G/F SM Southmall, Alabang-Zapote Rd., Almanza Uno, Las Piñas, Metro Manila

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₱250 - ₱1,300

Most Recent Reviews

Wanderlust M.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Pat C.
3.0 Stars

Price didn't justify the taste of the food as it was kinda ordinary. However, we were served a wrong kind of ramen when we visited (I ordered Tantanmen but was given a vegetable ramen) but they didn't let me pay for it and still served my Tantanmen after ramen, yay! And the vanilla milkshake tasted very good, I liked it. The serving for California Roll was too big for me though, I had to open my mouth very wide just so I could fit everything into my mouth. Hehe but it tasted good nevertheless. All in all, nothing special, too pricey. Staff was good.

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Erika R.
3.0 Stars

If you're craving for Japanese and you're at SM Southmall, it would probably be SumoSam. Well, this is between Tokyo Tokyo, Yabu (pricey) and Sambokojin (buffet).

* Buta Kakuni Ramen (Php 348) - Also known as Pork Ramen. Soup and noodles were good. However, it was the pork that I didn't enjoy. It was hard to chew and a bit over cooked (aka matigas). I would prefer their Tempura Ramen over this.

* Ebi Tempura - Also just okay. I wonder how small their Medium version is if this is already their Large size.

* Cheese Fried Maki - My grandma, who is only accustomed to eating California Maki, likes it though. They said it's one of their Bestsellers and is actually very filling. Me? Nope, don't like it. But then again, I'm a sashimi kind of person and anti-fried when it comes to Japanese.

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Peach L.
3.0 Stars

I used to love SumoSam. It's been years since I last ate here so I'm not sure if their quality degraded or if my taste evolved.

We ordered agedashi tofu, spicy tuna salad, and crunchy kani sushi.

The tofu was fried, it was good but i like my tofu silky soft....the sauce was too thick.

The spicy tuna lacked kick that would've probably been solved with a little zing of lemon. The tuna was good but I could hardly taste its quality since it was totally drenched in japanese mayo.

The crunchy kani sushi had an overwhelming sour taste, maybe they had a little too much vinegar when they were cooking the rice, because of it, tasting the kani inside was a bit of an ordeal... But the crunchy kani topping was good 128077

Service-wise, they were average and I could say that the price is not too reasonable for the taste. I could get way better jap food for less the price. 128533

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Rachel R.
4.0 Stars

Food was delicious with friendly staff as well. A bit pricey though but at least you'll be enjoying good food. Even my super choosy old-fashioned dad enjoyed japanese food for the first time!

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Mari d.
2.0 Stars

It's the kind of fusion-gone-wrong, trying hard combinations that didn't work at all. Never coming back here. Service was good tho, and interior was nice.

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Archie D.
5.0 Stars

Great selection of food and it is delicious! Nice ambience as well.

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