Sundowners Vacation Villas

National Rd., Luciente 1, Bolinao, Pangasinan

Sundowners Vacation Villas
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Keisha R.
4.0 Stars

The place was very "instragrammable", truth is though, the area was too crowded. Pool was not cleaned overnight, and the staff were terrible in handling us. They won't give you that welcoming vibe!Rooms were right for the budget but as you enter the resort, almost everything is charged, feels like you have to break the bank all the time. Believe it or not, they will charge you Php350 just for them to cook your meat, and they will charge you Php 60 for a small plastic of ice. Tip: there are a lot of stores outside the resort and they will charge you 50% less of what they're selling at the resort. Also, bring toothbrushes, toothpaste,soap shampoo and tissue paper because they will give you none, unless you buy from them at their store. Unicorn floaters are also available for use at the swimming pool but they would have to charge you Php 350 per hour. Overall, I still enjoyed my stay there with my friends, and enjoyed taking pictures.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Rach C.
5.0 Stars

Santorini feels.

After the funrun, we checked in at the resort overnight. Though the place was nicer in pictures, I wasn't disappointed. I got so excited when I saw the place. 128525πŸ€—

We stayed at the Couple Villa. The villa is good for 6-8 persons. It was pricey though. You may check their website for the villa price. And I actually didn't expect that they have complete utensils and kitchen stuff.

Nakakapagod lang talaga yung mga hagdan.

They have infinity pool. Diving pool. Private pool in the other villas. Bar. Cool place. Refreshing.

Highly recommended. I wanna go back. But then fully book na until May. 128549

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Anna d.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

  • No. of Comments: 1
Jovie L.
2.0 Stars

This place is overrated. It's better in pictures. Service is so-so. You even have to pay for toilet papers. For the price, you can go to a better place.

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Annechile S.
4.0 Stars

For my post birthday trip, we decided to check this place out and it didn't disappoint. The place was really a beauty!

Our villa was big enough for Ig Plummer S and I. We had a space outside for cooking (we only used it for boiling water). Our villa was good for 4 actually (4000php).

Service was good and the staff are really friendly.

Villa: βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Price: βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…
Service: βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…βœ…

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Isonn Kia C.
1.0 Stars

at first i was expecting a very clean place since their advertisments in facebook are nothing but awesome! i was a bit disapointed when we arrived because the rooms were really different from the ones in facebook. we still tried to enjoy our 3 days stay though. but... on our last day, the electricity went out at 10am! so we called the office and asked about rhe generator. so they turned it on. at 11 am lights once again were out! as i researched, there were a lot of comments that they really put the lights out at this time so that the tenatns would check out earlier!!! terrible right?? i'm not done yet! as we were leaving, this housekeeping girl was asking me for 350 pesos because there were 3 plates that werent washed yet!!!!!! frustrating!!!!!! they have the worst customer service ever!!! don't beliee everything you see! pictures can be edited!!!

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Ig Plummer S.
4.0 Stars

Went here last Sunday. The place is very nice. They have kitchen utensils in each villas. Sana they have dish washing soap/sponge and floaters for rent.

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Patrick V.
4.0 Stars

We booked our rooms last January and the available dates that we got were from May onwards. Talk about patience. Whew. But I can say that it was definitely worth the wait! 10084️

We booked the Bougainvilla 1 & 2. We(The 4 boys) got the B1 which was so near the pool! Yay!

Arrived here at around 3pm and I immediately wanted to take a dip however I was the appointed chef so I had to marinate the meat to be grilled and do other preps for dinner. (Gaah!) Yes you can bring food and cook for FREE! There are also utensils that you can also use! (But remember to clean as you go.)

The only thing I didn't like about our room (B1), was that our bathroom was super small! As in. B2 has a bigger bathroom. After dinner, I mixed a cocktail drink for everyone so we could drink while playing 1,2,3 Pass! Haha. Then we went to the pool to take a dip but there were so many crickets! As in. We were told that since it was almost rainy season the crickets would come out talaga. But nevertheless, we still made the most out of our night.

About 2/3 of the pool is very deep. 15-20 feet deep yung far end. But they have life jackets for guests naman.

The next day, I immediately changed into my swimming shorts upon waking up and jumped into the pool. Hahaha! Made the most out of our last morning because Checkout time was at 11am and you would need to pay a fee kapag na-late. We still stayed a little pa to take pictures after we checked out.

What I liked about this place is that even though I know the place is fully booked, it still felt private. Everyone was nice and hospitable. I actually tried to reserve a room for Christmas however they said that they are fully-booked for the whole month of December. Sad! 128532

PS: They have a great acoustic band on Friday nights! Just order a bottle of beer then solb na ang gabi! 128077

  • No. of Comments: 7
Patrizia N.
5.0 Stars

A no-filter beauty located at Bolinao, Pangasinan should be added to your to-travel list before the year ends! It's so beautiful I can't stop taking pictures! Sundowners Vacation Villas is the best place you can visit if you have a limited free time and can't book a ticket out of country.

This resort offers two infinity pools and villas which is good for groups of 2 and more. Perfect for honeymooners, or for your barkada and family getaway. You can enjoy a relaxing view with your loved-ones while experiencing Santorini in the Philippines. Yes, you heard that right. Santorini! su-weet!

What makes this place attractive and serene is its mostly white interiors. The place offers couple villa, family villa, barkada villa, arthur villa with different views and amenities per villa and it's latest panoramic villa which has a roofdeck and duyans! Imagine swinging on top of everthing. We stayed at the family villa which is really huge and spacious with lots of bedrooms and a very neat kitchen and restroom (which I think is the heart of any resort heehee)

And oh, If your itinerary is limited to this resort and its free water activities like kayaking and canoe you need not go to other place for cliff diving beacuse you can try their very own pool jumping! Don't be fooled, half of the pool is 20ft, a stairs near the infinity pool will lead you to the top and tada, feel free to jump over and over again! They have salbabidas and a surfboard to add spice to your selfies!

You know what's nicer in this place, a stay here is subject to bookings so it's not crowded! Yes there is such beauty that is still not overpopulated! Usually three groups are renting the place within your whole stay. Plus It's AFFORDABLE! A couple villa costs P4,000 and is good for 4 imagine saving a thousand for this next year! Corkage is also free so bring whatever you want. The public market is also a few steps down the villa so you won't have any problem you need a thing or two. Need I say more? Visit this place and recommend this to your friends! #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway #reviewfromtheheart #travel #serenity 127799

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