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Riza A.
4.0 Stars

Who doesn’t love desserts?


Cookies and cream ice cream, nutella, crushed oreos, whipped cream, malted milk

Very creamy milkshake. Shout out to those cookies and cream, nutella and ice cream lovers out there you will surely enjoy and love this one.

Sunnies Funfetti

Creamy tres leches cake, whipped cream, vanilla bourbon ice cream, birthday sprinkles

This looks good but tasted ordinary and I wish they can add something to make it more different like other flavored ice cream or cake? But it’s good when you dip it in your vanilla ice cream.

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Marjorie G.
2.0 Stars

I checked out other reviews before I penned this review, I hate to be the one to go against the grain. But I won't lie either so I might as well get this off my chest. But first, let me just clear that this is solely based on what I was able to eat during my visit, which is not a lot. Even so, if we go somewhere where we have to pay a lot of money, I think we can all agree that we'd be expecting a lot from it. I mean, hey, you're not cheap, you have no excuse to serve me less than satisfying food, which is exactly what I got at Sunnies.

I almost had ramen, but Sunnies Cafe looked pleasing enough that I chose to eat there instead. Besides, it earned good reviews on Looloo alone. I know some people from Looloo and I have come to use it my go-to guide for when I want to eat something delicious. So I went in with high expectations. I ordered Eggs Benny Norwegian Smoked Salmon (PHP 360). There is another Eggs Benny option, which is Crispy Bacon (PHP 260), but since I am a fan of salmon I ordered the more expensive version. Eggs Benny is poached egg, crispy potato nest, and torched hollandaise.

My friend, on the other hand, ordered Stovetop Pork Chops (P370). It's 2-day brined chop, french beans, roasted marble potatoes, scallion, and brown rice. My friend liked his food just fine, I took a piece of the pork chop (not after I wrestled with the fork and the knife, which is more like a bread knife for its inability to make the slicing of the damn meat easy), and thought it was okay. I've had better pork chop definitely for less a price.

Then I started eating my food, the salmon was too salty I wondered if I was eating binagoong instead of salmon. Never in my life have I eaten a salmon this salty. I couldn't hide my disappointment that when our other friends arrived and asked me how was the food, I wasn't able to stop myself from blurting out, "Hindi masarap." Some waiters looked my way, I almost felt guilty for saying what's on my mind, but then I told myself why should I feel guilty? It's not like I got the food for free, I paid for it.

The only redeeming quality of this dish is the potato nest. At least that one was good. Even so it wasn't enough to make me happy about the entire dish.

I went there hungry. You know what they say when you're really hungry, everything you eat would automatically be more delicious than it really is? Well not in this case. I hope I just had the misfortune of ordering the wrong dish. But it's unlikely for me to return to Sunnies anytime soon.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

We were exhausted from the heat and from trying to get a good photo of the cake boss from the TLC Festival last Saturday. Since it was getting late and my friends and I promised we would save this cafe for one of our date nights, we decided to already give it a shot.

Sunnies cafe! Oh how I waited for the time to finally enter your restaurant's pink door 128525I've heard so much about you and your crave-worthy food, and now I'm here and I'm just overjoyed.

We entered the restaurant and I was surprised to see that it's brighter inside than what it appears from the outside. We sat down at the couch somewhere near the "Sunnies Cafe" sign.

There were 3 of us, so we decided to order a small plate, a brunch and a main course and share them, like we always do. And since their drinks really caught our attention, we ordered 2 of them.

Goat cheese cubes served with basil garlic pesto and chili jam. The consistency of the cheese is like that of a tofu, but firmer. It wasn't salty like other cheeses but it had a simple flavor and I liked it. My friends preferred dipping it in the pesto sauce while I preferred it without.

Grana padano cheese, risotto, caramelized bacon, sous vide egg, homemade gravy. I also liked the taste of this one. Although I can't say that I am familiar with what risotto tastes like, I think this one's a good start for me. And oh, their bacon is so tasty. Just a tiny bit of it really changed the taste of every spoonful of risotto.

Porkchop, french beans, roasted marble potatoes, scallion brown rice. I liked this one as well. The pork was tender and flavorful, although it had lots of fatty parts.

