Super Bowl of China

4/F Atrium, SM Megamall, EDSA cor. Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Super Bowl of China
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Justine Lauren C.
4.0 Stars

What I’ve always remembered here is their Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood. They started the trend of Crispy Noodles being dunked in flour thickened soup like the typical sauce of birthday Noodles only with a soupy exterior. I miss it now. *Drool*

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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

My boyfriend was craving for some fried cuttlefish which we remembered Super Bowl of China offers that dish.

We had rice bowls each. Wish it had more meat though. Like 1 or 2 pieces then these bowls would be sulit. Taste was good they’ve captured the flavors of chinese beef brisket.
Beef Broccoli (Php 180)
Braised Beef Brisket (Php 190)

Then of course Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt (Php 290) the flavor was there but it was too oily they should drain it more before serving. We remembered not to be that oily when we last had that dish m.

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AlwaysHungryPh P.
3.0 Stars

Somehow I’ve not been balancing my food journey well. i just had bad Chinese yesterday. Well at least Chinese lunch today wasn’t that bad.

Super Bowl’s menu is mostly fried. It’s such a disappointment that all their chicken and pork choices are deep fried. Most of the seafood selections are as well. Do they also own a cooking oil company?

Beef was tasteless and without character. Only

broccoli made it appetizing. This on their Broccoli and Beef rice topping.

This place does know how to do Hakao. Their shrimp dumpling was packed with goodness on a thin wrapper. Don’t miss this one on your trip here.

Seafood Chopseuy was alright. It was plain with enough seafood for its namesake. The vegetables though could have been more colorful. Its mostly cabbage really.

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Arjay M.
5.0 Stars

Happy tummy and smiling pocket indeed!

Super Bowl of China at SM Mega Mall Atrium can give that ultimate food experience satisfaction. Taste, price, portioning and customer service are all equal. It was great.

Personally would recommend their spicy shrimp viand. It has spike of peanuts and crunchy vegetables. I also had rounds of their Hakao, steamed fresh shrimp dumpling. Pork siomai was also legendary. I would always love these little steamed dim sum. My appreciation of these Chinese dishes may have rooted from my undeniable Chinese ancestry.

The beef soup and steamed fish are all so flexible. It matches any other kind of dishes. Their Yang Chow is also very enticing. Not to mention, I've been skipping rice for weeks and couldn't help but taste it.

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

They have a promo Php990 for 2 main dishes and rice. We ordered steamed fish, dimsum platter, the only thing we didnt like was the spring rolls but the rest was good and rice. Not baddddd!

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Julie L.
4.0 Stars

While waiting they offered us freshly cooked fish crackers.

Deep Fried Cuttlefish with Spicy Salt (Php280) my all time favorite
Pork Siomai (Php130) it was huge, not bad with price as well
Wonton & Braised Beef Brisket Noodle Soup (Php270) had several pieces of wonton and slices of beef plus the soup was good too.

Overall we liked our experience.

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Anthony A.
3.0 Stars

My friends chose this place for dinner. They pre-ordered so I got no choice but to eat these! Lol

Generally, food was just fine.

Fair service.

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Anthony A.
4.0 Stars

Beef noodle soup - deliciously hot! Just a little salty this time. But overall, really good!

Chopsuey - veggie good! Less salty, like it much!

Fair. Thanks to Jaycee - our server for today. Thank you for attending to our needs quick.



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Kirby G.
4.0 Stars

A few weeks back we were invited to try the relaunch of superbowl. TeamClingy happily obliged, braving the traffic, we headed for megamall. I distinctly remember spending a lot of time at ther GB branch and was saddened when it closed down.

We started a storm and ordered a whole bunch of dishes! Really enjoyed the Chinese themed dishes and was a perfect end for a Monday evening. Will list down my favorites as we ordered too much 128055128055

Lechon Macau - pretty much a staple in chinese restos, really crunchy and yummy, although don't let it get cold as it can lose it's crunchy texture if you let it sit out too long.

Asado - this dish I loved! Super enjoyed their asado and perfect for group sharing.

Garlic petchay - this was my pick for the group orders, really fresh veggies topped with toasted garlic, it was so good we had to order another!

Lemon chicken - another great group dish and rice buster! Combined with rice this is just pure bliss. Loved the zest it brings in contrast to the other dishes.

Hakaw - the staple dimsum order, can't go wrong with this, paired with chili, calamansi, and soy sauce, almost didn't want to share with others.

