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Taal Volcano
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Andi E.
4.0 Stars

The Package:

– P2000 for motor boat rental back and forth including life vest.

– P500 each for horseback riding going to the crater.

So, we took the horseback riding because it will be our first time and we’d like to try it. Riding a horse will take you to the crater for about 25 minutes. While walking will take you for about 1 hour.

After the 20-minutes boat ride, you’ll arrive at the starting point. Prepare yourself because there are no shower rooms and toilets as you trek to the crater. If you rented a horse, there will be a horseman to assist you with handling and riding the horse. So, you’ll be safe. But, be careful, because it’s really hard to ride a horse. Kinda painful in the groin area.

When we arrived, we didn’t really expect a lot of people because we arrived early. But, I guess, there’s just a lot of people no matter what time of the day. But, it’s okay. You should be able to take a nice view of the crater and the lake. You can also visit the Red Lava for P50 entrance fee. This place has a greater view of the place. Also, there are fewer people here. So, you can definitely capture the greatest moments while on the highest peak.

It was a great experience visiting this place. I noticed that a lot of Koreans visit this place. So, make sure that you respect each other and enjoy the visit. I learned that this attraction is their main livelihood so, visiting will also help them with their everyday needs. Surprisingly, they have more than 500 horses that they take care of and train for a ride in this attraction. It was amazing that at a young age, people here learn to ride a horse. All in all, it was nice experiencing a horseback ride and being near the crater of a volcano.


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Kat M.
4.0 Stars

I’ve only hiked Taal twice, and the last one was a couple of months ago with my high school friends. It’s a good thing my friend fixed everything so I just had to pay and show up on the day pf our travel heehee.We left Manila quite early that by 6am, we are already on the way to hike. Before riding the boat, we were given a quick background on Taal Volcano and what to expect.

By 7 o’clock we were already hiking. Well it’s not really a hike because we rented horses to bring us up. I remember when I first hiked here, we were just on foot. I guess it’s a sign of aging haha! The time we started to hike is the best time to do so. It’s still a bit cool, there are few people and horses on the trail, and it’s definitely not scorching.

By 7:30 we are on the top of the volcano already. The lake inside the volcano is greenish and there are only a few yellow stains from the sulfur. I love the fact that the place is kept clean. We had some rest, took photos, and then rest some more. When we noticed that there are already a lot of people arriving, we decided to descend.

Honestly, I wish there was a separate trail for people on foot. Since it’s hot, when we were going down, the road is quite dusty from the horses’ hooves so you could imagine how the people (who are just on their way up) are feeling. They also had to stop from time to time to rest and well give way for the horses.

Don’t forget to bring a lot of water as it is expensive when you reach the top!

Once we returned to the place we rented the boat and the guide, they offered us cold water and buko juice. We also had access to their shower area to clean ourselves after the hot and dusty trek.

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Ophalyn S.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Jen L.
5.0 Stars

Sunset with Taal 100841008410084

Downside: how to get there? Walk, too alikabot. Sakay kabayo, kabayo so kawawa.

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Cherilyn I.
5.0 Stars

sweeeeeeeett 128076🏻10084️ #littleadventure

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Mye F.
5.0 Stars

Went here with my workmates for a send-off bonding for our boss from Thailand. The experience was quite tiring but definitely enjoyable 128522

I didn't want to ride a horse because the trek was just 4km, but I gave up after walking less than half a km 128540 There's just too much dust & horse poop in the trail that wearing a mask wouldn't help a lot, esp since you pass by a lot of people riding a horse 128169128567 I'm allergic to dirt so I made a conscious decision to just ride a horse. Some of my workmates did the same.

We got a horse for 500 pesos each. The fee already covered the roundtrip trek + a tourist guide/horse trainer. My horse is named Caramel. Interestingly, we both like pink 128129🏻 Her hair was tied with a pink ribbon and it amuses the people who sees her (Initially, I thought it was me whom they're smiling or laughing at. Lol) 128514 Caramel (horse) was very fast but good-tempered. Luckily, she brought me safely to the destination 128540

Upon reaching the top, we had a mini picnic. There are kubo-like structure where you can hang out with your group. There were also vendors who sell bottled water, gatorade, sodas, buko juice, banana-q, etc.

