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Most Recent Reviews

Denise A.
3.0 Stars

🍽️ Salmon Poke Quinoa 127775127775127775127775
🍽️ Crispy Tacos 127775127775

The quality of their tacos isn't as good when I've first ever tried it. Ang layo. I remember recommending this to all of my friends but when they tried it they got disappointed and so was I. 128553 i wonder what changed?

🍽️ Whole Roasted Caukiflower 127775127775127775
🍽️ Sunnies Funfetti 127775127775127775
🍽️ Matcha Milkshake 127775127775127775127775127775

This is my third time already, so far so good parin yung quality ng food and of course the place and service. I just feel that unti unti ng nagdedegrade yung quality ng food nila. I wonder if this is just BGC branch. They already have 4 branches now. One in Trinoma, Megamall and Alabang.

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Christina R.
4.0 Stars

I've avoided this place simply because the vibe seems too young and pa-cute for me and I had the impression the food is more for photos than for flavor.

Having my teenager back in town, it was no surprise he wanted to come in. They really know how to draw in their target market. So after a satisfying dinner in Pound next door, we went here to try their shakes and get dessert.

Got myself the matcha and my son got the Oreo. Loved his Oreo. It was thick and creamy. Super liked the flavor of my matcha, but it was thinner in consistency. Waaaay thinner. Sayang.

The Chocohoe we got had too much salt. I mean I get the sweet and salty, but it should just be a touch of salt because this is after all, a dessert. It was liberally sprinkled with it. Plus I don't understand why you'd want to name your dessert that way.

The H got himself a glass of wine, which I made him share with me. By default he always does.

Will I come back? Hmmm, it's possible, but won't be rushing back here. The salmon quinoa poke and the roasted cauliflower are pretty good here.

3.5, but I'm ok to rounding it off to a 4 for the other time I was here.

Oh, by the way, they have free dessert when you spend at least 1000 using your Citibank credit card, Mondays-Thursdays only.

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Trixie O.
4.0 Stars

My friend and I came here on a Sunday dinner and over all we liked the food and instagram worthy place.

We ordered the Steak Lime Salad, Crispy Tacos, Chicken Wings, Spicy Pomodoro, Salted Caramel and Chocolate Milkshake. Don't judge but my friend was really hungry plus we didn't get to finish them all. HAHAHA

We both agreed that the milkshakes, tacos, salad and Pomodoro are great. It was my first time to try the parmesan taco shell and for a cheese lover like me it's a two thumbs up. The chicken wings though, so so and slightly undercooked. Still nothing beats Frankies for their wings.

Will definitely be back to try out other items on the menu. 🙂

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Abigail R.
4.0 Stars

Me and My bestfriend had an early dinner last friday (May 12, 2017)

Ambiance - What I could say about the place and ambiance is totally pretty cool every corner is an Instagram post worthy so I give 127775127775127775127775127775

Staff- They are actually nice and accommodating (nothing much to say hahaha) so I give 127775127775127775127775

Food- I might say that their food was okay because the first time I went to this place I was kinda disappointed to their "Crispy Tacos" because the pork is too hard to chew I don't know if it was uncooked or what (haha). So, when me and my best friend decided to eat an early dinner we decided t go Sunnies Cafe then she ordered the "Mr. Bolognese" pasta she told me that the sauce was a bit salty for her so I tried it and yeah it was somehow salty for our taste buds. I give 127775127775127775

I will still consider to dine in here tho 12854012851310084

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Russel F.
4.0 Stars

One of the newest restaurants that made a buzz last year was Sunnies Café. Serving all day brunch and worthy delectable food for the Instagram generation, the place is also known for its hippy vibe made by the interiors and the vibrant atmosphere in the café.

On my first visit during a sponsored looloo rendezvoos, I was able to try a lot of their food together with fellow looloo reviewers.

Some of the most remarkable for me are the ff:

Skinny Fries - crispy shoestring potatoes that's deepfried till perfectly crispy!

Chicken Wings - gotta love the tenderness of the chicken and the flavor. Not to mention I'm always in love with chicken.

Steak Lime Salad - I don't usually eat salad on a normal day, because I find it boring somehow! But if you have a dose of salad like this everyday, well, why not?! I'll be glad to have this all day, all night! This could be the best salad I had! Sous vide hanger steak that's medium rare, 65-degree egg, crispy shallots, cilantro aioli, and mixed greens! One of the good ones to try and surely a highlight for me!