Rich and creamy cookies and cream milkshake. This was delicious! It was so thick and really heavy that 2 of us combined had a hard time finishing it.

Classic fruit shake that my friend loved. She's really into avocado drinks, so we just had a taste of it and let her have the rest. It didn't taste too much avocado but it wasn't too sweet either.

The portions of the food is okay. I mean, the food is delicious but the serving is meant for those who are watching their weight 128518 If it weren't for the milkshake then I guess I wouldn't feel satisfied.

I've heard mixed responses about this cafe so trying it myself helped a lot in deciding if this cafe is yay or nay 128518 And it's a yay for me! This is one cafe I would definitely come back to.

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Maureen S.
5.0 Stars

Oh boy! What a pleasant surprise 128523128523128523
I wasn't expecting to enjoy the food, at best - it would be an okay experience. But i couldn't get enough of their pot roast short rib dish - it's the second photo 128513 doesn't look appetizing but extremely yummy!!! When Mark O ordered it, he was told that since they ran out of bone marrow - it'll cost php100 less (making it php280) and that was really a steal! Apart from it's delectable taste, it came in huge serving - good for sharing!
I had the sunnies risotto, i love the taste of cheese. It was almost subtle but not quite and so i love it hehe would have been great if i ate it right away - while it's still hot 128513128513128513
We also had skinny fries - i prefer thick fries though. It wasn't notable so you can skip this. Spicy pomodoro was just okay but our friends love it - so i guess to each his own hehe.
I am excited to come back and try their other dishes 128525128525128525 hopefully they also start selling their specs at the restaurant too hehe

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Joebel S.
3.0 Stars

Ambiance : It's ok. Evenly spaced yet cozy.
Service: Very good. Considering the place was almost full, the staf kept their cool. Also, they know which items in the menu are the best sellers.
Food: It didn't give me any of those "omg! yummy!" nor did I clap for joy. (yeah, I do that when I enjoy what I'm eating.
A must try if it's your first time to try:
Steak and eggs. This was good. Remember to tell the waiter how you want your steak to be cooked otherwise, it'll be served medium well. Expect a little fight with the steak and ask for more gravy.
Squid Ink Lasagna: This was topped with calamares. Ok, but didn't enjoy it that much.
Truffle Pasta: The taste reminds me of Cibo's truffle pasta with less truffle oil. At first, it tastes like too much truffle oil. But, let it sit, the potent smell of the truffle oil lessens.
Will I go back? Maybe..

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Ninya G.
3.0 Stars

127860Food was dainty. Your typical american dishes. We ordered the following:
-Crispy Taco (chucky beef , much better if shredded beef)
-Butcher's Steak (It would be more tasty if the gravy is good)
-Pot Roast Short Rib (more like corned beef)
-Steak ans Eggs (same with Butcher's)
-Crunchy Herb Fish Fillet (I'm very disappointed because they tilapia instead of usual creamy dory)
-Salted Caramelsutra Milkshake (I love the salted caramel ice cream)

The place is so nice and very instagram worthy place. Make reservations if you want to sit on the couch.

Service is just fine but they have some miscommunications with their kitchen. We ordered well done butcher's steak and medium rare steaks and eggs but they have switched up. Also, we ordered iced mocha to go but they served it on the dine in mug.

I'll back for their salads and pasta. 128523

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Kai O.
4.0 Stars

I was always skeptical about this place. One look at it and I think, this is too good to be true. The uber cute retro interiors and the polished furnishing has made me feel that this was designed to cater to the Instagram + Foodie generation. I waited for the hype to calm down and when a good friend was hungry enough to take me out, we ended up here one Friday night.

The menu is creative enough, consisting of eye-catching dishes that sound innovative and enticing with solid comfort food, and a wide range of refreshments. Being that it was my first time, I opted for the best-sellers/chef’s recommendation and I got the following:

Crispy Tacos Php270 10084100841008410084
(asada steak, fried quail eggs, homemade crispy parmesan taco shells, cilantro cream sauce)

Could be their most photographed dish online. And why not? Those quail eggs are adorable! It was a heavenly delight. The taco was perfectly crisp and tasty and the combination of the meat and sauce was amazing!