The view of the crater, the fun & the excitement that came along with the trek made the experience worthwhile 128522128077🏻

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Reann G.
5.0 Stars

Going up to see the crater was a real struggle for me. It was full of sweat, dust and poop 128169 I wanted to finish the whole 4km up without any help (ride a horse) but couldn't stand the dust going to my face whenever a horse passes us by so I decided to get a horse for myself. IT WAS PROBABLY THE BEST DECISION I MADE. The 300-peso extra charge compared to the normal rate was absolutely necessary. The normal rate (you just walk) was P660 and the rate with a horse was 900.

Overall, I didn't like the experience of going up the crater bec of the very dusty experience. Good thing the view was really beautiful, it made the whole struggle worth it! 128588🏽

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Gwen M.
5.0 Stars

The serene and relaxing view of Taal Volcano Crater Lake can't definitely be missed! Just a 15-minute ride from Tagaytay City via Ligaya Drive to Talisay, one can easily find men offering package tour on this famous volcano along the highway. Better start your trek early as it has open trails, but well-established and hiring a guide is not mandatory.

We rented a boat for 1,500 PhP good for 7 people. The 15-minute boatride was so much fun! It has a built-in sound system and our boatman has awesome choice of music! haha. The lake was also calm and because we started at 7:30am, it wasn't very hot yet.

They were also offering horseback riding for 500 pesos each. After 45 minutes of walking, the gorgeous view of the crater lake greeted us. It was relaxing to just stare at its green, calm waters while staying inside the hut. After about an hour, we started our descent.. Our boatman patiently waited for us, and we're all eager to ride his boat with speakers again. haha. Then, we headed off to Tagaytay City for the much-awaited lunch and foodtrip. 128076128522

The so-called "lake within a crater, within a lake" is a must visit! We delight in having our pictures taken while we are in Tagaytay with the Binintiang Malaki prominently visible. Up close, this famous volcano has a lot more to offer! Go see for yourself and enjoy the experience! 128588128588 #loolooexplorerpackgiveaway

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Kiko G.
5.0 Stars

For countless times, I have visited Tagaytay for two reasons: (1) the city's brisk weather and (2) the beauty of the volcano. I have long been inquisitive about this volcano island so I decided to set foot last Friday.

I rented a medium-sized outrigger boat from Soriano resort located in Talisay Batangas, the main jump off point if you want to explore Taal Volcano. It costs PHP1500 for the boat plus the boatman and tour guide.

I was hoping to see the sun rising from the main peak so we set sail at 4:30 AM. The island may seem close from the mainland but it would actually take 15 minutes to get there. There are no waves to worry about and we were smooth sailing. 128526

As we were getting close to the island, a cruddy smell of horse cow pies welcomed me. 128567 it even got bolder as we stepped on the island. It's part of the experience so you just have to deal with it. 128512

TRIVIA: I don't know if this is still considered as trivia but anyways, according to my tour guide the small volcano you see standing out is not the main crater. It's called the Binintiang Malaki. The island itself is the volcano with 47 craters in total and 33 are active. The main crater is located at the center of the island where they normally take tourists.

I was told that it would take at least an hour and a half to get to the main crater on foot. It was around 5:00 AM that time and I had no choice but to ride a horse. It only costs PHP500 for a single horse (2-way trip). I got myself an empress and her name was Angelica! Hehe

On our way up, I was surprised by how unblemished the island is to think that it is only a few minutes away from a major city flocked with tourists. Plants and trees will get your eyes filled. It was nice to see goats, cows and other horses running free on the island. There are also a lot of crows flying around and I was even able to spot 2 eagles hovering at the green meadows. You can definitely tell that you are on an active volcano as you pass by some areas where smoke is coming out of the ground and the smell of sulfur is heavy.

At exactly 5:30 AM, I was already standing next to the main crater. It's a stunning view and so much better up close than just looking at it from Tagaytay City. It's marvelous to see birds hovering in search for food. Standing there while the sun is slowly rising made it all worth it.

