Sweet Honey Tooth Cafe

2/F, 73 Quezon Ave., Angono, Rizal

Sweet Honey Tooth Cafe
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Nievs G.
4.0 Stars

Angono has become a grub zone of sorts, and 2016 is definitely the most colorful (pardon) year for the municipality's foodie scene. Especially during the latter half of the current year, it seems like a new restaurant/cafe/hole in the wall opens every month.

Bloggers (especially the big-time ones), biyaheros and foodies from Rizal and even from Manila have come to sample the fare here. Now, Angono is not just about Balaw-Balaw in the food department anymore. There are a lot of cafes and restos spread over the town, leaving locals especially with more pig-out choices.

One of the latest newcomers here is a rather cloyingly-named cafe called Sweet Honey Tooth Cafe, located across the now-defunct Maysha Hotel along the main road (ML Quezon Avenue). It had its opening last Saturday to enthusiastic foodies. We paid a visit there the following day.

The place was tiny, but had enough seating (although I was uncomfortable with sitting on one of them tall stools). Not only the place was quite Instagrammable, but it was also Pinterest-worthy and inspired (especially on the other wall with cuter wall decors, picture frames, and a small frame for the sticky notes written by customers). The owners certainly have made sure of that.

The meal we had was quite colorful -- literally, that is. What we had:

(price per one serving)

2 pieces of mini burger (with nachos) - P89

Nachos - P89

Ice Blended Caramel Macchiato - P90

Juices (Lychee/Blue Lemonade only available) - P30

Tuna pesto (I forgot the price)


Carrot/Chocolate/Vanilla - P35

Oreo Cheesecake - P45

The staff was nice enough to provide us a free brownie and a chocolate chip cookie!

The burgers? They were ok naman, not really something that will make you go wow at first bite. It's understandable though since the burgers were small, they weren't quite packed with so much flavor. But they were indeed cute and colorful.

The nachos - Ok rin lang naman. But the good thing about them is that they didn't become soggy over time. I had already ordered these while waiting for my squad to come over, and I was surprised that even later on they remained hard (not crunchy, but hard) to the bite. If I were to rank the best nachos in Rizal that I've tried, Tazabell in Taytay still wins on this one.

I didn't realize that the 2-piece mini burgers came with nachos. Hahaha. But that's ok, marami naman kami eh hehehe. Like the burgers, the nachos were also colorful.

Ice Blended Caramel Macchiato - It was more on the sweet side, but I liked it.

What we loved the most were the cupcakes! They weren't dressed with buttercream (buttercream can make me gag sometimes -- ok I might be exaggerating). The owner (probably) told me it was whipped cream. My sister loved the brownie, saying that it had walnuts (as the traditional brownie consists of). I tried the chocolate chip cookie, I thought the flavor was just meh, but I liked the soft and crumbly texture.

My nieces, naturally, enjoyed the place the most! My one six-year-old niece (she will grow up to be a tough food critic because she says really the darndest things about the food she eats haha. She will either say it straight "hindi masarap" or make an "X" gesture haahaha) loved the cupcakes and ate two of them. She said she preferred this cafe to Krispy Kreme lols.

Overall, the food was just ok -- but of course it was just their day two of operations. I guess they need to develop and improve their menu more. As a fan of burgers, of course I will try their bigger burgers (with more fixings, obviously) next time. I recommend their cupcakes.

I'd give one extra star for their effort to make the place cute, dainty and photography-ready, as well as for their literally colorful meals. If only I could upload all the pictures here but Looloo permits a limited number of photo uploads hehehe (besides, my photos may take a lot of space because they are too large). :)

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