Sweet and sour pork - another staple chinese go to dish, this is another great group sharing dish. Pork with thick sweet and sour sauce is pure heaven together with steamed white rice. 128523

Chorizo fried rice - the meatier and more deadly version of yang chow fried rice, topped with generous amounts of chorizo bits. Pretty awesome pair with everything we ordered! 128513

Thanks again Laine V for the invite! Loved the dishes and enjoyed sharing stories with the gang. JP G Julie J Jenn N Neil R Zia M Dastine S Gio C April H

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Went back with the bf last Saturday... He craved for Chinese food after hearing all the delicious food served during the eatup!128517

We ordered SBC lemon chicken, pork siomai, and crispy noodles... I wasn't able to try the crispy noodles during the eatup, but my bf told me that he loves those... Still learning new things about him, cool!128077🏻

The lemon chicken was good as the last time and the pork siomai was okay... I prefer the hakaw... The crispy noodles were pretty good! If you are ready to take advantage of their Piso Deal, try the crispy noodles! From Monday to Friday, for a minimum purchase of P500, you can get any noodle dish for P1! 128588🏻

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Zia M.
4.0 Stars

Keep Calm and Eat Chinese Food on a Monday!
Thanks to @superbowlPH for inviting Team Clingy.

The Super Bowl of China have undergone their new-look, having the same yummy dishes and offering good quality service.

We almost ordered everything on the menu, like what we always do, but here are some of the highlights, or mostly all (lol);

1⃣ Szechuan Shrimp
Shrimp lovers will def like this dish for its spicy and salty taste. 128523

2⃣ Sweet and Sour Pork
Yup, dibs ko na to! The perfect sweet and sour taste should be balance, with the right amount of each flavor, addition to's crispy! 128523

3⃣ Super Bowl Lemon Chicken
Their signature dish is really living up to it's name. You'll really love the crispy chicken with its tartness and sweetness flavor. 128077

4⃣ Sautéed Taiwan Pechay with Garlic
For veggies; don't forget to try this! Its freshness will really make you grab for more. 128527

5⃣ Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice
Oh and don't forget the rice! 128576 This one can match to any of their dish. Really, this one is great!

For dessert, we tried the mango sago (chilled), and I get to taste their red bean milk tea, which isn't strong so I can recommend it to everyone, yes. 128077

The Crispy Noodles with Braised Beef and Super Bowl Birthday Noodles are a must too, plus its big serving, this may pass for food sharing.

Also, did you know that they have their ongoing PISO PROMO!? 1002410024 For a minimum purchase of Php500, you can order any of their noodles for only Php 1.00. 128588🏼 I bet you can't help ordering just one for that! 128514 This is valid Mon-Fri until end of September.

Again, thanks to Laine V for having us. Nice seeing everyone again, Kirby G Gio C Julie J JP G Neil R April H Jenn N Carla M Dastine S 128513

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Jenn N.
4.0 Stars

Chinese food is comfort food. I don't know why, but I always crave for it when life gets too stressful!

Started the week right with #TeamClingy last Monday at Superbowl of China. And as usual, we had a feast! Parang di kami magkasama nung Sabado noh? Hahaha! Thank you Laine V for always having us!128536

I remember always dining in SBC when we're in SM San Lazaro. I also remember loving their Szechuan Shrimp, and I'm glad to still see it in their menu. It's shrimp sauteed with carrots, turnips and red & green bell peppers, white onions, mushrooms, dried Taiwan chili, and peanuts in Szechuan sauce.

Aside from the Szechuan Shrimp, I also liked the folliowing dishes:

🔸Super Bowl Lemon Chicken
Breaded fillet of chicken fried to a crisp and served with signature lemon sauce. This one's an old favorite too! I love how light the breading is. Really good with fried rice!

🔸Sweet and Sour Pork
Breaded boneless pork sauteed with red & green bell peppers, onions, and pineapple in sweet and sour sauce
My favorite as well! I love the tenderness of the pork.

🔸Super Bowl Birthday Noodles
E-fu canton noodles, fresh shrimp, cuttlefish, quail eggs, roast pork asado slices, sliced pork, and mixed vegetables in a sesame and dark soy sauce combination

🔸Chinese Chorizo Fried Rice
Fragrant rice sauteed with Chinese chorizo and assorted vegetables and blended in signature fried rice sauce. Fried rice is my weakness!!! I can eat almost 3 cups of fried rice in one sitting

We also had the following:
🔸Fried Crispy Chicken
Half Hong Kong style crispy fried chicken served with worcestershire sauce and spicy salt on the side. I like the crispy skin, but the chicken was a bit dry.