There is a lava trail at the peak where you can take better shots of the crater. There is an entrance fee of PHP50 but it's so worth it. See photo 128070🏼

The locals have what they call the island cleaners. on my down, I saw a group of women sweeping the trail from the docking area all the way up to the main crater. They do it every day to keep the island clean. It was really nice to see that they do care for the island and its beauty.

I suggest that you take your trip further and not pull the hand breaks in Tagaytay City. Take it further because this place will give you a different experience. It's the smallest volcano in the world but I feel puny standing next to the crater. Every corner is breathtaking and regardless where you fork, the island will give you a stunning view and experience.

If you plan to visit the island soon, get there as early as possible to avoid the crowd and get the best camera shots. Also, explore the rest of the island on a horse, it'll make your visit more exciting and fun.

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Pamela M.
5.0 Stars

Remembered our trip here way back in January. 128522

Supposedly we were about to visit Picnic Grove but then we thought that every activity would cost us much bigger than if we were to visit the Taal Volcano Crater..

So there were tour guides along the way and made us an offer since we brought a car with us were going to do a convoy, we are to follow the tour guides until we reach Talisay, Batangas.

Finally we reached the resort after a 30min drive from Tagaytay. Were going to ride a boat for 1,500 for 7pax. Arrived at the place wherein we could either rent a horse or hike.

We decided to ride a horse coz not all of us are wearing proper gears. It costs 500php per horse.. 128522

I was really scared since most of the time I was near the cliff since the mountain was very "matarik" but then I'm happy coz somehow I've conquered my fear. Hihi!! 128514128077

The beauty of Taal is just wonderful. Btw, there are a lot of photographers as you go all the way up and down of the mountain. 128522

In addition, the horse that you will be renting comes with a tour guide and they will be the one controlling the horse for you so you don't have to worry at all. 128077

Great great experience!! Worth the visit too!! 128515

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Steffhanie S.
4.0 Stars

Taal Volcano and Lake sights from the viewing point is always a nice and comforting one. The combination of the cool wind and warmth of the sun makes the viewing nicer too.

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Germaine Ann I.
5.0 Stars

Going to Tagaytay from Manila takes at least 2 hours. We rented a van that accommodates our number. When we got to Tagaytay, we go down to Talisay, there were resort like stores that offers boat ride going to the crater. It cost 1500 pesos per boat for 5 pax. It was a fun ride specially when the water was already splashing and we have to cover up. The boats already prepared the covers so you don't have to worry about that.

Getting to the crater you will be welcomed by some fixers where they offers horse ride going up to the mouth of the crater and they cost 500 each. Each horse have a jockeys and you have to treat them for a snack after reaching the top. You also have the option to just hike the entire climb if you do not want to avail, only problem here is the trail have a lot of horse dungs. Prepare a face mask because the road is really dusty.

Climbing the crater gives you the spectacular view of the lake and the Tagayay main land. Be careful on your way, hiking the last part was mostly assault. (Well for me)

The lake inside the crater was very calm and it was worth seeing.

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Joanna B.
5.0 Stars

This review was pretty long before I looked at it when I was done, so I decided to cut it short 128569.

- lots of boatmen at picnic grove offering rides (although apparently not allowed according to the signage)
- average rate of a boatride is php 1,500. Although we got ours for php 1,300.
- the drive from tagaytay to talisay (boat ride liftoff) is deceivingly long. Takes around 30 mins plus
- we brought a car, I'm guessing if you don't have a car, you could take a tricycle.
-upon arriving at the bottom of taal, we paid php 500 for the guide fee and php 50 per person for the entrance/environmental fee
- you can take a horse up to the top of taal which costs php 450-500
My sister insisted on trekking as most blogs claimed the trek was 'easy'. I would strongly disagree with this Lol. I don't know if it was just so hot, or because of the rain, but I seriously would not consider this easy. I've hiked up to kalinga and other places, so do have some experience.
As we trekked up, I was jealous of those who opted to take the horse 128530 lol. It was hard to trek the first portions as the ground is very soft, you sink in slightly. Add the heat and the unfortunate rain - that equals to a not so easy trek.
BUT it's worth it.
After the first portions, it gets easier as the ground becomes more solid and rocky. You'll pass rocks with smoke coming out aswell : )
When you reach the top you see the spectacular view of smokey taal, you can also pay an additional php 50 to enter the 'red lava' part. (And no it's not flowing red lava). The rocks here are just of the colour red but the view is amazing and more secluded.
There's even a few guys going around offering if you want to try and putt a gold ball into taal. Take note: it doesn't look hard to do but it is. Even our guide told us so.


