Sugar Factory

G/F Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th St. cor. 3rd Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Sorry! We're closed for good.
Sugar Factory
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Adnad S.
5.0 Stars

I just found out that this is closed already! :( This is where we celebrated our 1st Vday as a family.

Got lazy to look for the pictures of the foods we ate here but I remembered they’re all delicious though pricey. :)

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

Aahhhh closed na sya. But lemme squeeze in a final review and give out reco credits before this gets marked as closed.

Food is a bit expensive. It’s an international franchise in a prime location. The prices are understandable. Food is very American, the way it’s prepared, the serving size, how it tastes like. Not much a fan should f the food but the drinks, yes. I enjoyed it.

My favorite would have to be

American Honey
370 with alcohol
Chocolate, cream, honey, cinnamon

Creamy, just a little chocolate. Makes you smile like a kid again. My last visit was 2017 128513 Sorry.

The candy section is also really small. Big thanks to them for giving us complimentary gummies when we came in with our little one.

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Mark B.
1.0 Stars

Went to sugar factory on a sunday for my daughter. She was so excited to taste their milkshakes and other desserts. When we ordered, we were shocked to hear that all insane milkshakes are not available. When we asked for the sundae for an alternative, we were told that vanilla ice cream wasnt also available. Even the fondue, only dark chocolate was available.

Also, small things like crayons/coloring books for kids to enjoy while waiting for food is nonexistent despite being a family restaurant. After all that, we were served pasta with a spoon.

I dont know who runs this place, but please do a better job on inventory and managing the restaurant. Could have been a great concept. But very mismanaged.

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Julienne Y.
4.0 Stars

Wanna know something weird? Our milkshake was not cold.
And I know it sounds strange but it’s the truth. It was cool but not frozen and refreshing as milkshakes should be. That was a letdown. It tasted like melted ice cream that was left out a bit. Also it was not frozen/blended but rather “left to melt on its own then mixed.” Disappointing. I was willing to ingest 10,000 calories and at this level those calories should be worth it. This wasn’t.

Some highlights though:
1) 50% off at Eatigo is the only reason We went and only reason I’d ever go back
2) their beef salpicao and their beef tapa were delicious!!! People bash their food but these two dishes were yummy and generously portioned. We would actually come back for these two but only if #1 on this list were in play.
3) the staff here are lovely, warm and do their best to make you feel welcome

Some cons (apart from the warm milkshake)
1) they don’t have halo halo spoons. What if I want to scoop out the bottom of my milkshake?
2) it’s expensive if you don’t have a discount. Like, really really really expensive
3) alot of it is gratuitous sugar. Generally I like my garnishes to serve a purpose but in the case of their special milkshakes, no value was added by the extra toppings. It’s not like they enhanced the taste.

Would I come back? Yes. I don’t want to judge a restaurant by just 1 milkshake (even if it is their bestseller). I want to try their sundaes and other food. I will definitely wait for that 50off though.

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Unisse C.
2.0 Stars

I’ve seen reviews of Sugar Factory when it first opened and the photos looked glamorous. When my friend suggested we stop by here for dessert after lunch, I said, “Sure, why not?”

Upon looking at their menu, it was absolutely scary! This fish bowl sized goblet filled with ice and sugary drink cost over Php 500 128528 I get that it’s nice to see your drink smoke up upon pouring and bubbling while you drink it, but there’s so much SUGAR 128561

I guess it’s called Sugar Factory for a reason. 128533

They seem to have a decent food menu but I guess that would be left for another time...

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Ninya G.
4.0 Stars

This restaurant is not all about sweets. They have good savory foods on their menu too. Really big servings. Thanks to eatigo I got a 50% off on the total bill! Worth to try!

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Working in BGC is sometimes a struggle especially during lunch. Are you looking for an affordable lunch? Tired of long lines and too many people?

I went to Sugar Factory today and was surprised to see they offer Lunch Specials 🤩🤩🤩

I ordered their beef tapa bowl served with side salad and iced team. It’s only 235.

They also offer other dishes like spaghetti vongole at 195 and chicken alfredo at 205.

Excellent service, good food and i really enjoyed my lunch.

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Phantasm D.
5.0 Stars

We have been invited to try out some of Sugar Factory Philippines' new dishes along with some of their best sellers.

