Tahir's Kitchen

186 Katipunan Ave. Ext., Katipunan, Quezon City, Metro Manila

Tahir's Kitchen
3.5 Stars

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Haze M.
1.0 Stars

Their menu said salad had walnuts but it did not. Their moussaka was like keema swimming in cream and did not have eggplant. I returned it because of that. When they returned the food, it still didn't have eggplant. This place is a joke.
This is actually my 2nd time here and the first time was good. I don't know what happened.

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Thea C.
5.0 Stars

Lamb kabab 128525

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Muffy T.
3.0 Stars

50% off from DG. I couldnt resist.

The place was nice. Quite cozy and very blue. I like blue. There's also a swimming pool at the back, and a small events place you can rent for gatherings.

They serve "authentic" mediterranian food like café med and cyma. I had the lamb kebab and Alec C had the mutton kebab. The food was "okay". Although the meat lacked flavour, the sauce, rice, and salsa made up for it. Tahir's also makes their own pita, and they were the best we've had so far. Two mains, two iced teas, and a moutabal dip set us back 1200++.

The experince was "good" because we didn't have to pay full price; it would be a different story if we had to. 128517

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Angela V.
4.0 Stars

I was eager to try this place because I bought a voucher online which cuts my 1k down by 50%. The cheapskate in me just couldn't resist! So I went here for early dinner with my sister and nephew.

The exteriors were really appealing, gave off a mediterranean vibe (greek colors of blue and white). When we came in, the lights were out, air conditioning was turned off and the place was empty! They turned everything on and it was soooo pretty! The chandeliers along with the beautiful set-up of tables and chairs.

I tried to squeeze in as much as I could with the 1000 peso budget we had, so we ordered Beef Chielo Kebab (w/ rice) for 345, Pomodoro Pasta (285), Beef Tenderloin Shawarma (245) and Lava Cake (79). Everything tasted good! The Chielo Kebab tasted surprisingly authentic!

Total bill was 1071.40 because of the 20 pesos charge for take aways and 97.40 for the service charge! I was a bit disappointed because I thought I'd leave without paying a buck. haha :)

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Troy G.
3.0 Stars

I found this restaurant really confusing. Food items were Persian (but no Lassi... :( ). Interior colours are Greek-inspired. Décor is... I dont know.

Servers were jolly and friendly, however the food were a bit lacks authentic taste. You can ask for additional sauce, but for additional P10 (all persian restaurants I've tried give you the whole bottle for your use with no extra charge).

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Juliene Shem G.
4.0 Stars

A new place in Katipunan where we can try another Mediterranean dish. The place is very eye catching! Haven't tried all their pride food, just their Moussaka. Lasanga-like dish. It's very yummy! :)

And by the way, they have a pool area and you can actually rent it.

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Livi B.
3.0 Stars

Beautiful interior design, the place is well lit and decorated, similar to cyma I suppose. Mediterranean food. Wanted to try their falafel but it was unluckily unavailable. Service was great! They served us complimentary lemongrass tea. Food is kind of expensive for students. Kebab costs 300+ but the serving is quite big. The staff told me that they also have an events venue and they'll be opening a bar beside the restaurant soon.

It's still under soft opening but the experience was okay.

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