🔸Sliced Beef with Broccoli
Seasoned beef slices sauteed with fresh broccoli flowers, black and mixed mushrooms, garlic, and carrots in a sesame and oyster sauce combination

🔸Beef with Black Pepper Sauce
Seasoned beef slices sauteed with garlic, onion, and fresh red and green bell peppers with a savory black pepper sauce. Both beef dishes were very tender.

🔸Lechon Macau
🔸Sauteed Taiwan Petchay with Garlic
🔸Crispy Noodles with Assorted Seafood
Crispy fried egg noodles topped with cuttlefish, boneless fish fillet, shrimp, seafood, mixed vegetables, and mixed mushrooms in a seafood sauce.

I love that we have Superbowl for a no fuss, affordable Chinese meal. Their servings are all for sharing too!

By the way, SBC has an ongoing promo until September!

Order a minumum of P500, and you can get any of their noodle dishes for only P1! This one's valid only for dine in on weekdays. Take advantage!

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Gio C.
4.0 Stars

Thanks to Super Bowl of China for having us over! You guys are awesome hosts as always! Thanks to you guys, we started off the week with a Chinese food feast!

This place brings back memories of when our family would eat at the SBC branch along Jupiter and Big Buddha in Greenbelt. I'm happy we got to eat here tonight, as it actually randomly popped up in my head that I hadn't been to one in ages!

We had so many dishes including (in no particular order) the Chorizo fried rice, beef with broccoli, hakaw, lemon chicken, asado, pechay with garlic, sweet and sour pork, black pepper beef, crispy noodles, birthday noodles, fried chicken, and lechon macau (phew, I was surprised we weren't lechon macaus after this dinner! 128055128055128055)

Of all these, my favorites were:

1. Pork Asado - this was just the right amount of sweet, and the meat was tender, with some resistance (that's a good thing for me haha). Order if you get the chance, and there are a lot of pieces so it's good to share!

2. Lemon Chicken - the meat was crispy on the outside and the chicken was tender and juicy on the inside! And of course I really liked the lemon sauce, which was not too sweet and not too sour. Also, this is a big order, so it's good to share, or really sulit if you're alone 128539

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: through all Mondays to Fridays up to September, SBC offers ANY NOODLE DISH for only 1 Peso! Yes, JUST 1 PESO! Provided of course you spend a minimum 500 pesos first, but that's easy if you're a big group!

I'm happy I got to relive a part of my childhood tonight, and thanks again for having us over! Happy to see the guys again after a fun Saturday with them! JP G Kirby G Julie J Neil R Zia M April H Dastine S Jenn N

PS there's food photography intense, and there's #TeamClingy food photography intense. Kakaiba. 128563

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Julie J.
4.0 Stars

Monday night Chinese Food Fest with #teamclingy! Now that's a great way to start the week 128522 Not even the EDSA traffic could dissuade us from trooping to Megamall Atrium.

It's been ages since my last Super Bowl meal and I was impressed at how diverse their menu has become 128077🏼 here' are some of the dishes we sampled last night:

- Chorizo Yang Chow Fried Rice
- Sweet and Sour Pork
- Corn Soup
- Asado
- Szechuan Shrimp
- Lemon Chicken
- Beef with Broccoli
- Chinese Style Fried Chicken
- Crispy Seafood Noodles
- hakaw and chicken feet (from their dimsum)
- Sautéed Taiwan Pechay
- Salt & Pepper Cuttlefish
- Mango Sago
- Red Bean Milk tea

128561 goodness! I just realized now that we had a whole lot of food! And I may even have missed mentioning a few... Haha...128514

Everything tasted great and was priced reasonably, service was just terrific too! Free WIFI!

They have an ongoing promo , 128204 the great Piso Deal, wherein you can get any noodle dish for 1 peso with a minimum of 500 spent! Woot! Such a bargain, right?! Thanks for having us over Laine V 128536 thanks for a wonderful and fun evening (as usual) guys! Kirby G Neil R JP G Dastine S Zia M Carla M Jenn N Gio C April H Till next time 128123128123128123

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Carla M.
4.0 Stars

#TeamClingy invades Super Bowl of China. We're starting off the week with some Chinese grub. 127882

I remember eating at their Glorietta branch years back but unfortunately, they closed. Good news is they are back with a new look but still offering that classic Chinese food that Pinoys love. Interiors look more modern now, yet maintaining that casual, comfortable feel.