Seven years after the Sugar Factory's debut on the Las Vegas Strip in 2009, the dynamic American brasserie and retail store offering signature confections and merchandise is now in the Philippines.

The food at Sugar Factory American Brasserie is a treat for all, offering guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience, serving decadent and tasty fare to satisfy any craving. Created by a team of world-class chefs, the signature menu offers everything from pancakes and sweet and savory crepes to salads, burgers, and pizzas, all available throughout the day. Sugar Factory also offers spiked adult beverages made with premium spirits, including Sugar Factory's signature 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking candy goblets. Sugar Factory is an establishment that welcomes adults, children, and the child-at-heart.

Here are the ones that we had:

White Gummi. 36-ounce alcohol-infused smoking goblet topped with gummy bears and gummy worms. It's fun to drink and good for sharing. These smoking candy goblets can also be served without alcohol for kids to enjoy.

Coconut Gone Bananas. Fruity and sweet with a good hint of alcohol.

Peace, Love, and Harmonie. Margarita with Hypnotiq Harmonie and natural fruits. Fruity flavor with a hint of rose.

Hubba Bubba Gum. Bubblegum cocktail with bubble tape.

Sexual Chocolate. Combination of chocolate and strawberry. This cocktail is my favorite pick.

Sugar Factory Party Nachos. Warm nacho chips topped with spiced ground beef, melted cheddar, jalapeños, sour cream and tropical salsa. I love how generous they are with the ingredients in the toppings. It's good.

Jalapeño Poppers. Fried pickled jalapeños filled with mozzarella cheese and wrapped in bacon, served with marinara sauce. This is one spicy treat but I like it a lot. Even the gummy jalapeños are spicy.

Blue Cheese and Walnut Salad. Mixed salad greens, cucumber, candied walnuts, tomatoes, bacon bits, black olives, blue cheese dressing and blue cheese crumble.

Cheese. Mozzarella, parmesan, white cheddar, blue cheese. The pizza is good, but I'm not a fan of blue cheese.

Paella. Prepared with mussels, clams, shrimp, calamari, chicken, pork loin, onions, red and yellow peppers, seasoned to perfection. Also good, I love the serving and generosity with the ingredients.

Big Cheesy Burger. This monster burger is served with Angus beef topped with melted white cheddar, creamy mac and cheese, bacon, and served with BBQ sauce on a toasted potato bun. The Angus beef patty was done medium well. This one is good and is very much sating.

Baby Back Ribs. Tender pork ribs marinated overnight in their homemade barbecue sauce, grilled to perfection. Served with fresh coleslaw and crispy fried french fries. The ribs are tender and sweet.

Strawberry Bacon Cheeseburger Milkshake. Strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream, candied bacon, mini cheeseburger and rainbow sprinkles in a chocolate covered mug dressed in M&Ms and chopped pretzels. Sugar Factory's Insane Milkshake. I like this a lot though I'm really worried about the calories this one has. (Okay, cheat daaaaaay!!)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake. Vanilla ice cream blended with peanut butter, strawberry jelly and topped with whipped cream, Reese's peanut butter cups, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and sprinkles in a peanut butter covered mug dressed with Nerds.

FULL REVIEW and HD PHOTOS on my blog.

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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

Went back for seconds.128522
Checking for consistency.
I was a little underwhelmed by the asian sirloin dish. It tasted good, but nothing one has never tried before. Pricey-er than if you’d get a pasta, like in this case ‘cause it doesn’t come with rice and it’s not really a big serving.
The bolognese is consistent: meaty, big serving!

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Jae-t M.
4.0 Stars

It was an hour before closing and we were greeted, seated and treated very well. We ordered quite a lot (for someone on a budget!).
SF Big breakfast
Sirloin tapa
French onion soup
Onion rings
Country fried chicken

Please read my review.

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Kevin R.
5.0 Stars

While Sugar Factory is known for its variety of colorful drinks, it also serves up a healthy variety of sweet and savory dishes for guests to enjoy. Here are some of the dishes that I got to try during my visit:

Classic French Onion (₱195)
Caramelized onions and Gruyere crouton in a rich beef broth
This bowl of soup lives up to its classic name. The broth is rich and meaty, coupled with the sweetness of the caramelized onions. There is also a hint of wine to round out the richness of the broth. This is complemented by the softened crouton and the mild Gruyere cheese on top. This balances the variety of tastes, making it an overall enjoyable dish.