Baked Squid Ink Lasagna Php360 10084100841008410084
crispy clambers, creamy cheese sauce, homemade tomato jam, basil oil

I was expecting a dished soaked in black sauce but this was entirely new to me. It was very tasty. My favourite among the three.

Butcher's Steak Php480 1008410084
sous vide hanger steak, french beans, roasted marbled potatoes, scallion brown rice

I don’t know if it was the sauce but I wasn’t especially pleased with this one. The steak itself was bland. Could’ve used a bit more pepper and the rice did not complement the meat at all.

Overall, I would say that it was definitely better than I expected but the serving is quite small for the price. Would love to come back and try more!

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

Workday Monday, and we were around BGC to scout for interior I saw this lightly- colored foodie place, pastel happenings indeed, which again drew us to go in, the feel seems like a breakfast scene with a hint of miami tropicality with the potted palms...

Light & Easy, that's how I would describe Sunnies Cafe...I don't have a background knowledge of its origins but the selections seem to be good... True enough, it was!

So going to the dishes, we tried the All Day Brunchies ....Steak & Eggs and the Sunnies Risotto...ohmy explosively good!!!

Mixed the Sunnies Risotto thoroughly to blend all those yummy flavors in, and the taste was harmonious! I loved the grana padano cheese very much, melting away with the caramelized bacon!!! Loved the taste of the homemade gravy with the sous vide egg as well! It looked like a simple meal but the flavors just blew me away 128522128522128522100841008410084128077🏻128077🏻128077🏻 omyomyom!!128522

I also enjoyed the Steak and Eggs, kept my eyes closed while going for the tender hanger steak with gravy, and we requested a bit of honey and chili flakes.... to create a twist with our scrambled eggs, dabbed a bit honey here and there then sprinkled some flakes, ohh yes 1285221008412852210084️ and the Sunnies Taters were also 10084️.... It looked like mini lechon kawali pieces hehehe 128518 crisp outside and a bit tender within...and made a twist with some honey and chili flakes again... Simply yum12852210084128077🏻

Looked over the fruit shakes and was delighted to see Avocado!!!!! This was good as well!!!! Sipped it to the end!!!!

Many things to love aside from the food, kept looking at the dinnerware and the glasses 100841008410084

Hopeful to come back again.... I had this mean stare at those mini tacitos from the other table...looked yummy too!!!128561128561128561


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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Back here again because I honestly love this place! 128525128513

This time, I tried the Breakfast Granola Bowl (190). Made with toasted oats/granola, fresh mangoes, banana, yogurt, and honey. So I love oatmeal! A lot! I can eat it everyday and I don't think I'll ever get tired of it at all. The toasted oats version is something new to me and as expected, I loved it! 128525 I like how sweet the mangoes were, the yogurt + honey combo worked so well together with the granola. I just wish there were more mangoes and banana added. And more yogurt!! Please!! 128513128518

I was with my 2 friends and they tried the KimYe Milkshake and the Crispy Tacos. And yes, they loved and enjoyed it! 128513128077🏼

As usual, service was excellent. Servers were all so nice and friendly.

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Zaela J.
3.0 Stars

Their menu is actually quite interesting. We had a hard time choosing our orders because everything sounded so good. Come the actual orders, it wasn't as appetizing as it was described in the menu.

☄Crispy tacos - Double the quail eggs per shell please; make the asado steak sweeter to counter the saltiness of the parmesan taco shell and maybe put slices of lime on the side to give it a kick128076🏼

☄Steak & lime salad - This is like the salad version of the tacos. It has all the right ingredients however it feels that it is missing a key ingredient that will pull every piece in that bowl together and make it the bomb salad 128163

☄Chicken and pancake - Ricotta was the keyword and so I was excited to try this order. I've been craving for ricotta pancakes for so long but can't find a place that serves these. I was expecting it to be soft, thick and a bit heavy with ricotta in it but it wasn't - so not sure how the ricotta was incorporated. Hopefully next time it will be fluffier and the chicken tastier 127831

2/3 dishes had fried egg in it. By now it is very evident that they fry the eggs ahead of time and serve it as needed. Please fry it as needed then serve it 127859

As for my friend, he wishes the place would be 'sunnier'. Me, I'm loving the couch area 128149 This cafe is missing that standout element - Idk, maybe free shades for everyone? Kidding. But I believe Sunnies can still be brighter, better and bolder 9728

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Dark H.
5.0 Stars

Wether the climate is harsh or not nothing calms me down than a good serving of milkshake. Sunnies cafe made me feel so loved 128512lol. Their milkshakes are easy on the pocket but it doesnt compromise the goodness of how they make it. Right in the heart of bgc everyone should try it, you'll never miss their spot because of the pink door of the store. Yes you read it right PINK haha128526. And did i mention its only for 190?

