TAKA Modern Japanese Cuisine

Tuscany Estates, Upper McKinley Rd., McKinley Hill, Taguig, Metro Manila

TAKA Modern Japanese Cuisine
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Most Recent Reviews

Peach L.
4.0 Stars

It was a get-together with friends (about 2 months ago... I KNOW! BLA 128553)

One of our friends chose the place because he said their original restaurant somewhere in Makati has really good food but is quite expensive. I thought maybe it's like La Girolle's Brassiere La Girolle --- their answer to lower-priced food offerings 128522

Anyhow, we started with a bottle of chilled sake and a sushi platter. I wasn't that excited with sake because when I had it before, it tasted like tuba which had a very strong alcohol kick and no smoothness at all. To my surprise, Taka's sake was very, very smooth with a hint of vanilla and coco taste 128522 It didn't have the strong, textured alcohol taste but it sure did have a good kick 128077

The sushi platter wasn't exceptional though, it tasted average.

Since we were there for the tasting menu which i believe is made depending on Chef Suzuki's mood, we just enjoyed the evening with bottles of sake while waiting for each dish.

First on the menu was Konyako, a japanese gelatinous cake with a salty drippings of sauce. I'm not sure why it was served first but I think it's to whet one's appetite.

Next was the Lapu and Salmon sashimi. The salmon was nowhere near Sensei's but the Lapu was a revelation! I didn't know that you can eat a raw snapper. It was good and fresh, somewhat similar to hamachi. 128077

Then came the other appetizers: Beef ball, ebi sushi, eggplant dip and tamago. They were all average.

The Wagyu Age was something new. It was wrapped in nori with sauce topped with radish dip, some garnishing, and placed in a small bowl of tempura sauce. Although it was good, it still tasted a bit weird, imagine eating a wagyu steak with a hint of fishy taste. That's how it was for me. The wagyu was tender.

Next in line was the Special Fish and Chips which was actually not on the menu but was created by Chef Suzuki for us --- on the house 128522 The fish was dredged in rice crispies topped wih fish crackers and squeezed with lemon. So-so for me.

The next dish was served pretty. Nabe - A small pot of pork with mixed veggie soup and alongside, there was japanese rice. That was average as well.

Pineapple jelly was the ending and it wasn't noteworthy too.

After our dinner, the chef went and thanked us. And although we can't understand him and he can't understand us, the image of the camera was sort of a universal sign for us to have a photo taken with him 128513128513 He was amiable 128077

Foodwise, it was basically mediocre. Not quite what I expected from a restaurant who looked very nice from the outside. Although I have to give props to the chef's effort to fancify the dishes. For food itself, I'll give it a 3. But I was really wowed by their sake and it was a 5 for me.

And since they were new, the service was not really commendable. The servers were friendly but they weren't abreast with what they're offering. And we had to tell them a number of times that they shouldn't make the customers tell them what to do.

So yeah, 4.

For sake alone, yes, I'll go back. But for the food, I'd spend my money elsewhere.

There. BLA!


Since I've read that Peanut D is turning vegetable, errr, vegetarian. I can suggest for her to try Greens at Scout Castor. It has good food and inexpensive too 128522128077

P.S: tama ba idea ko ng suggest sunday? 128513128513128513

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Benedict Joseph S.
4.0 Stars

Delightful little japanese dishes! A good place to go if you're watching your weight. Warning: Every serving is really small, but each one carefully prepared and presented, and packs a lot of flavor. After finishing four orders, it feels like I just had appetizers128521. Tried the egplant, grilled salmon, the sashimi platter, green salad and crispy fish with seeweed. Loved them all without feeling the guilt of pigging out.
And best of all, complimentary dessert! Two teaspoonsful of fruit - hahaha, stayed within serving size128512

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Jen R.
1.0 Stars

I cannot think of a restaurant that I've been as disappointed in as Taka. 128545128545128545

The first thing you should know about this place is that the servings are tiny. When you browse through their menu, do not make the mistake of thinking that maybe the actual servings are bigger than they appear in the picture. We ordered the red snapper and the serving was three 1"x2"x0.5" cuts of fish that did not even taste good. I was simply shocked when it arrived. In addition, the scales on that tiny fish were not removed well. I choked on both scales and fishbone and I needed to throw up just to dislodge those items from my throat -- I was already spitting blood because of the fish scales.

Second, the selection is limited. I'm not exactly sure if this was what they intended to achieve when they said "Modern Japanese". But I know I would've been more forgiving if their limited selection tasted good at least. It did not. We had the chicken sukiyaki and it tasted like it was just boiled. Plain boiled.

Third, the food was NOT cheap. We paid PhP 1,100 and we felt it was such a waste of money. Better just go to the Italian place beside it or walk further up the road to get to the other restaurants. (F and I ended up going to Wursty Wursty because the experience in Taka was nothing short of bad trip 128545).

(I'm thinking of giving this place 2 stars but F pointed out that there was no tissue in the comfort room. The space inside the restaurant was very cramped. The lighting was flat. And the server forgot our other order. So there.)

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Denise Q.
3.0 Stars

Soft opening? Free food! 128077

We were looking for a good place for our Friday dinner out and just as we passed by this resto, a stranger (I suppose, he's the boss) advised us to eat there and everything's FREE! It was their soft opening anyway.

The interiors were nice and very fitting for modern Japanese ambiance. They also had private rooms for large groups, similar to what Seryna has in Little Tokyo. They just opened last May 22.

We did not order anything! Food just arrived in our room for each of us. How awesome is that! (I said to myself, this will go into looloo!) Folks, another resto along Tuscany is open! 128521

Anyway, dishes were just sampler-sized but I'm not complaining since Jap food can be expensive and by the looks of this place, yep it ain't cheapo! 128517

We were served with Japanese style omelette, tuna sashimi, small servings of unagi/sea urchin and also a bowl of rice along with salmon with miso flavored soup. We also had sake! Though not the hard one, this one's semi-diluted with water, he he.

My colleagues found this place OK and we might come back to try the regular dishes as well. Oh, and the unagi's not the rotten version (as I'm not a fan of this), this one's fresh and tasted like tahong, ha ha, so it was OK for me (hello Patrick N.!) 128522

The waitresses were friendly and very accommodating as well. And I believe, this place's gonna hit up the trend especially if you have expats/visitors from work. 128077

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