Subic Beach

Matnog, Sorsogon

Subic Beach
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Nik S.
5.0 Stars

I love taking pictures and I discovered photo hobby by my friend I have done them mostly in the beach I am more like lets take you to cool places to shoot. Subic was a few hours with some assistance but my day with her taught me soooo much!! She did so much more than just take you around to great sights. She knew everyone's camera and helped get the best shots. She really taught me alot about my camera and the settings with lots of practice on lots of shots. I did the whole day.


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Jacob N.
5.0 Stars

One Wednesday night me and my friends were driving along EDSA and trying to figure out where to go, since its the middle of the week, we were all stressed out at work and we were all having a hell week. 128545128555128560

Yung feeling na ayaw mo ng pumasok bukas, nagdadasal ka na sana matapos na Ang linggo sana mag weekend na, sana tumigil ang oras, sana mag instant holiday or sana magbakasyon na! 128545

Then suddenly bigla nalang namin naisip na iderecho na sa NLEX 128514 it started out with a joke na hanggang nag agree lahat!

Probably my first YOLO trip 128514 we didn't know where to go, and all we wanted was to breathe and relax. So ayun derecho na kami sa NLEX, one of us is still wearing her uniform, yung isa may deadlines due tomorrow, I have a scheduled meeting with a supplier, the other one also have reports to pass. 128514 we all called in sick 128514 as in isa isa kaming tumawag sa mga boss namin that we cannot report tomorrow because we are not feeling well.

After everything was cleared, We turned the volume up and screamed "road triipp!!"

So the nearest beach was probably subic and we ended up checking in at "By the sea resort" we did not really see the place because it was dark na and it was one of the few resorts with available rooms.. It was around 3 am ndn so natulog na agad kami para maraming energy for the next day.

When we woke up we were amazed at how beautiful the place is and how nice the beach is!! 128525128513 its like waking up in a paradise 128513 naghanap nalang kami ng ukay ukay to buy clothes and slippers kasi ako naka leather shoes pa and polo 128514

We checked out at 2pm and drove back to manila. Isa to sa hinding hindi ko makakalimutan na adventure 128522 pagbalik namin we were all refreshed and recharged! 128513

At bigla ko ding marealize na hindi pala review ang ginawa ko, nag kwento lang pala ako haha

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars

It's pretty hard to convince people that you're in Sorsogon when you say you're at Subic Beach/Subic Island. 128514

This place is BEAUTIFUL. From far off you could already see the sand glistening. 128525

The sand was so fine. Almost powdery. And what's cool is that it's pinkish! Cool right. I heard it's because of nearby corals or something. I don't know. But it really adds to the beauty of the beach. Although there's a lot of leaves and other debris scattered due to a recent storm, the beach was still very beautiful. Waters we crystal clear. Almost perfect I must say. Not a very crowded place. In fact there weren't a lot of people at all during our visit.

The 14 hour bus ride plus an hour boat ride was well worth it. Hahaha.

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Maye D.
5.0 Stars

Quite bothered that they call this Subic Beach bec top of mind for us city people is the one in Olongapo. I find that quite insulting to this hidden paradise. Just look at this beauty! 10084️ This is a popular destination for tourists. To get here you have to rent a boat at the Port of Matnog. It only takes around 30 minutes if you go straight but best of you go island hopping. They usually take you to Tikling Island and Juag Marine Sanctuary before going to Subic.

Subic Beach is situated in Calintaan Island. No watersports activities. No hotels too, only cottages, nipa huts and treehouses. If you're planning to stay overnight, you can rent a nipa hut or tent (or you can set up your own). You will also have to use the shared bathroom. This is a great beach for those who just want to relax and appreciate God's raw creations. It has fine white sand that turns pinkish and clear turquoise waters (just like the its neighbor Tikling Island which I reviewed earlier). No worries about your phones and go pros, the island surprisingly has good signal and power supply.

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Sheena D.
4.0 Stars

Not having insanely fine sand, but Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon still came as a surprise for us when we visited it in August prior to going to Biri Island. It has pinkish sand, and clear turquoise water. I wouldn't have minded staying here. This is a quiet place, and should be good for anyone needing their much-deserved rest. But oh, the accommodation is a different story. We stayed in one of the huts, and forced to use the shared bathrooms. The five of us stayed in a small room, and paid P1000. If you have no problem with that, go ahead and stay here. This place is a good find for beach lovers.

How to get here: From Legazpi, we went to the bus terminal and took the Daraga-Matnog bus. This took us around four hours in the bus, and then alighted near the Matnog public market. Our group chartered a boat going to Subic Beach. But remember to buy everything you need in the Matnog public market, and then just cook in Subic Beach. Some vacation, eh! #12Days

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Chrislyn F.
5.0 Stars

Subic beach is truly Bicol's pride! The water is crystal clear especially in the afternoon. You'll definitely love nature at its best! I recommend that you stay overnight to get the most of the island's beauty. You can set up tent/s either you bring your own or rent to the friendly shop owners.

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