We literally has a feast last night (as always) but the dishes that stood out were the following:

128205 BBQ Pork Asado
This reminded me of the pork jerky you can get from Bee Cheng Hiang, only it was thicker, more tender and covered with a sweet-tangy barbecue sauce.

128205 Hakaw
I make it a point to order hakaw whenever I eat in a Chinese resto. I enjoyed the plump, juicy shrimps although the wrapper was quite thick. Dip it in toyomansi + chili oil, perfect. 128523

128205 Birthday Noodles
I'm not a rice person but I'm a big fan of pasta and pancit. Hefty serving of e-fu canton noodles tossed in a tasty sauce, mixed with cuttlefish, shrimps, quail eggs, sliced pork and veggies. They obviously didn't scrimp on ingredients. This dish can actually be a meal in itself. 128077🏼

128205 Szechuan Shrimps
Big, plump shrimps in spicy Szechuan sauce. Best paired with fried rice!

128205 Sauteed Pechay with Garlic
It may look like a simple dish but surprisingly became a hit to the group. We had to order another serving because the first one was gone in a flash. 128514

128205 Braised Tofu with Mushrooms
Tofu and mushrooms-- my two favorites in one dish. Balancing out all the sinful stuff we're eating with some veggies. Haha!

128205 Lechon Macau
I like that they serve theirs with very crispy skin and a thin layer of fat (making it less sinful 128517). Yumm!

128205 Mango Sago
Light and sweet. Perfect meal-ender.

Take advantage of their PISO Promo until the end of September. Yup, PISO!! 128518 You can avail of any noodle dish for only P1.00. Minimum purchase of P500 is required, and available for dine-in only.

Super Bowl of China is the best pick for families and friends who want good, classic Chinese food that won't burn a hole in your wallet. 128079🏽

Thanks soooo much Laine V for having us again and for being an awesome host last night! 128513 Twas another night full of food and laughter (and reminiscing 128116🏼128117🏼) with JP G Kirby G Neil R Jenn N Dastine S April H Gio C Zia M Julie J. 128123

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Dastine S.
4.0 Stars

#TeamClingy goes to China.. Superbowl of China that is 128513128077🏼

A very nice dinner with dear friends to cap off the start of the week! First off, i tip my (imaginary) hat to ms. Laine V For inviting TeamClingy to SBC for dinner 128077🏼128077🏼

Superbowl of China, hereafter referred to as SBC, is located at the 4th level of the Megamall Atrium area. Service at SBC was prompt and the waitstaff were attentive to other patrons as well. The place has ample lighting and is very ideal for big groups who want to bond over food without selling an arm and a leg.

The highlights of my night included:

Hakaw - hakaw-ould you say no to hakaw? 128561Well, when you're deathly allergic, you'll need to, but still. Wrapper was a bit thick for my taste, but the shrimp was very nice! 128513

Black pepper beef - beef-initely yummy! Beef was tender, flavorful and cooked just right 128076🏼

Asado - asado-ne very nicely! The asado i know is more of the non-oily kind, but this one was very nice!! 128077🏼128077🏼 kinda reminiscent of how Bee Cheng Hiang renders its jerky 128513128513

Lemon chicken - doc april h? Chicken-ot get enough of the lemon chicken. She was ecstatic when we were served this dish. Serving's pretty big as well. The tartness of the lemon balanced well with the salty-crunchy chicken 128079🏼

Chorizo fried rice - chorizo-ntal, vertical, diagonal. That was the direction the fried rice was passed around the table. Everyone wanted to sample this. Perfect compliment to the viands we were served. Actually, with the generous amount of chorizo put into the mix, you can even eat this as it is.127881127881

Szechuan Shrimp with vegetables - szechuan-two, three more helpings please! This was a favorite during dinner. I enjoyed the flavor punch of this dish 128077🏼128077🏼

Sauteed petchay - petchay-m suprised with this dish. Nicely cooked, this vegetable dish gained the nods of many people at the dinner table a while ago 128513128513

Didja know you can get their specialty noodles such as the birthday and crispy seafood for a peso?!?
Exclusively for dine-in customers, you can get this yummy treat when you order a minumum of 500php at any SBC branch in the PH. Pwede ka na'ng magpa happy birthday 128514128514128514

To the usual suspects, JP G, Kirby G, Neil R, Gio C, Carla M, Jenn N, Zia M, Julie J, doc April H, thanks for being on G mode always128513128077🏼128074🏼

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April H.
4.0 Stars

Monday nights with #teamclingy to start the week right!128588🏻

Tonight, we went out for Chinese food at Super Bowl of China!128077🏻 I haven't visited in years and I was pleasantly surprised at the revamp... I was so excited to try the food! We tried the following:

128205Hakaw-- their version was yum!128522

128205Black Pepper Beef-- I liked this dish, very tender and peppery beef!

