Sunset Bar

Sofitel Philippine Plaza, Roxas Blvd., CCP Complex, Pasay, Metro Manila

Sunset Bar
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4.0 Stars

Yes it's a SUNSET, 9728️ magnificent and beautiful Manila Bay Sunset at Sunset Bar located at Sofitel Manila. Just grabbed a beer and chips 127867 while watching the sun kissing the sea.128536 How lovely... 10084

What a relaxing day, when the sea breeze touches my skin and the wind blows whispering to my hair. 127754127796

#JohnkulotAdventures 12851510084

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3.0 Stars

Skip this place and save your money.
Had the pumpkin soup- it was okay, then pulled pork sandwich and lamb dish. Everything was dry and overcooked even if our orders didn't even took that long. I was just hoping it wasn't reheated. Good thing they were generous with the free bread and the fruit juices were huge enough to fill me. Lol. Servers were nice and accommodating too.

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4.0 Stars

Was privileged to be invited by THE Chichi T and Sofitel to their Viva Italia chef battle and it was awesome.

Sofitel invited Chef Toni Rossetti of Singapore's Noti restaurant to represent southern Italian cuisine. And chef Dennis Vechiatto, sofitel's resident head chef, represented Northern Italian cuisine. The two chefs cooked up a storm cooking 3 types of dishes - pasta, pizza, and risotto. It was fun seeing these two chefs battle it out. They were both loud and pulled jokes on each other. They're just a hoot to watch.

Even better was we were able to taste their creations. Both risotto versions were just off the hook. I exceptionally liked the scallop and mushroom truffle risotto but chichi loved the walnut spiced risotto. In all honestly, both versions were winners.

The risotto was best paired with the usual selection of the sunset Buffet - their Lechon, U.S. Prime rib steak, and fresh oysters. The Lechon skin was just perfection. I've rarely tested Lechon skin with that crunch and that flavor 128525 and the oysters cooked in garlic and butter sauce... I died. 128523

Definitely a fun night and my happy was really pleased hahaha #chubbyperohappy

Kudos to Sofitel for setting this fun event. Cheers!

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Julie J.
3.0 Stars

Poolside BBQ 128533 sad to say this place didn't live up to my was meh, certainly not worth 2,600 per head!

Every food station was a disappointment, few selection of salad, lechon wasn't good, selection of main dishes was meh 128529 the only saving grace for me was 128070 the tenderloin steak which they grilled to my liking and the great mushroom sauce that came with it. there was shrimp and mussels but no oysters 128529 meager selection of dessert too 128557

There was a cultural dance presentation which was very entertaining 128536 featuring different native dances and had audience participating in the tinikling , now that was fun! Very nice for the tourists!

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Ten B.
5.0 Stars


My friend brought me here for a surprise dinner and i was really in awe with the choice of location. First is a beautiful sunset by the bay then followed by a very perfect view of the pyro olympics at MOA!

Food were perfect and awesome! I cant even find the best words to describe it! Steaks and desserts were my favorite spot at the buffet! 128076128077

Open bar + overflowing delish food + a pretty DJ (which made you feel like you were dining at a classy Bar at the Fort, and you just wanna get up and dance. Hahaha)

Romantic and perfect dining experience! Worth all the pennies!!! 128588

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Veanney V.
4.0 Stars

Went to Sofitel to relax by the bay at the sunset garden and ordered their halo-halo just to try if it can beat razon's. the halo halo wasn't all that special but at least it was better than milky way's

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Candy B.
3.0 Stars

Twas sometime in March when I bought coupons for the poolside barbecue buffet and twas only now that we finally had time to use it.

First off, considering the ominous clouds earlier, the buffet was transferred from the supposed poolside to the Davao ballroom. No matter.

Curacha. We had unlimited curacha! Which I first thought were lobsters. Well, basically, the food is not extensive but well and deliciously provisioned. There's lechon, lamb, sugpo, sea bass, salmon...

Dessert consists of about 6 kinds of pastries lang ata, fruits, some whipped cream with strawberries, sapin sapin, puto bumbong, bibingka, ice cream, and that's it.

Also, there's cultural entertainment to boot! Nice.

I just don't like the sauce which I first thought was toyomansi but instead of calamansi, they squeezed oranges. Does not sit well with inihaw na bangus.

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Michael Q.
3.0 Stars

It's buffet... XD

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