Strip Steakhouse

Solaire Resort and Casino, Aseana Ave., Entertainment City, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Strip Steakhouse
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Otep C.
5.0 Stars

Rapsa....i love the sauces and this kind of t-bone steak.... Busog much talaga127830. I wan't to go back here....thanks sa treat ha.....128522

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Sept. 7, 2014. Our first wedding anniversary. We tried this steak joint at Solaire after trying our luck at the Casino. Didn't know what to order so we went for their "Tasting Menu Eight Course" offer.

Green Pea Sphere - Kinda like a Green Pea puree on a Ceramic Spoon topped with Bacon Strips. Well it tasted like peas for sure. 128513

Tomato Salad - This was surprisingly refreshing. I like the small pearls of Balsamic Vinegar. It pops in your mouth like Fish Eggs.

Foie Gras Crumble - was actually looking forward for this. But their version of crumble was with fruits. It was sweet. Not my kind of Foie Gras. 128532

Seared Tuna - really good and really bitin. Perfectly Seared. 128077

Pork Belly - More like Pork Asado. It's more on the sweet side which is nicely done.

Smoked Angus Beef - The Star of the Course! Super Bitin! I want more! It comes in a BIG Hot Stone Plate. And I mean BIG! On the plate is some Bernaise Sauce, Mashed Potato, Bulalo Bone with the Bone Marrow intact! and of course the Angus Beef which is in enclosed in a vial with the actual smoke. Daaaamn! Putok Batok moment but really bitin.

Caramel Sand - nothing but Bananas Coated with caramel then torched.

Chocolate Mousse - Just Chocolate Mousse.

Additional Order of Mushroom Soup - Kabute Heaven! One of the best I've had so far.

The place is stylish and posh. Upon entering you'll know it's gonna be expensive. Air conditioning is kinda too much though. The leather seats are so cold.

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Jason A.
5.0 Stars

Classy environment with some urban vibe with an openkitchen and very attentive staff. One of the places that I never thought I would love. Its a place to go when you wanna go pricey for the night and match it with a glass of wine , good conversation,creative platings, and exquisite menu

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Anj C.
5.0 Stars

Rib Eye Steak

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Rico G.
4.0 Stars

I love the steak sauces!

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Jess B.
3.0 Stars

All that's left from king prawns are shells. We had American angus in addition to the main course. Our sides are corn with cream truffles sauce and mashed potato. The food are just "OK", not so good but not bad.

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Kat L.
2.0 Stars

What could be happier than to eat steak at fancy restaurant? Had dinner here last night. Well I'm disappointed, the restaurant was fancy looking, they have a great venue, the service was ok, the decoration was look expensive, and it is expensive, what I don't like? THEY DONT KNOW HOW TO MAKE STEAK! The price is not reasonable, I've been to many steak house restaurant, moderate price and expensive one, most of them in the hotel. but this strip resto at solaire, definitely not going back and not recommended. Mas mahal pa sila sa wagyu and other steak resto na nasa 6 star hotel din. we spend 9,800++ for just one piece of tiny steak and a 3pc medium size scallop, "take note" hnd pa cya ung deep sea scallop the that I called giant one. Overprice and hindi talaga masarap! Pati sa serving kuripot. Ok Lang nmn ung "chic plate" but this one parang ayaw kang pakainin!

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Pammy M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Alan S.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Trixia C.
5.0 Stars

Because I got bored and too early to go to clarke quay. I wanna share my dinner before I left MNL with the man I love 128076128076128076

Sorry for the pictures. So ...

Strip Steakhouse is another one of the four signature restaurants in Solaire.

It promises to “serve only the finest cuts of beef, seared to perfection, imported fresh from the U.S.A., Australia, Europe and some direct cattle farms exclusively supplying for Strip.”

Headed by Canadian chef Trevor Macleod, Strip Steakhouse aims to offer the best steak in the Philippines with exceptional quality.

From the outside all you can see is the mini bar area but once you enter and pass through this alley featuring a glass covered cellar showcasing over 3,000 bottles of different wines, you get to the main dining area of Strip.

I swear I love the hanging lights used all over the restaurant! I love the effect of its abundance on the high ceiling.

Supper started with these 3 complimentary bread, accompanied by different types of butter: Salted, sun dried tomato and mustard.

