Subangan Museum

Surigao-Davao Coastal Rd., Mati, Davao Oriental

Subangan Museum
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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Subangan is a local museum at Mati City featuring the beauty of Davao Oriental. Entrance fee is Php 50, while for students it’s Php 20. The place is very informative. Upon entrance you will see the skeletal of “Davor”, a whale shark that was found by Davao’s seashore and was already dead. The bones are so big, and it took them a while to rearrange it. Davor means “Davao Oriental” where its remains were found.

The place has lots of interesting features from the tribes, to local dresses and houses. They even have their own version of rainforest inside to see the different animals, and waterfalls their rainforest features. Their beaches are also featured. And the saddest but most eye opening part is the place dedicated as a remembrance of how devastating Typhoon Pablo was when it hit the towns in Davao Oriental. It was really bad. There were video documentaries showed, and relief efforts to get back on their feet. It’s really eye opening.

For a minimal amount, this place has a lot to offer and to inform each one of us. This is definitely a place to visit in Mati City. Sometimes traveling is not just about seeing the beauty of one’s place but also understanding their culture and can’t help but admire their bravery amidst the calamities they had to go through.

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Gwen I.
5.0 Stars

Ugh, I'm missing my vacation here while writing this review. Huhu. 128542

I always tend to check local museums every time I visit a province, and I ain't goin' back to Manila without visiting this one. 128513

I was in Mati, Davao Oriental for a vacation last month as a birthday gift to myself. 128522 We stayed in the lovely Dahican Beach for 1.5 days and Subangan Museum was our last stop before heading back to Davao City. Thanks to Suzette C's review, I got to discover this place. 128522

Subangan Museum's highlight is the 53 ft. long fossilized sperm whale skeleton named Davor. I was fortunate enough to capture photos of it alone despite the many tourists inside. It's the 7th largest in world exhibits and was found in the shore of San Isidro. It's really big! 128561 So that's now crossed off my bucket list. 128513

I have to admit, I was amazed by how modern this museum is. Thumbs up to the local government! 128077

Aside from Davor, the museum features how beautiful the province is. 128525 From its glorious waterfalls, the Aliwagwag Falls, to the 17th century Caraga Church, to its forests, rivers, caves, beaches & lakes. This place has a LOT to offer pala, which is good! All the more reason to go back here! 128513

I wish I could've stayed longer to visit Aliwagwag Falls at least. Huhu. It looks really magnificent in photos. 128525

It is open daily from 9AM to 6PM. 128077

Entrance Fee:
100 - foreign nationals
50 - locals
30 - residents
20 - senior citizens & students (outside Davao Oriental)
10 - students & children (within Davao Oriental)

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Suzette C.
5.0 Stars

Before leaving Davao Oriental, we decided to drop by the Davao Oriental Museum since it's on the way. Luckily, itms open when we went there last Dec 24!:)

I was amazed to see how well made this museum is. We paid only 250 (5 of us), the entrance fee is really cheap. 100 for tourist and 50% off for Davao residents. It gets lower for Mati residents and senior citizens!

Upon entering, the first attraction was Davor, the Whale. Davor was a sperm whale found dead at the shores of Governor Generoso and San Isidro, but the strong wind and waves brought the whale across the gulf to Talicud, Samal Island.

It's the 7th largest whale on exhibit in the world and first in the country! The province gave Davor his name which came from (DAV)ao (OR)iental which considered the whale's final resting place.

I'm not sure about this fact but my dad told me that it was suppose to be exhibited in Davao City but because no museum this big is available, it's placed here in Mati City. I'm happy that he's placed here in this museum. This museum is beautiful. It's very well taken care of and it's big enough to display and tell the story on what Davao City is. Our hertiage, Davao's Tradition and culture, the native language, herbal medicines, musical instruments, jewelry, weaving, and a lot more. I have lived in Davao all my life but I learned a lot after visiting this museum. I'm so glad that we stopped over this place because it's definitely worth our time.

Also, there's one frame that shows the different species of wood that are abundant in Davao City. That's my favorite part aside from Davor the Whale. Looking at the colors and graining of different wood, Ahh!! I can imagine making furniture out of them. Some displayed are even extinct and now illegal to use for furniture. 128563

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