Sweetmates Cakes

2/F A Hotel Baguio, Abanao St. cor. Shagem St., Baguio, Benguet

Sweetmates Cakes
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Scy L.
5.0 Stars

So my cousin told me about this unlimited cake and coffee in Baguio and my heart almost exploded from excitement. Who doesn't love cakes? Coffee? And being Filipinos, we love unlimited!

This promotion is from Sweetmates. They started out sometime in 2012, and I believe their first branch was in Legarda. The owners were very enthusiastic making their own cakes. Their specialty was the blueberry cheesecake. I knew all this because one of the owners or atleast he said he was was courting a friend of mine at that time and they invited us for cake and coffee at their humble bakeshop in Legarda.

Nowadays, they have a couple of more branches at SM Baguio near the cinema on the 3rd floor, and in Abanao Shagem street on the 2nd floor of A Hotel.

The unlimited cake and coffee is in their Abanao branch. We went there really excited, late in the afternoon. We payed for three (3) unlimited cake and coffee for 179 Pesos. There is a catch though.

Your first 3 slices would come from the top tier of their cake display. Once you've finished that, or if the whole cake is finished, then you get to move to the second tier for another round of three cakes, and finally down to the bottom shelf. This is a good marketing ploy. You get to eat as much cake as you want and they get to dispose their old cakes. Old cakes but still tasted marvelous!

Now, I have a hint for you, because this happened to us and I don't want you getting the same mistake and unable to maximize your unli cake.

Your first three cakes are not served at the same time, which makes sense. But if you are in a group like us, do not order different types of cakes, but if you must, do not taste their cake. Why? Because later on, your second slice may be the same as her slice. And you'll get sick of it and won't be able to get to the second tier! Get what I mean?

This is what happened to us. We were only able to have 2 slices and repeated. A cake 3x. Here's what I mean.

Round 1
Me: Matcha Cheesecake
Lady: Choco Mousse
Katy: Caramel Cheesecake 10084

Round 2
Me: Caramel Cheesecake
Lady: Pastillas Cheesecake
Katy: Carrot Cake

Why did this happen? Remember that each person needs to have 3 cakes from the first tier before moving to the next. Unless the whole cake is finished then they can bring out one from the next layer. But we tried each other's cake and already got sick of it. Good thing there was the Pastillas and Carrot Cake. So if we had a third round, it would again be a

1. Pastillas Cheesecake
2. Carrot Cake
3. Caramel Cake

Get it?

But the best cake was the caramel cake. My eyes could roll backwards from the orgasmic taste. I don't even know how to describe it. It was that good. The worst cake was the Matcha cheesecake and that is coming from a matcha lover.

Oh, don't drink too much coffee because you'll easily get full. Cakes are really heavy, you know. You can choose between plain brewed coffee or plain iced coffee.

As for the service, it seems like the staff wasn't all too happy. One server rolled her eyes at us because we requested for forks. How else can we eat the cake. Another server frowned because we requested a coffee refill. And they scolded us because we stacked our plates together saying we shouldn't do that so we can use it again. Why? Seriosuly? When have I heard of reusing plates in buffets or unlimited food? Our pallette will get mixed! Duh! Perhaps they don't want the extra work washing yhe dishes. Like they're doing anything else. There was four of them and all they did was watch TV! Geez!

Anyhow, will have cakes again next time. There are still more flavors you can try. Plus, I'd like to taste their pasta and other dishes.

Ambiance wise, you can sit indoors in beanie bags or comfy couches, but if I were you, I'd sit outdoors and feel the Baguio breeze.

P.S. Sorry for the pics, we were excited to eat.


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