Tahong Island

Elizalde Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

Tahong Island
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Most Recent Reviews

Paolo S.
4.0 Stars

Simple, straightforward tahong takeout place thats really good! Saw this come out on my FB feed, then when i learned that they're just in BF... well... 128517 Order in advance to give them at least an hour to prepare. You can have them deliver or pick it up yourself.

I had the cheesy baked tahong, the asian tahong with soy sauce, kangkong, and coconut milk, and their bangus.

The tahong was reallllyyyyy good, especially being freshly baked. But between the two flavors i prefer the cheesy, always a classic! So much flavor with every piece that i found myself licking the shells clean. 128514 The bangus was also good (by Manila standards haha). It came in a good size and was baked to perfection, not too dry, and flavored well from the tomatoes and onions stuffed inside. Though, it still doesnt hold a candle to the bangus in Dagupan hehe.

Overall it was really good, but minus 1 star since i was expecting to take out the 4 flavors i saw on the FB-posted menu (sample 1 of each). I learned they're only down to the cheesy and asian flavors now. Also because... and yes its unfair... dagupan bangus was just too good and anything from anywhere else doesnt impress me as much anymore. 128546 Darn you Dagupan 128557

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Kim L.
4.0 Stars

When you're craving for cheesy baked tahong and is too lazy to whip one up yourself -- Tahong Island is definitely the answer!128517 This place conveniently delivers to those within BF/Alabang area for just php50, no minimum requirements. Oh and did I mention that a piece only costs 6php??? Super sulit!

Plus, their no-frills menu is very limited to two flavors -- cheesy garlic and oriental, which makes choosing a lot simpler and easier. The cheesy garlic flavor has a slight hint of spice to it which balanced the richness of the cheese while the oriental flavor is infused with coconut milk and is leaning towards the saltier side. Perfect with rice!128522

  • No. of Comments: 2
Donna K.
5.0 Stars

I am a sucker for anything covered in cheese. Especially seafood with cheese. 🧀

I first heard of Tahong Island on a facebook post and I really felt it was some sort of sketchy establishment. I was certain I’d get sick consuming a serving but I was so wrong. 128525

They recently opened a branch in BF Homes and goodness, I have been eating cheesy baked mussels for a week straight! It was amazing. 100841008410084

They don’t cut back on the cheese and the mussels were pretty good too! They actually have two ways of cooking it - the regular cheesy one, and the oriental type where it’s soaked in coconut milk and spices.

Each piece costs P6 but you get a discount when you buy by bulk. You can also have these babies delivered right to your doorstep for an additional P50.

Let me tell you, 20 pieces is just NOT enough. You’ll always want more.

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Troy P.
3.0 Stars

Tahong Island is a small take-out stall in Pilar's Plaza in Mercury Ave. They have a simple concept and that is to sell yummy baked tahong.

Prices are as follows:
20pcs - 100pesos
30pcs - 150pesos
110pcs - 500pesos

We ordered their best seller cheesy tahong and it did not disappoint. It has the right sweetness of cheese and a hint of spicyness. Please allow at least 10mins to 15mins cooking time for each order. Yup each orders are freshly baked! They also deliver for additional P50 within Las Pinas to Alabang area.

Hassle-free, convenient way to enjoy baked tahong perfect for takeouts.

  • No. of Comments: 4
Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Just look at that yummy cheese! Tahong island is a small booth located in pilar and their specialty is of course, tahong! They only have two flavors though - cheesy garlic (in picture) and oriental which is a bit spicy with coconut milk.
The best thing about it is they deliver! With just and additional 50bucks, they'll deliver your yummy tahong until Alabang and parts of BF! Prices are as follows:
20pcs - 100pesos
30pcs - 150pesos
110pcs - 500pesos
Super sulit IMO. The mussels are also uniform in size and really fresh! Perfect for 'food to share' or if you're just craving 128540

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