Sugba Lagoon

Siargao Island, Del Carmen, Surigao del Norte

Sugba Lagoon
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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

Sugba Lagoon is one of the famous attractions in Siargao. It’s an hour and a half away from General Luna (Cloud 9, Siargao) and is situated in Del Carmen.

Went here on my 2nd day and it was my birthday so I was really excited. I rented a motorbike with driver going to the boat terminal going to the Lagoon.

It costs P1600 per boat, good for 4hrs. Paid the whole boat all to myself since I’m on a solo trip.If you wanted to rent a paddle board, you may add P500. But I didn’t know that there are paddle boards at the Lagoon for only 200 so better just rent when you get there.

Travel time is roughly 30mins from the boat terminal. When we arrived, there was only one family at the Lagoon so I was able to take good photos. We were given our own table and asked if we wanted seafood for lunch and they will cook for us. We ordered for chili crab worth P350 for a half kilo with rice. They also offer some noodles and other snacks. You can stay up to 4hrs and the boat will wait for you.

The lagoon is open until 5pm only. Better to go there early in the morning so you’ll be able to take good shots because in the afternoon, it’s starting to get packed already.

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

Would've been perfect if it werent that crowded. Oh well, it's summer. There were stingless jellyfishes swimming around. But they're different from the ones found in Bucas Grande.

Sugba Lagoon is like a mini Bucas Grande / Sohoton.

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Bernisse C.
5.0 Stars

Thanks to my sister, my family and I were able to enjoy the beauty of Siargao by surprise. Sugba Lagoon is a 40-minute boat ride away from the town of del Carmen. The bangka can fit around four to six people. Do note that it’s important to travel during high tide as it will be hard for the bangka to pass by shallow waters.

On the way to the lagoon, we passed by several mangroves and limestones. The travel guides said that there were crocodiles 128010 living under here! 128561 Scary but worth the ride as the views were absolutely breathtaking 128525
Before reaching the lagoon, all you will see are waters, trees and rocks. We were very much surprised when a two-story clubhouse deck appeared out of nowhere 128563 The deck was placed near the center of the lagoon where tourists can leave their things as they jump into the lagoon. Even if it was already 10 in the morning, we didn’t hesitate to dive straight in the crystal clear blue waters. Right under the stunning waters were the beautiful corals and fishes. Although, do be careful since there are jellyfish in the waters.

Patrick’s on the Beach, the resort we stayed at, packed almost everything we needed! Life vests, googles, paddle boards, towels, and lunch were some of the things they brought for us to use. We were very interested in the paddling board since we never tried it before. We used the board to paddle around the lagoon. It was so much fun! Clearly, I was able to put my balancing and rowing skills to the test. 128170🏼 It was good to work out a bit amidst all the pigging out we’ve been doing since we arrived. But if you’re not much of a swimmer, chilling by the clubhouse structure while enjoying in the fresh air is also an option.
There were some locals in the around guarding the deck. But I think they were also prying for tourists to sell fresh seafood and earn some income 128064 Dad’s always game for fresh seafood so it was no surprise when he bought a GIANT fish for lunch. And it was so CHEAP! I think it weighed at least a kilo and we got it for only Php600. I’m sure that fish could feed at least six to eight people. I mean for fresh and good seafood, it was definitely a good bargain 128077🏻

Overall, I loved our stay here at the lagoon. We actually extended a bit since we loved it a little too much 128149

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

Sugba Lagoon is located within the mangroves forest of Del Carmen, Siargao. To get here, you first have to first go to the port of Del Carmen and sign at their mangroves forest conservation center.

The bangka we got is really small and can fit 4-6 passengers only. It has to be high tide to be able to visit the lagoon because the entrance to the lagoon is pretty shallow so it's hard for the boats to pass by.

The lagoon itself is a wonder. They built a function room like hut by the entrance of the lagoon and that's where you can chill and even sun bathe by the deck. The lagoon is pretty deep at some parts. There are some corals with some fishes too though not a lot.

The resort we stayed at, Patrick's on the Beach, packed a paddle board for us to use. Mind you, it's not as easy as it looks in the photo. Balancing is very hard. Hahaha! 128514 All those hours in the gym paid off!! 128077🏼

The view of the place is really wonderful. It's fun to stay here and swim, drink and chill! 128077🏼

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