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YVette C.
4.0 Stars

Staff were friendly, cool, and all smiles. They attend to our orders and refill the water asap. Food was excellent! Expensive though for the serving size. The place is too dark for me, somewhat looks/feels like a bar while eating my meal.

Crispy tacos for P270
Squid lasagna for P380(?)

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Miggy T.
4.0 Stars

128518 YAY (must-try):

Steak & eggs, medium rare and poached: the steak was soft, tender and packed with flavor. The eggs, however, were undercooked and too runny; served in custard cups which meant they were most likely oven-cooked instead of actually poached. Had to eat them with a spoon because of their soup-like consistency.

Honey garlic crispy chicken with cilantro lime rice: perfectly seasoned and not oily. The rice adds a nice counterpoint to the chicken.

🤔 MAY (can try):

Nothing to share.

128530 NAY (avoid):

Service was great. My only complaint was the food was served cold. Not cool to the tongue, mind you, but straight "it would have been sitting at the kitchen counter for quite a bit to get to that temperature" cold.

FINAL VERDICT: "I'd come back to try the pork chops, salmon and bone marrow rice bowl. Strange though that they don't sell the sunglasses that they're famous for." 128526🤓

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Ann Margret E.
5.0 Stars

LOVED the honey garlic crispy chicken. It was spot on! Fried chicken was perfectly seasoned, tender, and not oily at all. Also, the mild acidity of the lime rice balanced the flavor of the dish. Will come back again tomorrow for this haha :)

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Dark H.
5.0 Stars

I love milkshakes. It's one of my kyptonites and Sunnies' milkshakes hit the spot.

Salted Caramelsutra
-Salted caramel ice cream, crushed graham, whipped cream, malted milk

Charlie's Golden Ticket
-Chocolate chip icecream, milo, whipped cream, malted milk.

Vanilla Malt
Vanilla bean ice cream, funfetti, whipped cream, malted milk

-Cookies and cream ice cream, nutella, crushed oreos, whipped cream, malted milk

190 each, it's a win.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Last Monday, while most of you are resting, sleeping, or on vacation mode, I went to work with 2 other officemates. Because you know, we're so masipag! Haha jk! 128518

Since it's just the 3 of us, we decided to go out for lunch. We weren't supposed to call for a reservation but good thing we still did because the place was full. At 1130am, there were already a lot of customers. Mostly students/teens in their most #ootd worthy outfit. They are probably making the most out of the holiday by visiting this cafe because who wouldn't want to, right? Any photo taken here will surely make your IG feed better. 128521128518 Tip: best to call for reservation, just so you're sure to have a table when you arrive.

If you have read the other reviews for this place, you must already know that Sunnies is not JUST a pretty cafe -- sikat lang owners, maganda lang yung place pero hindi masarap. I have visited this place twice and so far, almost everything I tried was good. It's safe to say that I always enjoy eating here. I am actually considering this place as my new favorite cafe. 9786️ I like how chill and relaxed it is here. A bit intimidating at first but not really. And if you ask me, you'll also like it here and you wouldn't be disappointed. 128521128077🏼

The menu is divided into several parts -- All day brunch, salad, soup, small plates, pasta, main course, desserts, drinks (coffee, tea, milkshakes, fruit shakes, and refreshments) and they also have cocktails. They have everything you'll ever want anytime of the day. For breakfast, lunch, snack, or dinner!

My officemates ordered the EGGS BENNY w Norwegian Smoked Salmon (360) and the HONEY GARLIC CRISPY CHICKEN (290). I also recommended they try the milkshakes. They tried the KIM-YE and the SALTED CARAMELSUTRA. Milkshakes are priced at 190 pesos each.

