The Yard, 83 Xavierville Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City, Metro Manila

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Jeliza A.
5.0 Stars

I loved it.

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Foodie F.
5.0 Stars

Okonomiyaki Cheesy Bacon by Takami: YEY

This one was a happy surprise. I've heard a lot about Okonomiyakis and I'm convinced this could be the next wave when it comes to japanese food craze after ramen and katsu. Takami's stall was very simple, almost unremarkable (as compared to others within the compound). But what it lacked in decor, it made up in flavor. This is the first time I've had Okonomiyaki so expectations were high. The bonito shavings were plentiful, as well as the cheeze and the bacon. The batter had different ingredients like vegetables mixed-in giving it texture. The pancake was soft and chewy. It was a weird mix but everything worked. The serving is good for 2-4 (normal) people. This is definitely a must try. @takami_ph Takami at The Yard at Xavierville

Cherry Mojito 1L by Epicure: YEY

A bit too sweet (maybe too much syrup or sprite?) and too hipster (maybe because of the dry ice and the pail?) for my taste but quite interesting nonetheless. This one is a mocktail for sissies like me but they also have alcoholic mixes for those looking for something with a kick. Love it. @epicure.ph

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#moveonpolvoron #japanese #japanesefood #cheese #bacon #theyard #epicure #mocktail #cocktail

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Ria B.
1.0 Stars

Their okonomiyaki was sooooo bad. I don't really wanna give out bad reviews but because of their okonomiyaki, I really lost my appetite. The okonomiyaki was not cooked well! 128557☹️ Yung tipong basang basa pa yung pinaka batter niya. As in. Huhu.. And they didn't even have a tonkatsu sauce and japanese mayo which I believe are two essential things on an okonomiyaki. It was really disappointing. This made my The Yard experience sad. Not sure if I wanna go back.

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Jolo C.
3.0 Stars

A quick fix for that japanese craving? Visit the yard! As far as i rember there are at least 3 japanese themed foodstalls available and one of them is takami. Upon our visit we only ordered their okonomiyaki the flavors are good you can taste the sweetness of the sauce and savory bacon and bonito flakes. The texture and flavor is somehow in between a good takoyaki and an ok one. Yes im comparing it to a takoyaki coz its like a big flat takoyaki for me (sorry). I would recommend this if you are a takoyaki lover. On my next visit i would try their gyoza and rice meals with melted cheese on top 128076 for now i would give them a 3/58

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Hannah V.
4.0 Stars

Takami is located inside The Yard, a food park along Xavierville Avenue.
Tried their Beef Bulgogi Gyoza and it was good. It has a nice balance of lightly tangy, sweet and salty flavors. Their gyoza doesn't have the same mashed vegetable filling that most restaurants use; theirs is Meaty.

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