Pumpkin Puree Soup - I don't normally eat pumpkin even on soup, unless my body is telling me to eat one already. And oh, this pumpkin soup is actually good! I was quite reminded of my favorite gatang kalabasa because of the taste. But this one's a bit stronger which can lead to pagka-umay.

Roasted Cauliflower - Cauliflowers are packed with protein, but is also one of the gas-producing veggies. So you shouldn't have an empty stomach when you eat this. On a more relatable note, this one's an instant favorite for me! I just cauliflowers alone and I really enjoyed every bits of this!

Crispy Tacos - Everybody loves tacos, well who doesn't? This has been probably one of my favorite tacos so far! Soban being the number 1 on my current list now, and this certainly follows that number on the list! Asada steak, fried quail eggs and cilantro cream sauce inside their homemade crispy yet soft parmesan taco shells! This hits the spot on the first bite and I'd love to have more of this on my next visit!

Umami Mushroom (previously was Spaghetti Al Funghi) - Spaghetti, mushrooms, egg and garlic! It's the first time that I had mushrooms in a pasta in a much primitive way! It's not too overwhelming yet you'll enjoy the flavor, not too heavy! We actually got another one of this because it's simply good!

Baked Squid Ink Lasagna - I'm not much of a squid ink fan, but this one's a really good dish to try! The squid ink together with the cream cheese sauce and homemade tomato jam is just perfectly good and then topped with crispy calamares for that flavorful tasste!

Chocohoe - Molten chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache, and vanilla ice cream. I kinda like this one mainly because of the chocolate, of course! But the taste was a bit sharp for me! Good thing, the vanilla ice cream on the side was there to neutralize the overwhelming flavor!

Sunnies Funfetti - Tres Leches Cake, whipped cream, Vanilla bourbon ice cream, and birthday sprinkles on top. This isn't your ordinary birthday cake as I consider this as one of my favorites! I like how the cake was really smooth, and the sweetness was just right!

Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie - Fresh bananas, whipped cream on top of an oreo-crusted pie with silky cream filling. This one surely hits the sweet spot! I like how the sweetness was balanced and didn't overpower the taste of banana! This is probably the sweetest treat to cap the night!

I may not be able to meet the owners of the café but their service has been excellent! This was evident on my second visit with my friends and they really love the food they had!

Special thanks to the Looloo crew for the invite and apologies for the late review! 1285179996🏼 Also thanks to Sunnies café for having us try your food! Till our next visit!

Group photo by Denise A!

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

One of the newest it place in Bonifacio High Street is now in my neighborhood. This al fresco looking with an L.A. vibe cafe does attract you from a distance. The ambiance is well lit and cozy. It could be your hangout place while you work away from the office.

I might have ordered the wrong dishes as I found both of what I had just okay. The Granola Bowl (Php 190) was plain although the granola they used was of quality as it had great texture and sweetness. The yogurt could have been better and fruits could have been more to make it even more interesting.

Salmon Poke with Quinoa (Php 280) look scattered and quite frankly would have preferred brown rice instead of greens. The dressing was too sour and was disappointed that they mentioned no avocados when they are about to serve it.

I should have gone for the Steak with Eggs or Pork Chops. Maybe on the next visit.

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Mich M.
3.0 Stars

I have been wanting to try this restaurant since it opened and only had the chance to request we dine here because I was with a group of girls.

Got there early and started with the truffle taters, it came on a big plate but only a few pieces. It was delicious though especially with the aioli.

Ordered the Crunchy Herb Fish Fillet(P360)which makes use of the fish of the day, usually a cream dory but didn't think they'd use Tilapia. It came with Crab fat rice but I had it switched for brown rice and they gladly said I can. Presentation was nice and serving was big enough. Now comes the taste, I expected it to be really crispy, naturally because of the name but to my dismay it wasn't. The fish nor the tiny onions, it was 'makunat' and took away the enjoyment of the dish. The mayo/aioli drizzled on top the fish tasted okay but they put too much and texture was a bit thick.

That was just my order though, I got to taste my friends orders too and they were good so I guess I chose the wrong dish.

It was pricey for the food we had but the overall ambiance and service made up for it.

I'd come back to give it another try.

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

Matcha Madness! 127861
Tried Sunnies Cafe's newest Matcha Milkshake for P190 and i'm giving it a 4/5. It's almost perfect but I find it too sweet. Mas nalasahan ko pa yung sugar than the matcha and cream. Parang ang tamis lang pero wala yung matcha taste that i'm looking for. I also didn't like the rice crispies they added on top of the whipped cream, hindi bagay. Nevertheless, I still loved it and enjoy dining at Sunnies.
Ordered Sunnies Risotto, Chicken Wings, Umami Mushroom (Garlic Pasta and Mushroom) and I loved it.

