Susie's Cuisine

Marquee Mall, NLEX, Angeles, Pampanga

Susie's Cuisine
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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

I actually call Pampanga “The Land of Lahat ng Tao Masarap Magluto” HAHAHA. It’s what I love most about my mom’s province. Food-wise, there’s so much to discover and taste that you’ll often leave the province with full stomachs and much less money in your wallets. If traffic wasn’t so bad, I’d love to hop on a bus, head somewhere in Pampanga, eat and eat and eat, and then head back home after. HAHA

One of the places we always eat in whenever we’re in Pampanga is Susie’s! Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to go to Pampanga recently but early today, my mom went to Angeles to pick up my lola to bring her here to Manila to stay with us for the coming weeks. And as per tradition, she came home with pasalubong from Susie’s!

The Yema Balls she got for my dad were just okay. Definitely had better than that.

The two containers filled with Palabok were gone within the hour. Susie’s Palabok is very simple. Just the noodles, sauce, some pork, and hardboiled egg. No shrimp, no anything else that complicates the dish. I prefer it this way so I really enjoyed eating that.

But what has always been my favorite for as long as I can remember is the Tibok-Tibok! Susie’s is mostly known for its kakanin but for me, the Tibok-Tibok wins hands down as the yummiest of them all. I usually tag team this with mochi from Nathaniel’s but when my mom came to the restaurant to order some mochi, the server said that it was still too early in the day and they didn’t have any mochi cooked yet. 128557

The Tibok-Tibok is a pudding made from carabao’s milk. Again, very simple but oh so good! Smooth, silky, and not too sweet. Best eaten with latik, which makes it sweeter, but the flavors and textures go together really well! Such a treat!

Rating this a 4.5 (-0.5 for the Yema Balls) but yep, rounding it off!

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