EGGS BENNY - this is not your usual eggs ben because instead of the usual english muffin, they used crispy potato nest. It's like hash brown but crispier. Or like picnik but combined to form a nest. 128518 The smoked salmon had the nice pink color. The egg was cooked perfectly -- when you slice it, #eggporn !! 128525 Then to make the dish even better and yummier, the torched hollandaise sauce on top. Poached egg + Smoked Salmon + Hollandaise sauce + Crispy Potato nest. What more can you ask for? Answer: MORE, please! 128513128518128514

HONEY GARLIC CRISPY CHICKEN - perfectly fried chicken fillet served with pickled cucumbers and cilantro lime rice. Sweet, salty, and sour. Your tastebuds will surely enjoy the different flavors. Serving size was huge. She was only able to finish half and was full already (but still lot's of room left for the milkshake! Hahaha). 128514 This was good but if you are to order any from the Main Course menu, please please try the PAN SEARED MISO SALMON. It's the best! I swear, it's so good, yummy, delicious, tasty! 128525128076🏼

I wasn't able to try the salted caramel milkshake anymore but my officemate loved it! She said it was "yummy!". My other officemate loved her cookies and cream milkshake, as well. Their milkshakes are very rich, thick and creamy. If you're a milkshake fan, you'll enjoy! For sure! 128521128588🏼

Since I am trying to eat "healthier", I ordered the SALMON POKE QUINOA SALAD (280). Spicy raw salmon, avocado, mixed greens, pickled red onions, seaweed, citrus ponzu dressing. Omg, I loved this salad! So good and healthy. See, not all healthy food is bland and weird. If you love salmon, you should try this one. Only comment (which is more of a request) is maybe they can consider adding more salmon and avocado! 128518 Pretty please? 128513

If you're not a fan of raw salmon, you can order the SHRIMP KALE BOWL instead. It's also very good. Or the STEAK LIME SALAD. 128521 Also, another must try is the CRISPY TACOS. So good you'll TACO bout it all the time! 128518128540

Overall, we enjoyed our pretty and yummy lunch. We were all satisfied and very happy. Service was good, as well. Very accommodating and nice servers! 128077🏼 Working on a holiday isn't so bad after all especially when you're having lunch in an oh so nice and pretty cafe!! 128149

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Abe C.
5.0 Stars

Sunnies Cafe, a recently launched all day brunch concept by some of the owners of the FooDee group (the company behind Tim Ho Wan, Todd English, Pound, llaollao, etc.), and fellow celebrity owners Bea Soriano and Georgina Wilson, opened late July to much fanfare and excitement among BGC foodies. With a great track record so far of bringing global restos to the country, I was excited to be part of a sponsored looloo Rendezvoos a few weeks back. Yes, this review is a bit late, but I promise it'll be good, Peanut D. 128516

The interiors are quite pleasing to the eyes, with its great use of pastel, and nice decor using its link to the Sunnies specs, since they share the same set of owners. They also have a cool neon Sunnies sign at the end to give it a posh diner feel. We sat there to get the best Iighting for best pictures taken, otherwise, it's low light everywhere else. Enter Sunnies and you'll see a comfy couch set up on the left, and different tables and chairs for either small or big groups, which seems to be a normal set up nowadays among hip and modern restos with a "cash" (or casual 128541) atmosphere. Like I said, we settled at the corner which has a nice long couch on one side and comfy, cushioned chairs on the other. Avoid this if you're bothered by the bright neon sign, but head over if you like to get your best IG / looloo worthy pics. 9786

We were met by the owners, Eric and Kidd Dee. I met them before during the Pound looloo Rendezvoos and also at the llaollao opening in Glorietta. Gracious and friendly hosts, as ever, we asked them about the Sunnies resto and background. Kidd told me it's like an all day brunch type of restaurant. Which works well with the bright and pastel interiors. But if you're expecting this to be another "--silog" place, you'd be sorely mistaken and missing the point.

Certainly, the main highlight on the menu is their All Day Brunch menu, but they offer so much more--- Salads, Sliders, Soup, Small Plates (for more affordable stuff), Pasta, and a good selection of Main Course, plus a selection of beverages, ranging from cocktails, wines, coffee, tea, softdrinks, fruit shakes and milk shakes. More on that below.

