Medicard Lifestyle Center, 51 Paseo de Roxas St. cor. Gil Puyat Ave., Makati, Metro Manila

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Most Recent Reviews

Evelyn B.
5.0 Stars

If you are craving for a healthy diet and you want organic food you have to dine -in here. Its good for the people who always wants to be fit and healthy lifestyle.

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Julie M.
5.0 Stars

I got tired of eating unhealthy food this week so I'm really glad I got to eat here before I do some yoga :)

I had ravioli with alfredo sauce and the "well being" juice shot (2 shots per order)

The juice shots are freshly extracted from fruits with no added water, sugar, and ice.

You can also buy good food for the home downstairs :)

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Maimai L.
1.0 Stars

I have high expectation of the place. Ambience wise not so clean. The glass wall is full of dust. I'm expecting more of the ambience. Food, i ordered grass fed beef tapa i don't like the taste, the soup is squash tomato i can't taste the tomato just the squash and the organic cucumber shake is too sweet. To add the service is really bad and not so hygenic. They are not attentive. The worst organic resto i've been.

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January F.
3.0 Stars

Healthy meals. Reasonable prices. Organic food. But I'm not vegetarian so I was just lookin forward to sampling their desserts. Their organic vegan ice cream is good.

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Katrina D.
4.0 Stars

So my #pahealthy buddy Ana Charmaine P introduced me to the world of all organic. I was surprised that there are already several places that offer organic meals, sandwiches, wraps & pastries. I was curious on how the pastries would taste like. Since my friend's a fan of sugarleaf, I finally got a chance to try their carrot cake that's made from all organic & gluten free/everything-free ingredients! The carrot cake had raisins and nuts and i found it really good! It was a bit dry compared to typical carrot cakes but i liked that it was not too sweet. And it tasted even better knowing that it's made from all chenes-free ingredients! 128077 I hope i can finally visit their store and try their other pastries next time!

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Charmaine A.
1.0 Stars

If you go at 9am and you have 10 people tagging along, you're in for a huge disappointment. They only have 1 chef working at this hour. We were planning our team breakfast days ahead and chose our individual orders because we wanted to try the hearty meals, so i guess by now you understand my frustration.

They have a web site that boasts of their breakfast set so it would've helped to place a note saying call/order in advance if you're a party of 5 or more.

Oh well. Instead of a healthy morning meal we took a walk all the way to momo at Ayala triangle.

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Edwin I.
4.0 Stars

Awesome healthy and organic wraps and sandwiches, sugar free desserts, healthy drinks, all from Sugarleaf .

A couple of friends of mine, both healthy eaters by choice, invited a few of our friends + kids for afternoon merienda. They wanted to show us their newly renovated and expanded unit. Since neither of them really cooked, they opted to just order some healthy treats for the guests.

It was expected that our hosts would be serving something healthy. Indeed, their buffet table was laden with healthy, fresh merienda treats. They announced that the food were all ordered from a healthy organic cafe called Sugarleaf.

The Toast Bites Sampler platter was simply awesome. Thin whole wheat bread chips topped with a choice of 3 different spreads. Organic Santol Jam, Organic Guava Jelly, and Organic Basil Pesto. The Organic Santol Jam and the Organic Guava Jelly were surprisingly good. Lightly tangy and sweet, it went excellently with the bread crisps. Quite refreshing to the palate. The Basil Pesto was also yummy! Each bread crisp with the Basil Pesto was topped with a slice of sweet cherry tomatos. I was just amazed how the Toast Bites remained crispy the whole afternoon even when they were left on the serving platter.

The wrap platter had three flavors- fresh veggies, veggies with kani and mango, and smoked fish all cut in large roll sized finger-food munchies. Served with Sugarleaf's Goody Kefir Dressing. I simply loved the wraps with the awesome dressing. Firstly, the firm yet soft tortilla wrap used was the whole wheat kind--lightly brown with grains. It didn't dry out even if the platter was standing on the buffet table.The veggies used were organic and indeed freshly crisp. Vibrant colored owing to the freshness. It was hard for me to declare my favorite because all really tasted good. The Veggie wrap was stuffed with the freshest greens, alfalfa sprouts, and avocado. The Smoked Fish wrap was stuffed with the same freshest greens, crunchy alfalfa sprouts, and a slice of tasty tinapa. The Crabstick and Mango wrap tasted refreshing with the veggies, shredded kani sticks, and the sweet fresh mango slices. All these wraps even tasted better with Sugarleaf's awesome Goody Kefir Dressing. Their specialty dressing is a green, creamy , healthy dressing that has a faint basil pesto flavor and a slightly tangy kick from the pureed Kafir Lime leaves (known for medical and health benefits). It tastes creamy, savory, herby, and very refreshing. Definitely one of the best salad dressings i've tasted. Two thumbs up!