Didn't order the crispy tacos anymore cause I didn't like it the second time i've tried it. The Parmesan Taco Shells were to sour already parang sira na yung cheese and everything was off di talaga masarap. After that experience I didn't bother trying it again.

Will still come back cause I just love the aesthetics of this place 128076🏼 I just wonder why up until now they still don't allow the second floor to be occupied. Hmm. Are those for photoshoots only? Lol.

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Selina D.
5.0 Stars

I tried the Spicy Garlic Butter Shrimp and the Creamy Carbonara. I enjoyed the flavor of the shrimp and liked that it had a bit of a kick. It went well with the cilantro lime rice. As for the carbonara, I'm usually not a fan of cream-based pasta, but I liked this one. It was rich and the smoked and candied bacon bits were delicious. The pasta had a slight garlic flavor, which went well with the creaminess. My friend also ordered the Iced Horchata Latte and said that it was good.

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Sophie L.
5.0 Stars

Recently tried out the Megamall branch so I decided to give BGC a try. I came in for a snack with a friend and we ordered the Whole Roasted Cauliflower and Asian Pasta. The cauliflower was surprisingly really good and the pepper sauce had a nice flavor. The pasta had a rich, sweet taste which I liked. I also enjoyed the mushrooms and the runny egg. I'm excited to try other things on the menu!

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Ginny B.
3.0 Stars

Got the carbonara and it's good. The steak tacos with parmesan shells were a let down though. The meat was too sweet! Overall vibe of the place is....very millenial 128517

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Sunnies Cafe w mah homies!!!! 128149 Since Jai's finally back here in Manila for good, we all had dinner here one night to officially welcome him!! 128518127881127881127881

We suggested this place because we enjoyed and loved our experience here during one looloo #rendezvoos and we want him to try this place especially the crispy tacos, the milkshakes, and the desserts.

FOOD 127860

We ordered the following for sharing:

GRANOLA BOWL (190). Toasted granola, ripe mangoes, banana, homegrown honey.
- My favorite!!!! 128155 Tried this one many times already but it was my first time having this with strawberries! Yayy! 127827 Too bad the strawberries were not sweet. 128542 They should have just added banana and mangoes. But still, we all liked this healthy bowl! 128517

SALMON POKE QUINOA (280). Spicy raw salmon, avocado, mixed greens, quinoa, pickled red onions, seaweed, citrus ponzu dressing.
- Tried this before too. If you like salad and would like to try something different aside from the usual Caesar salad, this one's a good salad to try. Generous amount of salmon (but not so spicy) and they added quinoa and avocado, as well. 128077🏼 (I still like Crisp's Quinoa salad over this, though.)

CRISPY TACOS (270). Asada steak, fried quail eggs, homemade crispy parmesan taco shells, cilantro cream sauce.
- We loved this one before so we were excited to let Jai try this but sadly everything about this dish was way too SALTY. The steak, sauce, and the taco shell itself -- SODIUM OVERLOAD. 128563128563128563

STOVETOP PORK CHOPS (370). 2-day brined chop, french beans, roasted marbled potatoes, scallion brown rice.
- Jai's order and according to him, it was pretty good. The pork chops' not tender but not that tough, as well. He finished this one and I think, this was the only dish he liked! 128517🤐

Since this is a late review 128518🤐 Might as well review the new milkshake -- the MATCHA MILKSHAKE. Days before they officially launched this, I received a message from Sunnies that I can try this for free. I don't know how and why but I think the Matcha gods are on my side! 128517128154 So after Freezer Burn, we went here to try it.

MATCHA MILKSHAKE (190) - green tea ice cream, matcha powder, malted milk, vanilla bean, topped w whipped cream and rice crispies.

The milkshake, just like all their milkshakes, is thick and oh so creamy -- super milky. I liked that it was not too sweet, as well. The addition of rice crispies was something I enjoyed too since it added texture to the creamy milkshake. 128513

It was a pretty good milkshake but since matcha is lyf, I was hoping the matcha taste to be more intense? Maybe they can add more matcha powder or customers can request for a more intense taste.

