Tajimaya Restaurant

Military Cut-off Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Tajimaya Restaurant
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Justine Lauren C.
3.0 Stars

Meat is great but Service is a little slow. They didnt want to give us much lettuce maybe of course they think we couldnt finish It or they wouldnt earn. Beef with less fats are the greatest and some pork but pork is a little satiating so we didnt Get much pork. Their sauce and some garlic is awesome too. I did about three Refills of the sauce. We Don’t like the Salmon Belly that much because it sticks to the griller in which Slices Are too small and they do not remove scales. Squid is a little sour because I feel it is Old and No longer fresh. Sadly I only took Videos. Please Check My Videos On this Restaurant On My IG: @lovethejuice

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Chili G.
5.0 Stars

Saw tajimaya going up military cut off because of their nice and modern building. I said 'wow galing naman may tajimaya na dito!' So kept that in mind as one of our choices for New Year's Eve dinner. Come the 31st, we had three choices and tajimaya was the 3rd. Mario's (jam packed as expected), another Italian place (which was closed) and finally ended up at tajimaya.
It was already about 8PM then. They could accommodate us but we can only eat for 1 hour instead of the usual 1.5hrs. No problem I said and we started eating right away. We only got the stuff that we were sure we were going to eat. The super hot coals made cooking the meat a breeze and I really enjoyed our meal! We tried it a couple of years ago
At MOA and I wasn't familiar then with the difference between kbbq and Yakiniku. So now I really had a good time mixing the different sauces. Service was good too even though they were closing early, they didn't make you feel that you had to rush your meal or something.

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Rocky R.
5.0 Stars

I believe I'm in carnivore heaven! Tajimaya opened its doors to Baguio City a little more than a week ago, and now has been creating a strong buzz by word of mouth. For many Manila residents, this maybe something you'd see everyday, but for us Baguio locals, having a place like this is somewhat new to us. I say somewhat, because Baguio is saturated by samgyupsal establishments.

Concept is simple, Japanese grade beef of different scores and qualities, grilled by the consumer over a smokeless charcoal grill. There are plenty of selections to choose from. Prices depend on the score and quality of a particular cut beef. Because it's Japanese grade, no matter what score, or quality, all cuts are tender and almost melt in your mouth delicious.

With what I ordered; Salmon Sashimi @ ₱350, Karubi (spicy beef soup) @ ₱190, Jou Gyutan (beef tongue) @ ₱495, Reba (beef liver) @ ₱110, and Jou Karubi (boneless short ribs) @ ₱495, I can say I was very happy and satisfied by all. I love the simplicity of Japanese cuisine.

All were tender, especially the Jou Gyutan. Who would've though beef tongue could ever be so tender without having to slow cook it? I certainly wouldn't have!

I can't wait for my next visit to Tajimaya. Next meal to cross off my list from their menu is their surf & turf-- U.S. Ribeye @ ₱680, and a couple orders of Ebi Yaki (prawns) @ ₱290.

Yes, prices are a bit on the higher end, but to experience good quality beef is very well worth it. I suggest to try it at least once! 128513

Happy Eating!!!

Because the cuts of meat are thin, once the grill is hot, only sear the beef 15-20 seconds a side. I guaranty it'll be juicy and you'll be able to taste the true essence of marbled beef.

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