Eric and Kidd were giving us a bit of background about the concept of Sunnies. Yes, it's inspired by their successful Sunnies Specs business, but they've designed the menu from scratch for the most part, and also from their previous businesses like Kitchen. The cuisine is a combination of Western and Asian, which is quite nice and provides the customers with a wide selection.

We did not get to try any of their All Day Brunch menu, so certainly, that's something worth coming back for with my wife and barkada. Noticed that the majority of their All Day Brunch is Western, so the likes of Chicken & Pancakes, smoked salmon, bacon, Eggs Benny, Sunnies Risotto, steak and even a granola bowl are what you'll see... Or eat.128521 But with 10 selections, ranging from P190 to P390, the brunch or breakfast nuts will have enough choices. Plus the price is decent.

Owing to this extremely delayed review, I decided to venture today to Sunnies for late late lunch and order what was the winning dish for me, the Crispy Tacos! I've noticed that, for this day, there were plenty of guys in different tables. Should be good news to Eric and Kidd. It means that, despite the pastels and initial impression when they opened that it's a resto for the feminine market, it's gotten some traction and perhaps it's more the food now that's getting the attention. My tacos appeared quite quickly and I wolfed them down.

Sorry. 128533

I was hungry. 128541

Anyway, back to the looloo Rendezvoos...

Eric asked us for our drinks, and he recommended a few cocktails to us. I picked Second Base, which is gin, lime juice, lychee liqueur, and Sprite. P175. Tasted good, but cocktails aren't really my thing. What I do love here is that Sunnies carries 10 different own concocted cocktails, plus wine and beer. Good to pair with whatever food you order to chill, unwind and enjoy your friends' company. The cocktails are a-plenty (in quantity per serving) so the price range of P175 to P245 is not bad, given the place's ambience and quality. 110881108811088

For the beer, Brew Kettle at P75 and SMLight at P90 are available, while the wine can be had by the glass or by the bottle. So there's flexibility here. I don't see it as a drinking place primarily so there's enough here to lubricate one's inhibitions without overwhelming the bartender / staff.

We started with the small plates, but boy were there a lot of them, two each, in fact. Then again, we were a group of about 8 or 9 people. This was a combination of salad, soup and small plates. Here's the rundown:

Tomato Creme soup, P120. Roasted vine ripe tomatoes, onion cream and crisp Gruyere toast. Creamy, not too tart, and love the toast! 110881108811088️ 1/2

Pumpkin Purée soup, P150. Grilled shrimps, squid bits, and that oh so good crispy Gruyere toast. Did I mention the toast?128541 Winner! 1108811088110881108811088

Steak Lime salad, P270. Generous medium to medium rare cooked sous vide hanger steak, 65 degree egg, mixed greens, crispy shallots, cilantro aioli. I'm liking this one. The flavorful steak with the greens, and with the crispy texture of the shallots, plus the sublimely added cilantro aioli made this a very good salad. Enjoy this if you're after the protein but not the carbs. Good for sharing. 11088110881108811088

Shrimp Kale Bowl salad, P260. Grilled shrimps, crisp kale, mixed greens, pickled red onions, chili, soy sesame dressing. For that Asian spin, this is the salad to order. 110881108811088️1/2

Side note, I'm curious about the Salmon Poke Quinoa salad. I'll try that when next I'm here with a big group. *note to self 128538

Crispy Tacos, P270. My aforementioned favorite dish of the night (yes, I'm still at Sunnies 2 hours later typing this review up and I still have this fresh in my mind).128523 Asada steak (so a bit sweet), fried quail eggs, homemade crispy Parmesan taco shells, cilantro cream sauce. A delight in my mouth. The steak is cut in small pieces so it's easy to chew on, but not too small to just think it's typical ground beef. Plus it's got a slightly sweet taste and some tangy notes to it. The piece de resistance is the Parmesan taco shells, with the right balance of crunch and crumble, and the sharp but truly awesome Parmesan taste. This made the overall experience unique and memorable. Best shared, like I said, so you don't spoil your appetite or get that cloying feeling. It does have 3 quail eggs in total. #watchthatcholesterol 1108811088110881108811088

Chicken Wings, P290. Six pieces of crispy chicken wings, garlic aioli dip. Decent, good flavor, but not as crispy as advertised and not that memorable. This should be tweaked. 1108811088️1/2