SERVICE 128104🏼‍127859
As always, service was good. Service is pretty fast and the servers are all nice and it was not hard trying to call them to ask for the things we need. 128513

PLACE 127968
One of the really nice restaurant in BGC. Super pretty, chill and yup, instagram-worthy! 128149

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Sherly B.
4.0 Stars

I've been here several times and tasted quite a lot from the menu. One thing I noticed from the food items I tried was it was too flavorful. It's good but you can really taste strong flavors, its good only to an extent, but since its too much, you might get tired of eating it. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting dizzy after. Must be the Umami? But other than that, good ambiance, service, still enjoyed the food and definitely quality, and most definitely instagram worthy!!

The dishes I liked are:

Pan-seared Miso Salmon
Spicy Pomodoro
Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie was good!!


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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Sunnies is probably one of my favorite restaurant for 2016. I super love that I wouldn't mind eating here again and again 128517128521

So for our christmas get together, my college blockmates and I had dinner here one Monday night. We ordered the following for sharing:

LIME STEAK SALAD. So light and refreshing. Not really a fan of the steak but the greens + egg + dressing, I like!! 128513

CRISPY TACOS. Must must order! 128155 I usually hear people say that the tacos are salty, but during our visit, it was just how I first tasted it. 128513 But there was a time that it was kind of salty so they should do something about this to be consistent. I think you can ask them to change it? Haha. 128517

WHITE TRUFFLE CREA PASTA. So simple yet the the taste was spot on. Rich and creamy without the umay factor. Loved everything about this pasta. Again, not a cream based pasta fan, but I enjoyed and will order this again next time! 128149

SPICY POMODORO. This was also good but the truffle pasta was so yummy and so much better that I almost forgot we still have this one. 128517

PAN SEARED MISO SALMON. Another must must order here if you love salmon! The salmon was cooked well and it was a joy eating this one! Sarap!! 128525 Sana they make a truffle pasta with this salmon as the topping! 128513128591🏻

Service, as always, was good. Consistent from start to finish! 128076🏼

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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

In a span of one week, my aunt took me to eat in Sunnies Cafe twice. 128514 She loved the place and the food so much.

SUNNIES RISOTTO - I ordered this on our first visit and when my aunt got her spoonful, she was gone lol. Needless to say, she ordered this when we came back. This risotto had the right balance of cheese, cream, and saltiness. Cooked right, too.

STEAK LIME SALAD - The dressing had the right zing for me and the slices of steak were generous. Went really well with the risotto because it cuts the richness of the risotto.

TOMATO CREME SOUP - This was another dish that made an appearance on our table on both days. Made me happy 'cause it's pretty much comfort food. Nice note of sourness in the soup and went well with the Gruyere toast. The toast itself was thankfully not oil and was really crisp. Sarah!

POT ROAST SHORT RIB - I was actually thinking I'd get umay with this so I was happy when it didn't. The meat was so soft and juicy. The mashed potato was creamy. The bone marrow wasn't the melt-in-your-mouth type but it's okay haha

SKINNY BITCH SANGRIA - Light. Refreshing. The colors looked pretty. Enjoyed this very, very much!

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

The holiday seasons are my favorite cause I have plenty of reasons to splurge on eating out with friends. Haha! It's a tradition for me during December to eat out almost every day and have dinners with my bffs, amigas (lol), cousins, highschool and college barkada and anyone I can think of who I want to see and have a good chika with. So this time, I brought my high school friends at Sunnies Cafe cause I know
They will love it and the ambiance is pretty much within our age range haha 128556 AKA THE MILLENIALS.

Went here on a Thursday Evening and reserved seats via phone call. I just didn't like that when we arrive the venue our name wasn't on the list 128529 I got frustrated that I took time and effort to call tapos wala naman palang naireserve. Good thing that night the place wasn't jam-packed so after 30min. We were already given seats.

As usual, the ambiance is still a total hit. I love the chill vibe and the interior. It gives that classy hippie feel, so young and so lax. Even if i've taken countless photos in here already, I still keep on snapping on every corner.

I ordered some of the food i've tried during the looloo rendezvous before except the Risotto. This is a MUST TRY‼️
Made of Grana Padano Cheese, Risotto, Caramelized Bacon, Sous Vide Egg and Home Made Gravy
I love this. I wish I just ordered one for myself. The gravy and the cheese went so well together that it's saltiness blended well with the sweetness of the bacon. Soft ess of the risotto and crispiness bacon is a good play in texture. I would reco this to anyone and I will definitely be coming back for it!