Sugar Factory’s Big Breakfast Platter (₱695)
A choice of buttermilk pancakes or French toast, two eggs in any style, bacon crisps, breakfast sausage, a cup of baked beans, and toast with jam
This is definitely a hearty meal. While it may be strange to have both toast and French toast in the same meal, the latter tastes so buttery and creamy that it can be considered a wholly different item, especially with a drizzle of honey on top. The bacon is not all that crisp, but it is definitely large enough to satisfy my appetite. This contrasts with the milder sausages. I suggest pairing the meat with the toast and the grilled mushrooms for a change of textures. I also recommend getting scrambled eggs as they are very creamy when hot. Overall, this is another excellent treat for a breakfast lover like myself.

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

I love sweets and I can't resist it when someone offers me some. And when I got an invite to visit Sugar Factory, I replied with a big, fat YES. Indulging in huge milkshakes and childlike creations always sound like a good idea.

Hello, Sugar Factory.

I was greeted by a well-lit and spacious dining area that seemed to be a combination of a fancy diner, Vegas and candy land.

Since we were a huge party of foodies, we were moved to the second floor dining area which gave us a nice view of the whole place. On the other hand, the second dining area is a bit cramped and it was hard for us eager (and aspiring) food photographers to move around and take photos of the fun dishes served to us. But if you're there to simply enjoy the food, you'll be fine.

We were in for a treat that night as FOURTEEN specials were prepared for us with six of those as signature drinks. I couldn't contain my excitement when I read "Make a Wish" as I'm a sucker for blowing candles.

First dishes served to us were the fluffy Gigantic Buttermilk Banana Walnut Pancake (PHP340) and Red Velvet Pancakes (PHP320). Though these breakfast staples may seem expensive, one bite would convince you that both are worth every peso.

The banana walnut pancake was heavenly and I love the beautiful contrast between the sweet banana slices and toasted walnuts. The cinnamon sugar and maple syrup tickled my sweet tooth and made me eat more than I intended. (But it was worth the calories)

An order of Red Velvet Pancakes comes with three thick pancakes topped with white chocolate chunks, orange zest, maple syrup and whipped cream, quite fitting for a hungry duo or even trio. It was pretty good too but I would have loved it more if there were some fruits or nuts for added texture or flavor. The orange zest didn't really have much kick.

The Bruschetta (PHP280) was quite light on flavor as it didn't have the usual smoked salmon. Instead, the warm baguette was topped with tomato chunks drizzled with basil, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese. Though this dish serves as a nice appetizer, it would not be my top pick as I prefer something tastier and more sinful.

If you visit this place with friends, I highly recommend Sugar Factory Party Nachos (PHP440). Aside from it being good for sharing, it also has generous toppings. The delectable ground beef, jalapeños, sour cream, salsa and melted cheese would definitely make any gathering or catch up sessions a lot more interesting and enjoyable. Just don't let the nacho chips sit too long as you wouldn't want soggy chips.

We also tried the Signature Sugar Factory Chef's Salad (PHP495) perfect for those "trying" to diet but could wolf down a humongous bowl of greens. The mixed greens with mouthwatering Jamon Serrano, shaved parmesan, poached egg, candied walnuts, cucumber and tomatoes drizzled with raspberry balsamic vinaigrette is a great balance of healthy and yummy. The crisp greens were simply addicting and the tangy yet sweet dressing made me eat two or three servings.

The Signature Sugar Factory Burger (PHP445) is yet another sinful dish we ate during our visit. The thick Angus Beef patty with your usual greens and cheese (with your choice of cheddar, Swiss or blue cheese) sandwiched by potato buns would make two fellows burp with glee. The patty was juicy and not overly seasoned allowing diners to appreciate its natural flavor.

This dish comes with golden brown fries and you just have to get milkshake for this one for that extra guilt that is not even worth regretting.

Speaking of milkshakes, we sampled two huge milkshakes namely Make a Wish (PHP335) and the Instagram famous Giggles Snickers Milkshake (PHP795).

Make a Wish was the drink that made me giddy as you could literally make a wish when you order this drink. I loved the vanilla ice cream they used as it was not too sweet hence making it a breeze for me to gulp down every single drop. Since I was saving room for other munchies, I opted to skip the vanilla cake chunks.

