Super Cup Tea

G/F St. Francis Square, Julia Vargas Ave. cor. Bank Drive, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Super Cup Tea
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Most Recent Reviews

3.0 Stars

Near drowning! 128518

Ordered the basic Pearl Milk tea. For less than 90 pesos you already have 1 liter "cup" of milk tea! Great gratification for milk tea lovers. Taste alright anyway, I was able to finish it.

Not a lot of options to choose from though.

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Argee E.
5.0 Stars

Why I recommend this? 1 liter of milk tea for only 75-90php (depending on the flavor). What can you say? 128512

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Karla L.
4.0 Stars

Was craving for MilkTea and luckily, cousin invited me to this new tea place in town. According to her, this is a new breed of simple line/life in Manila. Was curious with their 1 liter cup, I thought Serenitea lang ang nag-o-ooffer nung ganun kaya gorabels ako agad128517

Nweis, I stick with the basic, I ordered the royal milk tea with pearls. The cup was huge! Been trying to sip it roughly 4 hours! Hehehe! Taste, it was a bit sweet for me. Can't adjust the sweetness level daw kasi with this kind of MilkTea, prepared na kasi sya. It was milky and the pearls are chewy!

Also had to try the chocolate MilkTea (you can adjust the sugar level), sarap, not too chocolatey that you can still taste the tea in it. Recommend this for first-timers128521

Interiors are plain and cozy, masayang hangout place after school128077

PS: had this in Lipa, Batangas near De La Salle, waley pa sa |ooloo yung place kasi new lang sya.128513

PS2: please excuse my big face, excited kaso ako nun so I wasn't able to take solo pic of the cup. Hehe!

PS3: I miss posting reviews on looloo!!128555128555 wish I had mooore time!! Got tons of places to review128542

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Mae D.
3.0 Stars

So as they say in their ad right at their door that it is a 1 liter cup. Yes it can hold a liter of liquid; but as I have noticed almost half of the cup is full, almost really full of ice. When I asked the lady to put less ice on it, she just removed some of the ice from their standard ice volume and did not put more tea on my cup. Unfair. 128546

But well if you are looking for maybe around 600-700mL of refreshment this may be worth the try... Though it is not really a milk tea but just sweet tasting tea. (I have yet to try their other variants.)

Will post a review as soon as I get the taste of the other variants. 128539

Maeee 128151

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