of money. I am not coming back!

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Ria d.
5.0 Stars

Ever since puberty hit, I've never tried shaving pits nor legs as I'm scared of the blade touching my skin. I've always go for depilatory creams (when I was younger and in college) and waxing due to a busy schedule. While I have a VIP card in one of the popular and cheaper waxing salons in the metro, this is my first time to try Strip Ministry of Waxing bec i was turned off by their pricey services. But i have lurked for a long time on diff reviews online about the service quality and their strong regard in hygiene. Now that I am pregnant, i know that skin is more sensitive and so I'm scared that my usual waxing routine will be more painful than ever, thus my visit to Strip! I'm so glad I did! The people are more professional and courteous. Plus the place smells yummy (their wax is flavored too: lavender , chocolate n strawberry). Also, the pain (if there is any) is lesser nga than my usual waxing salon! My Striperella is very patient in answering all my questions too!! For the quality of service and peace of mind (iffy about bacteria!) I think I can overlook the price! I hope they come up with a loyalty program/card for their patrons, that would be a plus!

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Faye Karel V.
5.0 Stars

Love at first STRIP! 128156

The place was so nice it has girly girl vibe.
The have a lot of articles or brochures about waxing that will keep you entertained while waiting for your turn. It's actually a big help for first timers like me. 128517 I appreciated it a lot, especially the do's and don'ts and post wax care topics.

I've searched a lot of waxing salons and reading different reviews about Strip made me decide to go here for my first time.

I heard it's painful and everything and some of them scream or so whatever. Surprisingly, it's painless not totally but lesser than I expected. I love my waxpert "MAY" who explained everything about their services, packages and tips that I think helped me to be pre-occupied with the pain.

They are using hot wax that's smells so good.
They have this No Double dipping commandment that is very hygienic to do. Strip is using Hygiene pack for each customer with gloves,face mask, wet wipes and spatulas. And don't forget their amazing post wax products.

Also, the room is so cozy, the bed has towel covers and disposable sheet that they change after each session. They have sealed trash bin and closet that keep things so tidy.

The receptionist said that if this is your first time you're in good hands and I TOTALLY AGREE!

Thou, it's a bit expensive than the others. The price is so worth it with excellent service with their friendly staff, clean waxing salon and PAIN-free waxing!
This will be my one and only waxing salon. 128522

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