Spicy Calamari, P180. Deep fried squid rings, spiced salt, garlic and Sriracha aioli. Value for money order. Not as spicy as I expected. But good enough, especially when you're looking to add an order for sharing. 110881108811088

Whole Roasted Cauliflower, P340. Among Kidd's favorites. I can see why. Fried then grilled cauliflower, with chorizo, salsa, cilantro, piquillo pepper sauce. Definitely Mexican inspired, and must try dish. Honestly, I didn't know if was deep fried (hence the crunch), but ignorance is bliss. The grilling made for a nice toasted taste experience. Great side order to share. 1108811088110881108811088

Skinny fries, P190. Crispy shoestring potatoes, fried basil leaves, truffle and sriracha aioli. Good, solid order. Like Kettle's (think Pik Nik for the unfamiliar), good aioli dip. 110881108811088

Worth visiting among their other small plates next time, Fried Goat Cheese Squares and Smokes Salmon Tartine. Less than P300 each.

Among the big plates, we got the following:

Spaghetti Al Funghi, P260. Spaghetti, mushrooms, 65 degree egg and garlic. Great flavor on this one. If you appreciate mushrooms, this one's got your name on it. It was so good, we ordered one more. Haha. 128540 Plus I've never had anything like this before (not into Italian restos much), so that's a very good thing. 1108811088110881108811088

Spicy Pomodoro, P270. It wasn't that spicy. I liked the Pomodoro taste here, and I'm not a tomato based pasta lover, so it's saying something. I'm always partial to linguini and seafood, and this one's got heaps of those. And it's not that spicy. 11088110881108811088️1/2

Baked Squid Ink Lasagna, P360. The priciest pasta, and with good reason. Very interesting take on fusing Italian and Mediterranean or Asian, though I've read that Squid Ink's been in Italian cuisine for many many years, so I may be wrong in stating otherwise. Love the generous squid rings on top. Though I got to try this at the tail end (hence was too full to fully appreciate), as it was a special request by @Clarissa. Creamy but flavorful squid ink. I'd probably prefer it on paella, but it's a very good twist, so if you're adventurous, it's worth a go. 110881108811088️1/2

Camarones Al Ajillo, P460. Fresh garlic butter roasted shrimp, chili fingers, black bean purée, salsa and cilantro lime rice. This was quite good, probably what I would have ordered had I gone here and ordered for myself. The mix of the flavors, and particularly the black bean purée, made for a very good dish. For seafood and Latin American flavor lovers. 11088110881108811088

Sunnies has 5 pasta and 9 main course choices, each ranging from P250 to P460. I'm curious to try the Butcher's Steak, Pan Seared Miso Salmon, and Crunchy Herb Fish Fillet next time. Best that I return with a bigger group.

Though we were quite full already, we still were served with three of the four desserts on the menu.

Sunnies Funfetti, P290. Creamy tres leeches (three kinds of milk) cake, whipped cream, vanilla bourbon ice cream, and birthday sprinkles. Quite sweet, but I loved the moistness and flavor of the cake. The sprinkles were a tad much, but they added color and texture to the dessert. I liked this. 11088110881108811088

Chocohoe, P400. Molten chocolate cake, bittersweet chocolate pudding, chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream. For the chocoholic, no doubt. But with a sophisticated palette to take the bittersweet chocolate pudding. I think I prefer my lava cakes more plain, but if one loves chocolate, this was well made and well balanced in chocolate taste. 110881108811088️1/2

Black Bottom Banana Cream Pie, P340. The most complex in terms of elements among the three... this is an Oreo crusted pie, with fresh bananas, silky cream filling and whipped cream. This was very good, but I probably would have enjoyed it more if I wasn't so darned full, but we liked it enough to order one more for the group! #takawmuch 🤔 11088110881108811088

Overall, this was an amazing experience. I can attest to their service being great, and not just because I was in a sponsored event, but since I returned today (and apparently, with this review, 3 Pokemon stops and an audio book, it took me five hours to finish this), my water glass was never empty, and that's hours of being here. That's saying something. The servers were polite, friendly, very top notch. Kudos to the owners for making this a very professionally run place. I also love the fact that they're still learning and adapting to the operations, like which menu item works, which one needs tweaking, and which ones can be added, as new restaurants should. It's one thing adopting a global resto's menu, but it's remarkable making one practically from scratch.