The giant tower of mug covered in chocolate and topped with a whole Snickers bar, waffles and Blow Pop sure made me a bit scared for my blood sugar level. The cookies and cream, though not overwhelmingly sweet, had too much sugar-loaded ingredients with it. I think titas like me are just not cut out for this kind of drink.

And speaking of wild, things just got weirder when Sugar Factory served Grilled Cheese and Spaghetti Sandwich (PHP385).

Your usual grilled cheese sandwich got a one of a kind makeover with spaghetti bolognese as one of the fillings. Then again, it's not as weird as it sounds. We usually eat spaghetti with buttered bread. It's just that some brilliant mind thought of having both in one bite with a bit of extra cheese.

Safe eaters would enjoy Orange Chicken and SF Fried Rice (PHP565). There are no surprises with this one as it is what it is called. The delectable crunchy marinated chicken went well with the flavorful rice. One order could stuff at least three foodies.

We started to sip some of the cocktails namely Watermelon Rancher Martini (PHP450, with alcohol | PHP200, without alcohol) and German Chocolate Cake Martini (PHP320, with alcohol | PHP200, without alcohol) while trying to digest all the food we ate and as we wait for the highlight of the night.

Though I love refreshing drinks and watermelon, I'd go with the chocolate martini as it's just tol heavenly! It's like drinking cold thick chocolate in a martini glass. The sweet chocolate and coconut-y taste of it also went superbly well with the savory dishes.

As we indulge in the remaining food and drinks, we were treated to a mini show... that is, filling of the huge Sugar Factory goblets.

I wasn't able to try the Energy Bear Goblet (PHP870, with alcohol | PHP490, without alcohol) but I did get a sip of Sunshine Tea Goblet (PHP790, with alcohol | PHP400, without alcohol) and I liked it! It tasted like brewed iced tea with lemon. In fact, I like it so much that I could finish a goblet on my own.

Overall, it was a great dining experience. I loved the savory and sweet dishes as well as the drinks. Though food and drinks are on the expensive side, you'll get your money's worth with its huge serving sizes (except for the martinis).

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Shellah Marie R.
5.0 Stars


So posh!


Calamari : It taste good but I prefer Fish and Co.'s Calamari. What I meant was, its good but you can definitely have better than this at a cheaper price. Nevertheless their Marinara sauce was soooo good!

Pacific Salmon : Wasn't able to taste this one but as per my Mom it tastes great. She really liked it. She said Salmon very juicy and it melts in her mouth.

Chicken Parmesan : I totally loved this one. Chicken's still crispy outside yet juicy and tender inside. It has the right amount of red sauce on it and topped with super gooey cheese. Pasta was perfectly cooked as well.

Raspberry Watermelon : This is soooo coooool! Super refreshing also. You may choose if you want it to be alcoholic or non alcoholic. This is a definite must try. It might be quite pricey but it's good for sharing.


Very accommodating and friendly staff


Quite pricey but somehow it's worth it. Just consider the ambiance of the place and the quality of the food.


Did I enjoy it? - Yes
Will I recommend it? - Definitely
Will I come back? - Yes

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Aiah O.
5.0 Stars

Where do I even start? OMG! When I saw the place I told myself I really need to go inside. Candies, Goblets and Trinkets everywhere reveals your inner child. Their ambience is a twist of elegant and babyish. Every corner of the restaurant is instagrammable. The service is very good. The food is very delicious and their serving is big. We were so full after because what we ordered is already for four people lol. You can enjoy drinks too with big goblets. When we were about to leave, we dropped by the candy section of the restaurant and boy I felt sugar rush again because of the candies, gummies and lollies in cute containers.

Here's what we ordered:
127852 Country Fried Chicken - 545
3pcs served with mac and cheese and rice (can be mashed potato)
127852Four Cheese Omelet - 348
served with potato fries
127852Strawberry Old Fashioned Milkshake - 265
127852 Chocolate Old Fashioned Milkshake - 265
All 5 stars 127776127776127776127776127776!!!

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Aileen L.
5.0 Stars

The perfect place to celebrate my Pre 37th bday for the kids at heart like me127874

One of the best birthday celebration I had in my entire life. 127874128522

So blessed to celebrate my Pre 37th bday celebration with fam at Sugar Factory Philippines located at Shangrila The Fort Manila last February 18.

