Taal Lake Yacht Club

Talisay, Batangas

Taal Lake Yacht Club
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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

Forgive me |Looloo, but this is the same visit I had last March, which is my first review on TLYC. Pls just consider this as a useful reference to others.
I'm unloading pics from my memory and seeing these gorgeous pics go to waste just breaks my heart so might as well share it here guys before it's gone. 9996🏽️

Trust me it won't disappoint future TLY Clubs customers to see it as a guide on how the place really looks like. During my first review kasi, was when we were only allowed to upload a single picture for every visit. It actually gives me a hard time choosing which pic to post, all the time back then.

On a side note, I'm just too happy that the wifi at home is sooo good to be back, just like moi! 128521128536

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Unshakablefoodie L.
5.0 Stars

When I posted this pic on my Fb account, an uncle of mine commented that my picture looks pretty nice, and I couldn't agree more! The weather that day was just perfectly fine, that's why! 9786

It was a day before Good Friday Morning, when a close friend of ours asked me and hubs to join him and his friends to Taal Lake Yacht Club (TLYC). It's a good thing that we don't have any plans whatsoever for the Holy week...come what may, ganern! And so we were so ecstatic to join them, in fact I immediately search it on Looloo. At least I know it's better to be informed beforehand. Well in fact, my friend's Barkada has an idea already on what to expect and what activities there are waiting for us.

It's probably my first time to go down near the crater. I've been to Tagaytay acouple of times and so this experience is new to me and my hubby.

We left the house midday. I think we arrived around 430 pm cause the traffic in Tagaytay was starting to get terrible. It's a good thing we were heading towards the road going to Highlands with not so much traffic as compared to the bumper to bumper traffic going to the right side part of Tagaytay.

The way down to Talisay from the top of the mountain made us move slowly. There were a lot of turns and zigzag roads. The wind is warm, It's like 30 degrees or more bandang around 2pm. We were too happy to find a Buko stand by the roadside. Only 20 pesos per order. Fresh Buko juice and meat. It was soo refreshing...a life saver actually!

We then continue down to the Lake site but before we reach the place, we run out of gas and even lost our vehicle breaks. We were lucky enough to find a gas station that time cause during Holy Week, establishments are closed. A driver of a tricycle was kind enough to help us check for the break fluid level. As the gasoline men advised us, we looked for a nearby Mekaniko in town. He checked the vehicle for free and just said, it happens to almost everyone visiting this low side of Tagaytay. He said we needed to let the van rest for an hour to regain it's normal functioning.

With all our mighty prayer to get to the place safe, we have finally reached our destination. We decided to park the van on a higher place at the entrance of the Yacht Club. Going down a little bit more to the parking lot may mean problem going up again to the mainroad.

There were already a few tent set up in front of the Lake. I think there were at least five families. Some are foreigners and some are not. The owner was there too taking care of some things. A number of foreigners are present doing some water activities. Kids around are playing, running and shouting making the entire Resort alive! The children's energy has hyped the whole place.

Staffs are really helpful and accomodating. Our tent space were reserved by ate Luz if I remember her name right. 9996🏽️Two boys attended and helped us pitch the tent that we brought. Unfortunately, a part of a pole of our tent was accidentally broken by the staff helping us. He bent it too much that it broke. We then decided to just rent two tents instead of just one. The result, I didn't know how they've provided us with the one that we used when they told us that every piece of their tent for rent is already taken. Na pressure ata sila at naihanap kami ng di oras! 128518
The rent by the way is 400 pesos till 12 noon the next day and an additional fee for mattress use is around 100 pesos.

The Cavannah made of Bamboo that we also rent not just help us to secure a storage for our food and kitchen materials for cooking but also a place to dine. Every family or group has one Cavannah located just beside the tent spaces. I think we spent a lot of time there than inside our tents...128518

The staffs btw even happily oblige to buy us some of the things we need from the nearby Sari Sari store at Palengke...from posporo to uling to Tilapia, Talong, Asin at kung anu ano pa! Spoiled lang?!? 128540 Kudos to Manongs! 128525 Yey!

I enjoyed the Ihaw Ihaw part where they let us use their Gridiron for free! Followed with a decent dinner, even the resident dogs joined us during dinner, Lol! Taga kain ng mga buto at tita namin. I'd say the loong night was well spent. of course kwentuhan to the max, sound trip at Inuman! 128525

It was a warm Good Friday night. Walang hangin! But the best of all, the Full moon is visible, making the entire place a picturesque. It's as if I'm witnessing a Miracle! The Moonlight reflects on the surface of the lake and serves as a lamppost to the whole TLYC that creates a spectacular view!...If only my camera was able to capture it! 128557

Comes Saturday morning, despite little sleep (dahil sa init) for all of us, we got up early to enjoy the Natural beauty that shows up when the sun shines. My Ipad camera didn't disappoint! Ang ganda naman talaga ng paligid!
It was a great shot and I love it! The view is simply breathtaking.

The real plan to visit the Volcano's crater didn't push through. We all thought it would be better to go somewhere else before the day ends. The fee for renting a boat going to the crater is around 2,500 for 5 pax. You may ask the staff to assist you just about everything.
I like that they have a separate Comfort Rooms for Men and Women. The water supply is good enough except the next morning na humina na and Shower rooms (thank heavens!) are available.

It was after Breakfast when we decided to pack and get ready for another adventure. The place is really nice and I appreciate it's beauty cause I'm indeed one Nature lover.
Next time, I hope to visit the very Taal Opening and ride a horse there. I've seen on Tv one time that the tourists of that place could even boil some eggs on the boiling Volcano water at the crater. 128521

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