Twin Terraces Bldg., Larrazabal Blvd., Ormoc, Leyte

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Anthony M.
3.0 Stars

Quiet restaurant with an indoor & veranda area
Located within the Ormoc City , across the road from the park with a beautiful colourful water fountain, next to the sea side
The food menu is extensive & looked reasonable prices
As we've already eaten tonight , after our nightly walk , we stayed only for a quiet cold refreshing Mango Shake

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

It was just ok. This seems to be the only seafoods resto in Ormoc. Our total bill for all those in the photos including rice platter and desserts is Php2,500+ for 4pax. Not bad.

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Ennairam Z.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Christa U.
4.0 Stars

Sometimes, journeys take you back to places you were originally supposed to go to. That is what happened during my second work trip to Ormoc, where I found my colleagues headed to a restaurant where I was supposed to go to on my first trip to the city.

Sutuwaki, which stands for Sugba Tuwa Kinilaw, is located by the seaside. Half of its restaurant is open-aired, but luckily due to the number of customers present because of the city's Charter Fay, we found ourselves in the air-conditioned portion of the restaurant.

Servers here are friendly and really patient. The only downside is that service is somewhat slow, and sometimes you have to follow-up on orders. The ordering system is made at the main counter though we were able to make additional orders via the waiter, and the bill comes after.

Despite the wait, we found ourselves enjoying out food when it was finally served to us.

➡️Calamares. Good, but not quite cripsy. I found myself having to gnaw at the calamares most out f the time. Accompanying sauce is delicious though. ➡️ Pork Sisig. Yummy and unexpectedly spicy. It gives the dish an extra twang that I quite like as the other dish's flavors were a bit more subdued.
➡️ Fish in gravy sauce. I can't exactly remember what the fish was, but it was covered in this delectable gravy sauce that was just sooo yummy. I didn't expect myself to enjoy the fish, but I did.
➡️ Chicken. On the menu, there's lemon chicken and then there's this fried chicken of sorts. We got the fried chicken, which was a good choice because it was just the right flavor to accompany our other dishes.
➡️ Calamansi Juice. My new go-to drink when I'm in other cuties. The calamansi juice here is just the right mixture of sweet and sour, and definitely need not disappoint.

We also ordered some clams in soup, and a big platter of garlic rice that was followed by two more orders of a single cup of garlic rice. In the end, our total bill amounted to about 1.5k, but it was worth it.

Looking back, our order was more like it was good for 5 than good for 3-4, but being in another city means enjoying the food that place has to offer. And even dishes available in Manila are often cooked differently, so it's a good thing to get to try out.

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