Sugar factory was originally founded in Las Vegas, is known worldwide for its celebrity endorsed Couture Pops and American Brasserie style cuisine. With its other locations like New York, Dubai, Bahrain, Chicago, Miami, and Orlando which have turned sweets into the latest designer accessory 127851127853127852

I ordered their famous "King Kong Sundae"127848127853127851127852 which is perfect for birthday celebrant like me .

We all scream with this ice cream!
The best thing in life are sweet 127852127853127851 enjoyed this superb King Kong sundae for my sugar rush Pre 37th bday here at Sugar Factory Ph. 24 scoops of ice cream with gummy bears, M&mms, what a sweet treat! Cost around 2,900 pesos, sure why not , it's my birthday anyway 128522

While waiting for the sundae I find it weird that the lights got off and all of a sudden all the sugar factory crews came to our table holding my King Kong Sundae and singing a happy bday song for me and I was really amazed on the fireworks on top of my sundae, big smile on my face 128522 all of the other customers are looking at me as I blow my bday candle !

And the surprise didn't end there , hubby bought me a rubber duckie of sugar factory and a keychain 10084

King Kong sundae is the best Ice cream I ever had and glad we were able to take him down ! 128523

Birthday girl like me totally deserved this sweet treat, so proud to be 37127852127851127853

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

The sign outside Shangri-La Fort stood there for months and finally open their doors to the public this month. Sugar Factory is a franchise from Las Vegas and has international reputation for gourmet desserts and out of this world sweet concoctions. It is also endorsed by top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jamie Foxx, Mary J Blige and many more.

The ambiance is blistering with grandeur. It is very sophisticated and very welcoming. There is a side store where you can purchase their signature chocolates and candies at a premium price tag. As such expect to burn your wallet especially if you are having their savory meals, they have a whole menu for it.

This was my friend’s and I second trip of the night and our intention here was just to dessert. We had Key Lime Pie first and found it too sweet and also too sour. I suggest mixing it with its side whipped cream to tame it up.

The Goblets are of the stores identity so we got the Berry Bliss. They are served with dry ice to create an effect. The drink is Instagram Stories worthy but I won’t say the same with it’s taste. I was expecting actual berries in it but it turned out to be all artificial. The size though is enough for two even with its surmounting amount of ice.

For more sugar we also opted for their Peanut Butter Milkshake. They did a superb job in making this extra guilty with its rich combinations of quality ingredients. It would have been better though if it had less whipped cream on it. Don’t forget to take a photo of this. We almost got the insane milkshakes for how it looked but found way pricey at almost a thousand.

Munching through something salty became necessary to balance our sugar rush. We got Popcorn Shrimps and it didn’t do that. The whole bowl of shrimps was flat even with its Marinara sauce. The upside was it was fresh and well cooked.

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Norman Lester T.
4.0 Stars

I'm not your usual sweets-aholic but there's something in Sugar Factory that made me interested to try it.

The interiors scream sophistication. I'm loving the black and white theme, and the velvet couches. Cindy S and I were greeted by a smiling lady in the reception. She asked us where we wanted to be seated and of course, we chose the couch area. Our table was actually too big for us, but it made our dining experience comfortable.

When the menu was handed to us, I immediately turned the pages to the dessert section. I particularly liked to try their Sundaes, but each seems to be so huge and expensive. Cindy, on the other hand, wanted to order their Goblets. After a few discussions, we decided to get the following.

** Raspberry Watermelon Mojito Goblet (780php / 550php without alcohol)
This is one of Sugar Factory's signature drinks. It's 60oz perfect for 2-3 people. It's made with fruit juices, silver rum, and topped with watermelon candy and mint leaves. This was super refreshing, not to mention that it's aesthetically beautiful! This can be served with or without alcohol.

** Buffalo Chicken Wings (420php)
6 pieces chicken wings in original Buffalo sauce. This was sooooo good. I like my buffalo chicken this way. You may choose your preferred dip among bleu cheese, honey mustard, and garlic aioli. Of course, I went with the classic and had bleu cheese. It was legit. Buffalo chicken + bleu cheese = perfect combination.

