Suzhou Dimsum

Liana's Supermarket, Sucat Rd., Parañaque, Metro Manila

Suzhou Dimsum
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Karenina V.
3.0 Stars

Food is good and very affordable. My favorites are Taiwan beef noodles and pan fried xiao long bao. My concern is the cleanliness of the place.

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Bea J.
4.0 Stars

I always pass by this place and never thought of dining in here. The place is very simple you wouldn't think they serve XLB!

Their Xiao Long Bao is nice. It's not Din Tai Fung level. If you're craving, you should try theirs.

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Aika C.
4.0 Stars

I've only had xiao long bao once. It was bought frozen from this xiao long bao shop in binondo so we had to steam it on our own. It ended up getting wasted because the bottom of the dumpling stuck to the thingy for steaming. Resulting to an uncooked bottom and soup everywhere *sigh* trashed most of it. But i tried one dumpling. It was bad. There goes my first XLB experience.
So this time, i made sure to get a cooked one and eat it in the area. Verdict: xiao long bao is great! When you bite into it, flavorful soup oozes out of the dumpling and mixes with the vinegar-y dipping sauce. The dumplings in suzhou were a bit big to eat in one bite. I tried to eat the first dumpling in one go and i almost choked on the filling and soup128586 i think it's best to eat it with chopsticks and a soup spoon so you'd have something to catch the soup and somewhere to put the sauce if you can't eat it in one bite.

We also got the large siopao-asado, Special taiwanese beef noodles, green pepper w/ shredded pork and another serving of XLB to go. I initially wanted to get the tofu w/ century egg but my mom reminded me that i don't eat century egg. (Oo nga pala!128518) Peach L's picture of it looked so tempting that i was willing to forget my uncanny feeling towards century eggs :))

The siopao was good. The bread was soft and the asado filling was plenty enough. The green pepper w/ shredded pork had the right amount of heat to it. It could've been better if it had more green peppers. The dish had too much shredded pork and too little green peppers that i just want to get their menu and change the name to spicy shredded pork instead. The special taiwanese beef noodles were normal. My sister commented that the soup was slightly too salty for her. Overall, our tummies and taste buds were contented and the bill didn't even reach 1k. 4/5! 128522

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Peach L.
5.0 Stars

Xiao Long Bao and Special Taiwanese Beef Noodles -- My standard orders whenever I go to Suzhou.

This time I wanted to try their other offerings so I had the Jumbo Siopao which was also highly recommended, Tofu with Century Egg, and yes, I can't pass up a Suzhou dinner without XLB so I still had one. 128513

I loved everything I had. I don't eat siopao, as a child, I vividly remember me eating only the bread and leaving the insides for my dad or mom to eat. When I discovered the mantao at Chowking, that's the only thing I ate. Maybe it's coz of the Urban Legend (you know, 128049) 128513 but since my foodie friends highly recommended it, I faced my fears and had that.. And I'm glad I did! The siopao was huge but it wasn't huge because of the bread. The size of the bread is equivalent to the amount of the fillings. I loved how it was made, not too soft, not too dry. And the fillings -- wow! It's a mixture of pork, egg, and sausage. And no, the pork wasn't the usual bola-bola, it was a whole slice of pork with tender shreds of meat falling off. 128077 What makes it even more special is the sauce used. Certainly not your usual siopao sauce. First time I ordered siopao for myself and I loved it! 128525

I love tofu. Any kind of tofu is fine by me. Their dish put my affinity for it a notch higher. The soft tofu partnered with the century egg (my favorite!) and topped with a special sauce and pork floss and chopped chives made this dish quite heavenly! Its melt-in-my-mouth softness was balanced by the savory-creamy-salty goodness of the century egg, the salty-crunchy bite of the floss and the tangy-sweetness of the sauce. It was perfectly blended, and every bite was like a harmony altogether. 128077128076

As for my XLB, I had the pan-fried this time and as usual, it still left me catatonic and half-dead from all the yumminess that every juicy bite gave off. With or without the special vinegar, it was divine. A quite remarkable food. Certainly worth being a staple. 128522128076

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