Gastro Park Kapitolyo, 12 1st St., Kapitolyo, Pasig, Metro Manila

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Markie D.
4.0 Stars

Me and my food buddies tried thier KABOOM and RASPBERRY BOWL:) The kaboom filled with fries+ bacon bits+ so cheessy sauce= really delicious and good serving128076128077 and the Raspberry juice was really good too. Worth the price1280761280779786

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

One safe place to order snacks inside the gastropark is this fries at surfries. Nothing spectacular i could say about the taste but the crispiness of the fries caught my attention. It wasn't limp considering it was served quite sometime now.

Now spot this: eyelashes in your food? Check it out. Should i freak out? Should the servers be wearing eyelash nets as well? Lol.

Anyway, one eyelash found in your food wouldn't mean anything unhygienic, no?

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Kal K.
4.0 Stars

If you're two or more, you must get their raspberry bowl. 85 pesos and good for up to 3 or even maybe 4 people.

Compare that to the iced tea you can get for 50 pesos, and the winner is clear.

Only tried the barbecue fries which were pretty good at 65 pesos.

Alas, it was the dinner rush so we were forgotten but it was all good, sometimes things like that happen when it's busy.

I like it!

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5.0 Stars

Of course we need refreshment for all the orders we had... I asked one of the customers where did he bought his bowl of Iced Tea. He said in Surfries... then I went to Surfries in Gastro Park to get one. For Php85.00 I had 1 Big Bowl of Raspberry Iced Tea which is good for 3 pax. Not bad, it is very affordable. 127865

Raspberry Iced Tea - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #Surfries

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Kiko G.
4.0 Stars

Didn't get to try the food here but one thing you'll notice as you step inside the food park is that most tables have this large fish bowl filled with red colored juice drink. Not having one on the table makes you an outcast haha.

I looked around to find where I can buy one and SURFRIES!! 128514 I paid PHP85 for the raspberry bowl and I am no longer a displaced person. Sunod sa uso. The drink was good and plenty for the price. I think it's good for 2-3. If you visit Gastro Park Kapitolyo early afternoon or lunch time, this will be the perfect thirst quencher.

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Ruth D.
5.0 Stars

We got invited to eat, drink, and be merry, for free, and have a taste of some of the offerings from the Gastro Park Kapitolyo establishments. 128541 

Surfries served us 2 of their premium fries:

127839 Kaboom! (PhP145). This has smoked bacon, their signature cheese sauce, and a little garnish of spring onions.

127839 Pik-a-boo! (PhP165). This is topped with ground beef, white onions, tomatoes, bell pepper, melted cheddar cheese with their signature cheese sauce.

Both are really cheesy, super loaded, and very messy to eat. 127860 will be handy. 128515

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Casey D.
5.0 Stars

Upon entering gastropark, I drooled upon seeing a bowl of juice, I immediately looked for the stall who's selling those and found SURFRIES. It's a big bowl of raspberyy juice which is only 85php, so sulit!!!!!! 4 of us shared 2 bowls. We also ordered KABOOM, which is their version of fries with bacon bits and oh so cheesyyy sauce. They put generous amount of the bacon bitss.. heavenn 128525128525128525

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Lark M.
4.0 Stars

First time at Gastro Park, and had a feast for free! Thirteen stalls versus five! How's that for a Saturday Night Gig?

SURFRIES. I am a fan of their Raspberry Bowl. I think I can finish one all by myself. I am a drinker. But not alcohol. 128522 I still prefer the wild raspberry drink I've had in one of our Nature Trips; but this one's so good, it's refreshing and perfect for dog days! And it's only Php85.00. What a treat! 128131
We were also served with their Premium Fries :

> Kaboom (Php145.00)
It has bacon. Period. 128522
It has cheesy sauce, topped with smoked bacon and spring onions.

> Pik-a-Boo
I like this one better. It has a lot on top of it - cheesy sauce, ground beef, bell pepper, tomatoes and onions; making it really flavorful.

There were generous amount of cheese though, making the fries a bit soggy.

But again. Raspberry bowl. 128540

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Justin J.
5.0 Stars


Hahaha. I miss doing this. 128522

I really don't think I'd go anywhere else in Kapitolyo except the Gastropark. It's all good in here! And fairly priced too.

Last visit, we tried Surfries. What appealed to us was the huge four seasons drink that they serve, but what turned out to be even better was the FRIES!

I was happy to see the server coming over to give us our fries, but surprised us by melting the cheese with a blowtorch in front of us! Really cool stuff!

The smokey taste of the melted cheese added a kick to the already amazing fries! This sure made my day!

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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

It was a humid day when T and I visited Gastro Park and a drink was a must, especially to help push down our food finds. And then that was when I spotted...Surfries!!


Were you surprised? Okay, okay, it's a terrible joke. But lame joke aside, I was surprised when the friendly server presented to me the size of the Raspberry Bowl (PHP85) when I asked if it is good for sharing.

The raspberry drink was served in a fishbowl! And for PHP85, it was a steal!!!

It was not overly sweet and definitely a thirst quencher. This is the perfect drink to be shared with friends who are not "laway-conscious". (We estimated and this is probably 1.5L of raspberry drink.)

When I came back for dinner, I decided to try Kaboom! fries (PHP145). I also order another raspberry bowl to be shared with my friends. We had to wait for 15 minutes or so for the drink though as Surfries!! ran out of fishbowls. (That's how packed Gastro Park is on a Saturday Night!)

The small tray of fries was served in less than 10 minutes. I told the server that I could get the tray from him but he insisted to bring it to our table because... he had to blow torch the cheese. Oooooh. Fanceeeeh!

I liked this dish a lot! Each bite was cheesy and I liked the crunch of the spring onion bits. I didn't get to taste the smoked bacon though. I guess the cheese topping overpowered it.

I'll definitely try the other fries next time.

#50ksummergiveaway #gluttonshopper

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Julienne Y.
5.0 Stars

I ate an entire Surfries Kaboom (the one with bacon and cheese) by myself. It was a glorious beautiful moment. I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I'm worried I may have a heart attack or something. I also feel the shame of having done that, so now I will go pay for my sins in the gym.

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Lorraine E.
4.0 Stars

Raspberry bowl 128514 taste is just normal but the presentation is beyond normal 128514 funny, it's like you're drinking in a fish bowl 128032 and this is so affordable, 85.00 only, good for 3 persons 128514

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Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Decided to go ahead and check out one of the newest food truck parks in the metro last week. It's located in Kapitolyo, limited pay parking, was still on soft opening.

The first stall we checked out was Surfries, selling fries with various toppings and sauces as well as funny, witty names such as Pik-a-boo, OMG, Bulaga, etc. Prices were fairly reasonable at 100+ pesos or so.

We had the Kaboom, their best seller. Freshly cooked fries topped with bacon, cheese sauce and then torched right in front of you. This was yummy and not cloying. I enjoyed it as a warm-up for everything else I would eat next haha. This would also be perfect as a snack.

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