Sulbing Dessert Cafe

Gaisano Country Mall, Gov. M. Cuenco Ave., Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu

Sulbing Dessert Cafe
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Kevin d.
4.0 Stars

This would be the Korean version of our local Halo-halo.

Similar with halo-halo, bingsu is also made of shaved ice plus 2(two) or 3(three) more ingredients depending of varieties. And don't forget about the condensed milk to make it sweeter. 128522

Must try Mango Blue Berry Chessecake Bingsu!!
With sweet mango cubes and blue berry jam or syrup and plain cheesecake cubes on on top of the bowl of shaved ice with a small cup of condensed milk at the side.

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4.0 Stars

You don't need to be good at problem SULBING to enjoy some of Sulbing's awesome Korean Bingsu. 128517

With the growing population of Koreans here in Cebu, it comes to no surprise that the Bingsu craze would become available here. The humid weather makes this dessert the perfect cooler for any occasion.

Bingsu in general is a must try - the ice they use is so fine and is a treat in itself. It's like water and milk was mixed together, frozen, then delicately grated to come up with fine ice.

The must try for me is their Frozen Mango and Cheesecake Bingsu topped with vanilla ice cream and condensed milk! the Cheesecake could stand on its own and it wasn't just placed in the dish to say it has cheesecake slices. May laban Ang cheesecake! The frozen mango needed more ripening but luckily the ice cream and the condensed milk counteracted it.

A must try for dessert fanatics! 127819🧀127847127846128523

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼128176Value for Money: 4.5 yums
128073🏼128523 Taste: 4 yums
128073🏼️️️9970 Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼128129🏻 Service: 3.5 yums
128073🏼128076🏼 Overall happiness: 4 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Chris C.
4.0 Stars

I'm not very familiar with "korean food culture" but I had seen a lot of pictures on Instagram that made me really curious. My cousins and I went here looking for dessert to cool ourselves down after eating at Tatang's Boneless Lechon Belly.

In Sulbing, they display replicas of their desserts much like in a japanese restaurant in Japan. They serve as i would call them "korean halo-halos". They have many flavors from Real choco, mixed berries, and mango cheescake to korean flavors like Injeolmi and others i can't really pronounce. We ordered Mango Cheesecake and Injeolmi and at 250 a bowl, it's kind of pricey for a bowl of "halo-halo". The mango cheescake has cubes of sweet fresh mango fruit and plain cheescake cubes stacked side by side on top of the shaved ice. They top it off with mango ice cream and milk on top and on the bottom of the ice. This got me excited since mango is my favorite fruit of all time. The Injeolmi was very different. They put bean powder on top of the shaved ice mixed with almonds and chewy bits that I'm not really sure what they are. They do this in between the shaved ice as well so you're not just getting the flavors on the top. The key element is really in their ice. The ice is so fine and flaky that it melts right away in your mouth. The ice just gives you a different mouth feel. This coupled with the delicious toppings is sure to make the 250 pesos worth the money. I would definitely come back to try the other flavors and desserts.

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