128205Fried Cuttlefish-- not tough or chewy like in other restaurants!

128205Pork Asado-- one of the standout dishes for the night. 128522

128205Sweet and Sour Pork-- liked their version as well!128522

128205Crispy noodles-- made even yummier by their promo! P1 for a huge serving of any of their noodle dishes for a minimum spend of P500! 128077🏻 valid for dine in only...

128205Lemon Chicken-- always a favorite dish to order at Chinese restaurants and I thought their version was pretty good! Crispy with the right amount of asim!128515

128205Chorizo Yang Chow Fried Rice-- loved it!

128205Mango sago-- great way to end a meal, light and sweet!128522

If you have any trouble thinking about where to eat for Sunday lunch, give Super Bowl of China a try! Huge servings of Chinese food classics at a reasonable price! Perfect for salu-salo! Give the noodles a try!128077🏻

Thank you Ma'am Laine V for having us over! The staff were so nice and attentive, shoutout to Kuya Marco! Watch out for more clingyeats as the team turns 1 soon!!! JP G Kirby G Neil R Gio C Jenn N Julie J Carla M Zia M Dastine S dami kong tawa as usual!!!128514

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4.0 Stars

#TeamClingy invades SBC! Can't believe it's been ages since I was last here. I think it was HS or early college... When it was still in the first floor. Hahahaha. Now they're at the Atrium and they've recently renovated and improved their menu.

Its funny how the place is so quiet but our group was so loud. Sorry to the other customers 128517. The staff were very accommodating... Even up to the point where they were bringing out food from the Resto to the area outside because the Lightning was better. Hahaha #ForTheLoveOfTheGame 128514

The stand out dishes from the night were:
128073🏼 Sweet and Sour Pork
128073🏼 Beef Asado
128073🏼 Sautéed Pechay
128073🏼 Szechuan Shrimp with vegetables
128073🏼 Lemon Chicken
128073🏼 Chinese style fried Chicken
128073🏼 Chorizo Yang Chow Fried Rice
128073🏼 Mango sago
128073🏼 Read Bean Milk tea
128073🏼 and of course their Seafood Crispy noodles

They're really known for their noodles and rightfully so. I remember when I was a kid my mom would always order the birthday noodles every time we were here. 128514 so it was with great excitement that I found out that they had an amazing promo for their noodles - for every p500 minimum spend, YOU GET TO BUY ANY NOODLES FOR JUST PHP1. 128561128561 yes you read that right, php1 for any noodles as long at it reaches p500 and its for dine in. That's actually an epic deal. It's available MON-FRI only until end September. If you're in love with carbs and Chinese cuisine, the pancit promo is for you 128077🏼

Thanks to Laine V and the staff again for having us. You guys are a hoot to be with! 128513 Until the next eat up Kirby G Dastine S Julie J Zia M Neil R Carla M Jenn N April H Gio C 128077🏼

PS: it's a good affordable Resto for big groups. The price point if okay and the serving sizes are decent. Plus, lauriats and Chinese good is really meant for sharing 128114🏼

To summarize (like what I do in my IG chubbyperohappy):
128073🏼Value for Money: 4 yums
128073🏼Taste: 3.5 yums
128073🏼Ambiance: 3 yums
128073🏼Service: 4 yums
128073🏼Overall happiness: 3.5 yums
*The scale is 1 to 5; 5 being the highest*


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Pamela M.
5.0 Stars

Also a good Chinese resto!

What my family and I had were Pork Siomai (Php 130), Braised Beef Brisket Noodles (Php 260), Sweet and Sour Pork (Php 290), Hot Shrimp and Fish Salad (Php340), Baguio Beans with Minced Pork (Php230) Yang Chow Fried Rice (Php 220) and for our dessert we had their Taho (Php 110).

All the food were good! Priced just right. Service was fast too! :)

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Aldwin D.
4.0 Stars

Friendly & attentive staff, Quality & presentation of food is ok and best value for the money.

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