- bring water. There are only two places along the trek where you can buy water (if there's someone there)
- if you plan on having a beer at the top, buy it in tagaytay. Beer cans are 100 pesos each at the bottom of taal.
- wear correct foot wear and bring spare clothes to change in after
- you can bring a scarf or bandana to cover your mouth and nose when you trek as there is a lot of dust

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Aimee P.
5.0 Stars

Amazing wonder of nature. I love taking tourists here.

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Kia S.
5.0 Stars

It was so cool to be at the crater of Taal Volcano. I didn't even thought that was possible!! It's pretty easy if you're going there.

You need to ride a bangka (small boat) from Tagaytay to the island of Taal Volcano. At first the people who were offering us priced a trip of the bangka back and forth for 1,500 pesos. We knew it was too much so we kept looking until we found one who offered us 1,000 pesos so we took it. From Tagaytay to the dock area, it's 11km long so it's better if you have a car/van. It's expensive if you don't have. A trike per person costs 450 pesos two way!!! And 80 pesos per person one way for jeeps!!! Such a rip off but I guess that's the livelihood of the people in the area.

The Bangka ride is around 30-40 minutes. When you reach the Island you need to pay 50 pesos each as entrance fee for adults and 30 pesos for kids. The walk from the foot if the volcano to the crater is 7km. You have 2 options, you either rent a horse which costs 500 each!!!! Or walk by foot for FREE!! The people in the area would insist on getting a tour guide which is 500 pesos, total rip off!! But you may opt to not get one cause there's only one path going to the crater and back to the foot of the Volcano. We just got one for the sake of being first timers in the place but he only charged us 200 pesos.

The walk is about an hour going there, the path has horse poo all over since most tourists rent a horse cause they don't wanna walk but the paths are fine. There are just some areas which has steep parts or slippery parts. The view going up is great. You get to see the whole island plus the other small islands nearby. The path you're going to walk at is where the lava actually passes when the volcano is active. As you walk along you'll see some rock formations with smoke coming out from it, that's like the steam from the inside of the Volcano.

I suggest you bring your own food/drinks cause everything on the island is expensive. Any kind of drink is 50 pesos each!! I also suggest that you don't be smart when buying souvenirs cause they sell it at an expensive price but there's nothing really special about it.

When you're at the top everything you see is PRICELESS!!! It's nice and everything is just worth it.

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Franz D.
5.0 Stars

I wanted to be a mountaineer. And I think this adventure's a great start. Oryt! ;)

Thanks to Trail Adventours for making this adventure soooo fun! 128153128153128153

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Jacque B.
5.0 Stars

I went here almost a decade ago, it's our team building for Team Greenwich!

I'm not so sure of the exact number of attendees but were around 20 composed of Managers, Admin Assistants and Regular Service crews of Jollimagic Group Greenwich Pangasinan.

The travel was so long because no SCTEX yet and other shortcuts that time. Coming from Dagupan City Pangasinan, we started our travel around 2am and when we arrived at Talisay, it was around 10am, we were so tired sa biyahe pa lang.

We rented 2 boats to be able to go to the foot of Taal and about an hour trekking just to the crater. From 20 people who started the trekking it was only 6 people who were able to finished and saw the crater; I'm glad I'm one of them128079!

It's beauty is awesome and the feeling is indescribable! One of my unforgettable experienced while working at Greenwich.

I grabbed a picture from Google because my 1 and only picture in this place was with a friend who died months after this adventure128557.