The sandwich platter was also delicious. Yummy Whole wheat Ciabatta bread was used for the sandwiches. We were served 3 kinds. Spanish Sardines, Egg-Mayo, and Kesong Puti. The sandwiches were again stuffed with the freshest greens. The Sardine sandwich was yummy and lightly pungent with the sardines. The Egg-mayo (our hosts said that the eggs used were from free-range, organically raised farm hens---but quite honestly, I couldnt taste the difference) was creamy and tasted good. The Kesong Puti was also yummy. The cheese was soft, lightly tangy and salty. I wouldn't mind having these healthy sandwiches as a regular staple anyday.

I was amazed how even the kids of my friends and guests simply enjoyed the sandwiches and wraps. We're talking here of kids between 5-9 years old. Kids, usually picky eaters, were happily munching on the treats. They simply enjoyed the wraps dipped in the awesome Goody Kefir Dressing.

Dessert was Sugarleaf's Sugar-free Sansrival and Sugar-free Chocolate Hazelnut Cake. The Sansrival was ok. It did taste like one, but i guess I'm used to sansrival with a crunchy merengue layer. The chocolate cake was unique. It did taste like chocolate cake with good texture. I guess being a sweet tooth foodie, "healthy" dessert cakes are not really for me. I still crave for the rich, unhealthy, sweetness of the "real" cakes and pastries.

We were also served Iced Fresh Lemongrass Tea also from Sugarleaf. I did like this tea. It was refreshing with a bit of tangy taste. It wasn't sweetened and was a healthy and good alternative to plain water.

Though, I have yet to visit their restaurant, I believe that this establishment has truly good and healthy eats to offer and I'm so dead set to dine in.

What would I rate the establishment? My rating is purely on the food that I've tasted. First, I'm rating it in the context of healthiness, freshness, and taste vis-a-vis the other existing Restaus that offer such genre of food fare. And based on the wraps, sandwiches, and toast bites that I've eaten---5 stars it is. But I'm initially giving them 4-stars. I'm reserving the 5th star once I get to actually visit and dine at Sugarleaf. That way, i can give a fair and actual dine-in experience review.

Perhaps this kind of food would not appeal to everyone. But I can surely recommend it to people looking for some awesome healthy, tasty, hearty eats.

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Anna M.
3.0 Stars

We were the only customers when we ate here. This was at lunchtime on a work day. I guess this place is either not yet well known or difficult to go to. Lunch was ok. I had the chorizo sandwich. It was ok but it was something I could do myself at home.

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Kevon B.
4.0 Stars

Iberico Joselito Belota Chorizo Sandwich


Looking at the picture, does it look like a sausage? No. Maybe they should include "thinly sliced..." on the menu so that we, the customers know what to expect.

The meat was really tasty and unique but since it is labeled as "the king of spanish meats", it should also be the king in the sandwich. I don't mind paying a bit more for some extra meat or why not put a whole sausage?

I also tried the pasta with the same chorizo as the topping. The pasta was a bit cold but it tasted just fine but again, with "thinly sliced" sausage.

Taste-wise i don't have any complaints, just the minor details that should be on the menu.

I will definitely go back and try their organic pork and chicken on my next visit.

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Janice Ian C.
4.0 Stars

Must Try: Crabstick and Mango

Place: Inside Medicard Lifestyle Center

* Healthy food
* with wifi

* This is the place for you if you are veggie lover if not, goodluck hahaha!!

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Ariane L.
2.0 Stars

After happy hour at Bugsy's, friends and I went to the tweet-up here. The usual suspects had been there for about an hour and they didn't look happy with what they ordered. They were even trying to get us to order so we'd regret it like them.

A friend's husband got the organic multi-grain shake at Php150, and proclaimed it "pretty okay." I got a slice of one of their bestsellers, chocolate cake, because it seemed the safest. Boy, even the safe choice was a fail. It tasted like...soil, earth or whatever. Not that I've tasted either of those, mind you.

I'm a carnivore and I think that's why i can't appreciate restaurants that cater more to vegetarians and the like.

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