** Kung Pao Pasta (435php)
I was craving for Charlie Chan pasta earlier this visit so when I saw that they are serving Kung Pao pasta made my heart jumped with glee. I chose chicken over shrimp for the toppings. The chicken meat was so tender and flavorful. However I didn't like their version of Kung Pao. It was too sour and bland in taste. The sauce was kind of diluted compared to Kung Pao pasta at CPK. If ever I'll eat dinner here again, I'll skip this and just try the other pasta dishes.

** Strawberry Rainbow (220php)
This is one of their gourmet ice cream sandwiches. This is made of two sugar cookies, strawberry ice cream, and rainbow sprinkles. This was a steal! Comparing its price among the other desserts, this is so sulit. Soooo good!!! The cream on top was so rich in texture and in flavor. I swear this was perfect in ending our dinner.

Overall I liked our dining experience at Sugar Factory. Nice place and interiors. It's kind of intimidating to enter the restaurant at first but once you're already inside, you'd feel relaxed and comfortable. The servers were so attentive and helpful to our needs. I like that they have buttons per table to call the attention of the servers. It reminded me of the tables at Kuppa.

P.S. They have King Kong Sundae which costs 2950php! It looks promising and delicious but so expensive! Gaaaahh ice cream party, anyone?

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Sugar Factory opened to much fanfare last year, touted as the dessert place to be in Las Vegas! It also helped that they have an army of celebrity endorsers who swears by their sweet confectionary treats - Kylie Jenner ever has a $25 candy for sale. But there is more to Sugar Factory than sweets and desserts. Last Monday evening, I was invited to try out their food menu along with there varied drinks.

The place exudes opulence with the high ceilings and sparkling chandeliers, as the night sets in, the music turns from family friendly to EDM. They have a mezzanine area perfect for those intimate private dinners with close family and friends. Our group had the following: Bruchetta, a light started of tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil and parmesan cheese on a baguette. Next served was the Signature Sugar Factory Chef Salad. It has mixed salad greens, poached egg, jamon serrano, candied walnuts, cucumber, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar dressing. This can serve at least 3 to 4. The salad was light and the components complimented well with the dressing. Nothing outstanding but a good way to start a meal. Next: Beef Nachos, i like how the beef had a kick of spice. The nachos was crunchy enough to pick up the salsa, cheese and jalapenos. Another plate good enough to share.

Next was a couple of sandwiches... i was surprised with the next one since it combined two of my favorite comfort food. Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Spaghetti. Tada! Grilled Cheese Sandwich with a hefty serving of spaghetti in the middle. The spaghetti was not drenched in sauce, but was flavorful despite the dryness. It reminded me of the spaghetti served at the clubhouse in BF Resort back in the mid-90s. So there is a bit of nostalgia there for me. Served with a side of fries. The Sugar Factory burger was served on a Potato Bun, also with a side of fries. The Orange Chicken with SF Fried Rice had hints of ginger. It was fork tender but nothing too extraordinary, even the rice although aplenty and packed with lots of ingredients did not register any distinct flavor.

The Gigantic Buttermilk Banana Walnut Pancake was thick and topped with bananas and walnuts. It was soft and delicious enough even without the syrup. The Red Velvet Pancakes was topped with white chocolate which gave its smooth chocolate finish. Even without the syrup, the sweetness is enough. Just dap on some of the whipped cream cheese topping. Steep prices can be a little discourging but if i would recommend, try the pancakes to share with kids.

Out of all the drinks served I like the Make A Wish - it is a vanilla milkshake topped with sprinkles and a couple of pound cake cubes. With a festive birthday candle, it will make anyone happy. Overall, the drinks can be a hit or miss since prices can go as high as 1000pesos and that is without alcohol in it! It is more of a novelty, fun place to spend a night with friends.

Disclaimer: sponsored dinner event by Sugar Factory.

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5.0 Stars

This place is not for the faint hearted & with sugar concerns. I swear to god, I think I have consumed my sugar limit for 2017 after coming here & I thought I had a sweet tooth! Lol. Those cocktails are ridiculously too sweet. I mean, I get it but man, it's sugar factory but I'd love to meet someone who would enjoy that level of sweet on their cocktail & less buzz!

As for the dessert, it was okay, nothing amazing. Crepe was good but the banana split is so-so. Love they sort of grilled it too. They didn't have chocolate flavor for our split so that sort of suck and the ice cream lacked flavor but had good creaminess to it.

Would love to come back to actually dine here & try chocolate cocktails, I think those stand a better chance for me to like hehe

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Anna d.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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