Bee’s Knees (PHP420)
“taking care of the business”
Tanqueray gin, honey, fresh lemon juice

Seared Hokkaido Scallops (PHP1,350)
♥I loved every single bite of these plumpy scallops seared perfectly! The white chocolate sauce added a unique and exciting factor to this starter! I must admit though, the steep price for 3 pieces makes it a little hard for me to order another one… :(

Crab & Corn Chowder (PHP510)
♥The chowder was amazingly thick and rich in flavor. Big props to them for using authentic crab chunks instead of just kamaboko crabstick. The serving looks little on the picture because we had it split into two bowls.

King Prawns (PHP1,680)
♥Sorry for the bad picture but believe me, these 5 dumpy, robust, fresshhhhh big prawns made my stomach really happy!!

400g USDA Prime Beef Ribeye (PHP3,030)
♥Again, my picture is not doing any justice to this heavenly black stone plate. Sorry.

The portion looks small because my boyfriend and I shared and had the 400g split into two. And thank heavens we did, because I got another roasted bone marrow. Next time I go to Strip Steakhouse, even if I’m going to devour on a steak all by myself, I’ll still have it split into two just so I can have extra bone marrow again. And then maybe try to be charming and convince them to give me another one for free. Or pay for it. Hehe! I know it’s total cholesterol bomb, but… YOLO!!! hahahaha just kidding.

My preferred doneness was medium, and it was cooked perfectly. It was incredibly succulent and tasty, to the point that I would make grunting sounds (don’t worry only my boyfriend could hear it) every other bite because it was sooo good… This post isn’t even over yet but I’m already telling you, if you want DELICIOUS steak in Manila, go to Solaire Resort and Casino and get yourself a table at that restaurant called Strip Steakhouse!!!

My preferred type and cut of steak is rib eye, ALWAYS. Why? Because steak fat. And the marbling on this one is just… Incredible… Look at that…Yeah I betchu my arteries were fighting for their lives after this meal. Hahaha!

The sauces that accompanied our steak: Béarnaise, Mushroom Truffle and Brandy & Peppercorn. Truth be told, the steak was packed with so much authentic meat flavor that I didn’t really care to try any of these sauces anymore. My boyfriend preferred the Béarnaise sauce above the rest though.

Baked Potato (PHP250)
10084The sour cream they use… They should change it… :) it ruined everything here, even the bacon!! 128557

Creamed Spinach (PHP250)
10084even Popeye would spit this out. The “cream” was way too diluted and it wouldn’t even mix with the spinach.

Strip Fries (PHP250)
10084I asked the waiter what their best-selling side dish is, and he suggested this. “Triple cooked Strip fries”. Very simple. Very ordinary. Disappointing. I mean, it was very crispy and all, but I expected more. My boyfriend complained about how salty it was, and one of the head staffs went to our table and offered to change it. Thank you.

Sorbet & Fruits (PHP440)
10084Coconut, lemon, Guimaras mango and red berry sorbet, all of them I disliked the texture. There was something off about it, way too dense, I think?

Molten Chocolate Fondant (PHP550)
♥Strip Steakhouse’s take on the lava cake didn’t disappoint! Aside from the vanilla ice cream already melting when it was served to us, I have no other complaints about it. I normally don’t like my chocolate too thick, but this one was addictive! What was too sweet in the chocolate cake was balanced by the bittersweetness of the hot chocolate ganache oozing out slowly… So delicious!

They just need a lot of improvement on their side dishes. That’s it. And maybe the service too, because our steak arrived literally after 50 minutes. But, is Solaire’s Strip Steakhouse deserving to be included in the list of Manila’s best steakhouses? Definitely YES. Especially if we’re just talking about their steaks alone! Very reasonably priced! I feel like every single cent I paid for that Ribeye was really worth it! :)

Late and advance birthday dinner for me and my love. 128541

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Rom B.
5.0 Stars

So we celebrated our Easter Sunday Dinner in Strip Steakhouse Solaire Manila. I must say, it is the nicest and most elegant steakhouse I have ever been here in Manila. haha.

Ordered myself a Gruyère Mac and Cheese and 24 oz Prime Porterhouse with Jalapeño and Red Pepper.. Their steak is awesome it was flavored and cooked perfectly so as the Gruyère mac an cheese! I love Gruyère cheese! haha.

Strip Steakhouse is definitely one of the best steakhouse in the metro.

Price: I don't know! haha! just bring your credit card! lol

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Alden A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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