And their attention to detail, in making their tea glass double walled, plus the cute tea cup, and the great tasting Americano, with the presentation and plating, I've got to give them a slow clap! 128079

Whether it's during actual daytime when it's brightly lit, to the more intimately lit nighttime, it's got something for everyone. Sunnies is a resto worth visiting over and over.

For the central and north MM people, Sunnies is opening in Megamall later this year so that's good news.

Great to meet finally Denise A and Russel F in person and it's always fun to be around good friends and my fellow familiar looloo'ers Clarissa P, Ruth S, Sandra Y and Reich T (nobela di ba?). And missing but most certainly missed coz she updates and invites me to these new things is Mary Love S.

Thank you looloo!

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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

For our weekend brunch, me and my friends made a reservation at Sunnies Cafe. I wasn't expecting so much since Sunnies was famous for their eyewear and not food haha 128526 to my surprise, I actually liked it!

Since I arrived first, I had Milk of the Poppy as suggested by our waiter. It's gin and yakult-based cocktail though you won't taste the alcohol at all 127864we then had the following

11088️ Crispy Tacos : I looooove this so much. I mean what could go wrong with a cheese-based shell right?
11088️ Chicken and Pancake : it was just okay. The serving was big though. Nothing special.
11088️ Sunnies Risotto : oh my gosh it also tastes good! It's cheesy and creamy with enough saltiness 💯
11088️ Butcher's Steak with Bone Marrow : simply because we can't resist the bone marrow haha. It was also good but not over the top great. Steak was seared on the outside, pink but not bloody inside. There were some beans and marble potatoes on the side which I hope they served more. Rice was tasty too!
11088️Cappucino : all three of us had a cup of cappucino. I THINK IT'S THE BEST CAPPUCINO I HAD IN MANILA. It's so thick and rich.

No doubt that the place looks 10024girly10024 so I think it's better for brunch or girls' night out. The price is fair enough for the location and I think you get what you pay for. 128076🏼

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Inna A.
3.0 Stars

Food was okay. Nothing special. The price is fairly cheap for BGC, which is good. Pot Roast is too hot to eat. Burned my tongue. Chicken was normal. Milkshake saved everything! Will come back to try the other food.

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Joanne G.
5.0 Stars


For many reasons, I’ve been a fan of Sunnies by Charlie sunglasses. They’re not just super trendy, but very affordable too! When I was in Bali last year, I left my Sunnies sunglasses at the beach and I didn’t really feel bad about it. It just gave me a good reason to buy another pair! Hehe!

When I discovered that Sunnies Cafe is opening, I got excited. I imagined how it would look like inside, what type of food they will serve, etc. The first week it opened in BGC (Lane P, Bonifacio High Street), I had the opportunity to visit and try out the food.

Entering the cafe is like stepping in one of Instagram’s filter effects. Everything is just so perfect. The colors and furnitures definitely won my heart! I was seated on the high stool chair all by myself and I just couldn’t stop looking around the place (snap chatting, sharing stories in my IG, etc.).

It took me a while to decide on what to order because everything in the menu looked good and interesting to try, but since I didn't really feel like eating too much for lunch - I ended up ordering the following:

SALMON POKE QUINOA SALAD (spicy raw salmon, avocado, mixed greens, quinoa, red onions, seaweed, citrus ponzu dressing - Php280) —I love everything that has avocado in it! The ponzu sauce was amazing! I happily devoured the whole bowl.

CRISPY TACOS (asada steak, fried quail eggs, homemade crispy parmesan taco shells, cilantro cream sauce - Php270) — Great mix of flavours although I find the steak a little bit on the sweet side.

The service was fast and efficient. They were alert and always making sure that your needs are being attended to.

I also ordered a cup of hot cappuccino (sadly, I didn’t take a photo). It was nicely presented and the taste was pretty good.

My bill was about Php700++.

It’s definitely a nice place to chill with your girl friends. Not sure if I’m going back, but maybe if somebody would invite me!

Go visit if you haven’t! I'm sure you want to have a taste of the sunny side too!

Happy Eating!!!

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