Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel

Canal Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Zambales

Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel
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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

Last holy week i went to subic for a family camp with the church. I could only express how disappointed our camp coordinator was as i was part of the camp officers

You see, this hotel did give us a rate that is within our budget. Everything was really going smooth until the day of the event. We were surprised that the package that they gave us did not include a comforter! This is actually the first time we encountered a hotel that offers a package without a comforter-- I mean without even disclosing to us!

Good thing that time SM subic was open so we could buy comforters for our delegates. It did cause some hassle on our side, but thank God everything went well. We were able to provide the comforters.

Well some more reasons to dislike this hotel is their system of replenishing the tissue paper (no budet) in the CR. Well, every extra roll has additional fee. Waw. Another first time experience!

What's keeping this review for two stars is their food and beverage team. They were great! The food were great tasting, the quantity was more than enough however the replenishment of food was quite sluggish.

The general house keeping team was also great. Fast acting-- maybe its just the management and regulations here are quite different from the usual hotels that we encounter. However i think people got no choice about it.

The room is ok. Big. However noises from the hallway could still be heard. The general bathroom is good. The toilet is separated from The bathroom. And water would not leak out to the dry area. (see other loolooers' photos.) i like the lobby btw. (photo) however in our three days stay they only have one background music which is super melancholic--parang pang depressed lang.

I almost forgot to mention. Their frontdesk was not accomodating at all. Masungit.

Well, we still we did not like the management. Hope they consider being truthful.

We will not consider going here again

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Rad R.
2.0 Stars

Driving up to this hotel, I started to have a bad feeling about the hotel. Walking up and seeing reception area made that uneasy feeling worse. #Maarte

I booked and prepaid two rooms at this hotel through Agoda. The rooms were for myself and an Uncle and Aunt. The first place I look when I walk into a hotel is the bathroom. At this hotel, I was greeted by gnats and mosquitoes. Then I was skeeved out by what I saw in the bathroom- crevices colored with mold and mildew and a broken toilet seat. My first reaction was to look for another hotel, but I told myself I was being a little too maarte and I could suck it up for four days.

My brother's room was next door and we had a connecting door. I hear a knock to open my side. The look of disgust on his face was enough to tell me we were getting the hell out of this hotel.

On our way out we expressed our concerns to the front desk and they were more than happy to help us out with our problem. It was really my fault for not seeing it was a 2-star hotel when I booked it and the people there were so nice and courteous I felt bad for complaining.

We decided to stick it out overnight, but that was a mistake. We were eaten up by Mosquitoes even though the hotel personnel sprayed and tried to get rid of them for us. I checked on my Uncle and Aunt so I could transfer them out, but their room was fine and they decided to stay at the hotel. My brother and I got the freak out because of the following reasons:

1. We are maarte.
2. We lost a pint of blood to mosquitoes.
3. I felt like I was getting eaten by imaginary bed bugs the whole night and could not sleep.
4. The bathroom was DISGUSTING!
5. Water pressure with hot water was like coconut juice coming out of a coconut with two nail holes. Actually that would have been much faster.
6. I abstained from sleeping with a blanket because it looked like someone abstained on it.
7. Door didn't close. You had to hulk arm it shut.

To be fair to the hotel, they refunded my money back after I phoned Agoda and the two parties verified my concerns. I know the wonderful people at the front desk were probably laughing at us for our " concerns" but I had to move into a cleaner place. The pictures on Agoda are a bit deceiving so for those travelers that are used to cleaner 2-star hotels, I suggest you try and avoid this one. Go to the Mansion Garden instead.

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Joeŷzee T.
5.0 Stars

Situated strategically near the shops & highway. New Hotel means new everything! 128522128079127775 Parking ain't a problem AS IN EVER! Which is such a bonus for me, since I hate parking. Wahaha!! Discounts & promos available! 128079128077 package includes breakfast! Bar near pool, too.128523 thanks Kuyang Ado as always128139

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Lorraine C.
4.0 Stars

Nice accommodation!128077128077128077

It was my first time here since its renovation. They can reserve you a room without giving downpayment for assurance. The room that we got was the Deluxe King, I think- 2 beds good for 4 - for 3000+ pesos. The price was a little high but Its somehow worth it. It includes with free breakfast for two.

The room was spacious. Their aircon works well! A plus for me especially this summer. 9728128517128517128517You can bring down the upper bed cause the lower one has the same softness with it. We're doing it so that we can sleep without squeezing with our sleep mate and of course except for couples. Haha128521128521128521

They have swimming pool and thats with jacuzzi on top! Yay! That's a plus 127775 for them! However the way to the place was kinda scary cause its not paved yet since they're still renovating some parts of the hotel.127946127946127946

The staffs there were very kind and considerate.

In their breakfast, they have one dish for the day. And if your gonna have it in their dining area, you can have as much as you want like a buffet.

All in all a good hotel :D

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Michelle Ann Y.
4.0 Stars

Subic Bay Peninsular Hotel
A newly renovated hotel in Subic. 127970 Well, the hotel is not that big (Outside) but I swear the rooms are so good! Comfy, Very spacious plus very friendly staff (Napakagalang pa nila) Theyre fullybooked, we had no choice so we got their Deluxe King Room instead of Family Suite Room and surprisingly it was big! Me and my sister got this room separate from our parents :)

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