Ordered the ff as well:
128205Salmon Poke Quinoa P280
Spicy raw Salmon, Avocado, Mixed Greens, Quinoa, Pickled Red Onions, Seaweed, Citrus Ponsu Dressing

128205Pumpkin Puree P150
Grilled Shrimps, Squid Bits, Crisp Gruyere Toast

128205Crispy Tacos P270
Asada Steak, Fried Quail Egg, Homemade Crispy Parmesan Taco Shells, Cilantro Cream Sauce
11088️ 4/5
Got turned off cause it tasted the first time i've tried it. The Taco Shells tasted to sour it's as if the cheese were already not good to eat. Sobrang asim. I've been bragging this to my friends pa naman but it seems like the Risotto won their hearts more than this.

128205Baked Squid Ink Lasagna P360
Crispy Calamares, Creamy Cheese Sauce, Homemade Tomato Jam, Basil Oil
This is just too cheesy. It's still delicious but I think they have to adjust the serving of the cheese cause it's already nakakaumay to the point that you won't be able to finish the whole plate.

128205Mr Bolognese P260
Rigatoni, USDA Beef Sauce, Parmesan Cheese, Fried Basil
Uhhh it was fine. Nothing special.

Overall Rating for the 2nd Time Experience: 4/511088

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April H.
3.0 Stars

Disclaimer: Late post, visited last August...

Sunnies on a Sunday seemed like a good idea. Being the newest baby of the FooDee Concepts group, it was already in good company. It's being advertised not just as a cafe, but also as a lifestyle brand. I think it has been one of the most awaited restaurant openings for 2016...

It was hard to pick out what we wanted from the menu. Some of the items sounded interesting and inventive. However, there were some items that are kinda common. Case in point? My fiance tried the chicken and waffles (seems like they changed it into pancakes already), which he thought was satisfactory but run-of-mill. I think if you put something like fried chicken on the menu, it has to be executed really well for the "oh, dang" factor...

I myself had the Sunnies risotto, with caramelized bacon, sous vide egg, and gravy on top. This pretty dish was just too salty. I had to ask the manager if they meant it to be that salty. I think it was the gravy that overwhelmed the dish, which is a shame since the risotto had a good texture. Even the caramelized bacon was salty-- I couldn't discern its' sweetness anymore. You could hardly taste anything else. Maybe this was already improved upon by now and I do hope so too. It sounded like a stellar dish on paper. Plus, the serving was a little small.

We also tried the black bottom banana cream pie-- oreo crust, bananas and a silky cream filling. What a beautifully presented dish! I thought it was good but overpriced at P340. The iced coconut milk latte was bland for my taste; I suggest you skip this. If I ever come back, I would just try another kind of coffee next time...

Well, the servers were snappy though aloof...

Oh Sunnies, I expected more from you. But I don't want to believe that it's all just hype... I honestly didn't feel like dining here was good value for money and we were left a little disappointed.... 128546

I did talk with Kirby and Carla, who visited after they changed their menu. They said the food was good, particularly the steak, the truffle pasta and the funfetti. They agree that the banana cream pie was just okay. Knowing the group, I'm pretty sure they will make some adjustments for sure... I will definitely give it another try.128515

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Haidee C.
4.0 Stars

Lunch date with hubby and decides to try Sunnies Cafe. Loves the look of the place. Mr. Bolognese was really nice. Loves the home made tomato jam that was used. Can really taste the beef. Hubby was just so-so on the beef wasnt happy on the serving for the price of 480. Aircon was a bit hot when it gets packed.

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Reich T.
5.0 Stars

Dragged my co-workers here for our pre-Winter Solstice Dinner. None of them has tried Sunnies (odd, i know)

Me being the only foodie in the group gave suggestions as i almost tried everything on their menu. I didnt unleash the beast in food pics, i took 5 photos give or take. As for the food, i settled on my favorites.

Spaghetti Al Fungi. Excellent as always. I like how simple this dish is. It highlights the expertise in making it.

Crispy Tacos. I cant leave Sunnies without munching on dem tasty tacos. Delicious as always.

I would close this review by giving Sunnies a pat on the back. Excellent job for consistently dishing out good food.

Oh wait! 700 reviews!

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Riza A.
4.0 Stars

Who doesn’t love desserts?


Cookies and cream ice cream, nutella, crushed oreos, whipped cream, malted milk

Very creamy milkshake. Shout out to those cookies and cream, nutella and ice cream lovers out there you will surely enjoy and love this one.

Sunnies Funfetti

Creamy tres leches cake, whipped cream, vanilla bourbon ice cream, birthday sprinkles

This looks good but tasted ordinary and I wish they can add something to make it more different like other flavored ice cream or cake? But it’s good when you dip it in your vanilla ice cream.

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