Tagpuan sa San Juan

Manila North Rd., Urbiztondo Beach, San Juan, La Union

Tagpuan sa San Juan
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Sandy P.
5.0 Stars

TAGPUAN: Where you can find the best TAPA in town for only P95!! 128557128557128557

This is the best place to eat after hard drinks and party. Everything is just so good! I was supposed to order for Bagnet but it's not available that time so I go for Tapa and it was the best decision I ever made. Lol! Sobrang saraaaaap!! I could've ordered for 2 meals. It's actually the best tapa I've ever tasted in my life. 128525

They have other rice bowls:
Pares- P90
Bagnet- P120
Pork Adobo- P80
Bibimbap- P90

Combo 1 - Tofu, pork, egg and rice (P60)
Combo 2- Tofu, pork, egg, lugaw (P80)
Combo 3- Noodle soup, pork and egg (P60)

Beef mami- P50
Lugaw- P40
Goto- P50

In Between:
Tokwat baboy- P50
Chicken wings- P95

I would definitely go back again and again! 10084

My Models: Mickey and Ervin lol (Pinagtagpo ng tadhana) 9996🏻

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Archieval M.
5.0 Stars

Ansarap lang men!
Got the bagnet meal. Ang sarap men!
And we also got tokwa't baboy. Ang sarap men!
Like, the meal was so like mura, it's like I just cannot men!
Lol. Masarap nga sya and affordable. Medyo tago lang talaga sya pero nasa highway naman. Need mo i-waze at bumaba para mahanap sya. Ang problem lang dito is medyo maliit lang area nila. Mas ok ata na for takeout. Or if may kasama kang kakain sa likod na store (Mad Monkeys) mas ok na dun kayo kumain. Ipaalam mo lang kila ate. Also, do not forget to return the utensils and plates ha.

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Ria B.
5.0 Stars

One of the restaurants that I definitely enjoyed was this place, Tagpuan.

It's just so cute because it's alongside of the road and it was very tricky to find. Tricky because I didn't see where to order right away.

The bagnet of course didn't disappoint. The beef mami is also great. Perfect for some drunk girls like us. If you're going to notice, they really put an effort to the presentation of their dishes and at a very reasonable price! I'm definitely going back!

By the way, the open late in the afternoon until 2am to satisfy your late night cravings.

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Ruth S.
5.0 Stars

A really good place to eat especially when you're on a budget. Meals are yummy, priced at a very reasonable price, and serving size is just right to satisfy one hungry person. 128512

Right after our Tangadan Adventure, before checking in at Flotsam, we had lunch here first. We had the following:

Super tasty and yummy, we actually liked it. It's a little different than the usual pares because it's a bit more saucy (it's like the braised beef rice bowl from Chowking). I liked this because the sauce wasn't too much, not too salty as well and the beef was tender.

BAGNET (120)
Mas paranf lechon kawali because the skin wasn't as crispy/crunchy. Actually, the pork wasn't that crunchy at all but the taste was still pretty okay. Served with tomato salsa on the side.

TAPA (95)
This was good, too. Crispy thin tapa with a runny sunny side up egg and rice. 128155 Perfect breakfast or hangover meal! 128521

(Check last photo for the menu! 128521)

Majority of the establishments here are practicing CLAYGO (clean as you go) so make sure to return your used plates and utensils after. Don't be a ___. 128540


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Jown P.
5.0 Stars

Never miss out this place when you visit Urbiztondo.
I repeat.
Never. Miss. Out. 128514

Perfect for those lasing nights and all you want is good lutong bahay food to ease up that alcohol inside you. It's good. It's cheap. It's home cooked. Panalo mga bes. Haha. But srsly, the pares and tokwa combo plus chili is the real deal. 128170🏻

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Paul E.
4.0 Stars

Comfort food at its best. Budget friendly and a cool vibe in the evening

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Elaine O.
5.0 Stars

This simple hole in the wall restaurant is a great find in San Juan, La union. The food is unassuming, cheap and straight to the point. This is my new go-to restaurant after surfing.

I super love their Goto and Tokwa’t Baboy 128522128536128525128536!

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Kaye L.
4.0 Stars

I liked it.

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Errole G.
5.0 Stars

They serve awesome pares and bagnet, plus the price is super affordable. The best here is that they open til late so you can eat here after some wild and busy drinking night.

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

An endearing concept for a food joint that serves cheap and good food! Ranges from php50-200.

Pictured is the braised beef pares. Soft and tender, chewy and tasty! They also serve beef mami and their best seller is the pork bagnet rice.

Will be patronizing this for tipid hits when in San Juan.

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