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

Finally saw the 'lake inside a volcano inside a lake' last Friday 128522 been wanting to go and since we planned a quick staycation in tagaytay for the weekend, we decided to do the trek too.
We booked our tour through Crater Lake Resort (which is owned by our neighbor). We chose this tour service because they own a private trail. You won't be with all the other tourists kicking up dust etc and you won't be jostling for space when you get to the view deck (which is private too)
From tagaytay rd we went down to talisay via a very steep and dizzying road. Nahilo Ako promise. Anyways it was easy enough to find. You can also meet them at balai Isabel but the boat ride will be longer.
Since it was just the two of us, we headed off to the island right away. About a 15min boat ride. When we got there, we just signed a waiver and we walked over to our horses! They were very healthy, clean and well fed. No smell at all!
Alternately, you can hike your way up but since we had no experience in hiking, we decided to let the horses do the work haha. There were 2 guides (to control the horses) and 1 guide on front of us.
The trail is more canopied than the public trail. It is well kept too, I think if you're a good enough xc biker, it's possible to bike up the crater. It's about a 45 min trek going up.
When we reached the crater, it was really a sight to see! Very calm and beautiful. We were supposed to trek a bit more but the 10:30AM sun was just beating down on us mercilessly.
We decided to trek going down which took about the same time. Still a bit tiring even if it was downhill.
Some tips if you wanna do this tour, try to start as early as possible, maybe even 6 or 7AM as it can get very hot, remember you're surrounded by water. BER months to feb maybe more advisable because of the climate. Remember to wear appropriate clothes (not jeans or skirts) that will make the trek more comfortable. Bring hydration. Bring a hat.
I think this is a must see since it's so near! Pinatubo next? Hehe!

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Ruth D.
4.0 Stars

I'm not really into "adventure" type of activities so, to trek Taal was already a huge achievement for me. 128516

As we were booked in Club Balai Isabel, we only had to take the boat from there. How convenient, eh? 128521

Boat ride was just a few minutes, hike was about an hour. I've anticipated some parts of the trail to be slippery and steep but I didn't expect that 128052128169 would be everywhere. 128563 Yeah, you can ride a horse kasi if you don't want to walk.

View was of course, breathtaking. Nakakapagod kasi yung inakyat eh. 128516 But really, it was beautiful. 128525

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Faith M.
5.0 Stars

Do you really want an adventure? Or do you want to see the crater of Taal Volcano? Well, you should go to Tagaytay and approach those ate's in the picnic grove. They are somewhat an "agent" hahaha! I don't know what do they call themselves from resorts in Talisay which is near in Taal Volcano & they will explain to you what they are offering.

You need a vehicle going to the resort (I forgot the name of the resort that we got) kase malayo ng konti and medyo steep yung daanan, actually, the way that we headed was a shortcut pero malayo pa din. Basta! Hahahaha!

When we reached the resort, well, it has cottages and some private room but I can't see swimming pools, maybe because what they really offer is going to Taal Volcano.

We rode a motor boat which is 20-30 minutes ride & you know what, the Taal Volcano that we see in pictures, postcards, etc. Eh hindi pala yun!! Oh gosh! Hahaha! We've been fooled! Choz.

When we reached the island, there's a small community there, there were horses and you really need them. Per head is 500 pesos. You should also give some tip to your guide because all throughout your trip, your guide was just walking. Take note, going there just to see Taal's crater is not easy. It will take you more than 2-3 hrs going there.

On our way, we saw these rocks, naglalabas sila ng usok and that's sulfur na pala!!! Wth! 128561 medyo mainit siya kaya iwas iwas din. Better if you wear clothes that are really comfortable and has sleeves for sun protection. Eh yung outfit ko kamusta naman diba? Sheer and shorts. Init nun. Hahahaha!

And after so many hours!!! Tadaaaaa!!! We are now at the crater of Taal and it's really an amazing view! And you know what really made me starstruck? Seeing the rain! Yesss! We need to go back because it will rain and it will be hard for us especially to the guide.

When we were in the motorboat to go back to the resort, big waves coming for us! And it's a must try for me! Hahahaha! Because it's already high tide. My mom got really scared and she even scolded me (well, pinagsabihan lang) because I was laughing. I really enjoyed it. A lot!! Oh, the waves! I will never forgot that. 128522

I am with my family and my uncle. 128077

2,000 pesos for the motor boat (roundtrip)
500 pesos per head for the rental of horses
*Don't forget the tip for your guide*

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