Tali Beach

Seaside Drive, Nasugbu, Batangas

Tali Beach
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Reich T.
3.0 Stars

I’ve heard of Tali Beach, saw some photos but never felt the need to visit. After visiting Lagen a couple of years back, my inner mermaid was awakened and an affinity with ze sand and sea was born. Anyway, i spent my weekend at Tali and took part in a guerrilla birthday surprise party for a dear friend.

You can look for accommodations via Air Bnb. I aint sure how may beaches are there but we visited three (i think). Now, if you are the type who digs the part scene of Station 1, Tali is not for you. Well, it is quiet and the stretch is not a long as San Vicente (okay, i may have exaggerated a bit there). Albeit it’s imperfections, Tali is the ideal place for quiet mornings with the steady hum of the wind.

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TheMitch M.
3.0 Stars

It's not a public beach and can only be accessed if you know someone in the village or if you rent one of the Air BnB houses in it.

Is the beach great?

It's so-so.

There's about 10 or so meters of actual beach between the rock/cement barrier and the shore. It's maybe around 800 meters of shoreline.

Sand is alright. Water isn't the clearest. Lots of cabanas for hanging out. Nice and quiet and secluded but wouldn't really consider this a go-to beach.

For one, you can't eat rice on the beach property.

You can drink. You can eat pasta, and any other food, but no rice.

Security is tight. So on the upside, you and your belongings ade safe. But on the downside, the security also sees you sneaking that extra cup of rice.

This was my 2nd visit so I knew what to pack.

Cheese and bread and since rice is banned on the beach, I brought the next best Pinoy food.


Had a pretty nice time naman :)

Make sure to come here during summer because that's when the beach is most accessible and the scenery is much nicer.

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Camille S.
4.0 Stars

Tali Beach is an exclusive beach that caters to members and guests of Tali Subdivision. Tali Beach has five beaches - Main Beach, Sunset Beach, Palm Beach, Pebble Beach and Marina Beach. The beaches can be reached via car or via foot. We opted to go via foot because we don’t want our car to get wet. After all, it was only a 10 minute walk from the house we rented.

Due to time constraints, we were only able to visit two - Sunset and Marina. These beaches felt very exclusive as they were small and very quiet. It is also different from popular beaches like Batangas, Boracay and La Union because the stretch was short and it doesn’t have super fine sand. Despite this, it was still okay as it’s more intimate as you can talk and bond more with whoever you’re with because of the privacy you get. Aside from these beaches, we also visited Tali Beach Cliff (it’s located on the other side of Sunset Beach) which was the most known area in Tali. Among the areas we visited, the cliff had the most people. Guests can opt to jump from 10 feet or 30 feet. According to my friends who jumped, there was also a cave and a mini beach at the bottom of the cliff rocks.

Tali Beach may not be the prettiest beach out there but I loved how quiet it can get which makes it a really good getaway from all the hustle and bustle of the city. I’d definitely go back and will make sure to allot more time.

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Daylight M.
4.0 Stars

stayed at Breeze Marina beach house for 3days, and a 5minute walk will lead you to the beach 128526
the summer outing might have been late, but it's better than never 128514
our department have a big family, hence the 3day event.. staffs, residents, fellows and consultants take turns going to Tali beach, but since the weather isn't that cooperative, the beach was a bit murky, we ended at the pool, basketball and videoke that breeze marina house has, thank goodness for that!

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Denise A.
4.0 Stars

Tali beach is an exclusive gated community situated along Nasugbu Batangas around 2 and a half hour drive from Manila. Aside from being popular for cliff diving it is also famous for numerous resorts just like in Laiya.
We stayed in Tali Beach Vacation House which is one of the largest resorts in the gated villa.

The resort can accommodate 10 to 22 guests. The house has 4 air conditioned bedrooms and has an air conditioned living room on the second floor which can cater to even bigger groups.

Amenities include a new infinity swimming pool (no photo since it wasn't built when we went here yet). Equipped kitchen with rice cooker, microwave, cookware, utensils, etc. Refrigerator, water dispenser, charcoal bbq, genset, gazebo, lcd tv. They even have 3-4 parking space which is really convenient or us.

Price per night ranges from 11k to 21k depending on the date. In our case we paid 15k for 18 pax which is pretty affordable considering we only have to pay less than 1k per pax.

Check in time is at 230pm check out is at 12noon.

My friends and I went to the grocery prior to arriving at the resort. We bought raw meats in the wet market and other cooking essentials so we're all prepared when we arrive at the resort. Tip: bring precooked meals and snack to lessen the hassle of buying outside the gated community
We grilled porkchops and bbq at night. It's really one of the most memorable time for us during the vacation cause we did some chismis and catching up while having our dinner.

No corkage fees for the alcoholic beverage so we also brought all kinds of drinks. Walwalan na bes!!!

I wish the beach was less rocky. We weren't able to enjoy swimming cause the rocks were reaching even the shallow parts of the sea. Good thing we brought floaters so we were able to swim a little. Hahaha. I think people really go here for cliff diving which we didn't do anymore cause we got lazy to go there for a 3-5 min drive. Hindi talaga siya swimmable unless probably its high tide. We weren't able to swim in the morning cause we all got lazy. Anyway it seems like we own the beach when we went here. It's so quiet and private, kami lang talaga so kahit anong kulitan sa beach and ingay no one would hear.

I think the most sulit part of this trip is the villa talaga cause it is spacious. May dining and living area. All the utensils we need for the kitchen was provided which made it easier for us to cook anything we want. Good thing we have a Chef in the group mas masaral yung dinner namin than the usual ihaws and pancit canton. Lol. Hahaha!
We also did set up mono blocks chairs and tables in the terrace which gives you a view of the sea, the perfect place to chill.

We also played boardgames at night. Sobrang fun ang dami namin... Para kaming nasa retreat na mas wild. Hehe.
Overall it was a great experience and I would probably be back for the pool. Good thing they decided to add the pool na I guess most guests complain on that.
If you are looking for a huge place to spend a quick vacation on a weekend, this is the place for you!
Their staff are all so friendly as well they even helped us sa pag ihaw cause we were taking so long. Ang babait nilang lahat. :)

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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Known for its cliff diving activities, Tali Beach is a go to place for the adventure seekers. Though you would need to rent a house or stay at BnBs near the area to get an access at this place.

The main activity of this beach is of course some idle time just staring at the endless seas. I only get to visit the Sunset beach with fine yellowish sand. A little rocky if you ask me, but still a good kind. These little pebbles allows your feet to be relaxed and massaged as you walk pass them. There are various rock formations as well. During 4pm onwards, the waves can be strong.

Cliff jumping is definitely a highlight of this place with various cliff jump offs to choose from. I'm not sure about their heights but they vary in lengths. There's a guard there willing to throw this circle floater as he holds the rope but that's it. He only throws that on emergency basis. So basically you will throw yourself at the water without any life protecting gear. It's a little scary if you ask me plus it's even harder to get back to the jump off again. The waves has the tendency to push your body to these slimy, spiky rock formation.

But the water is blue and clean. I love its turquoise color so much. It's also refreshing but of course, sea water is sea water.

I like how Tali Beach is your private beach near the metro where you can unleash the adventure seeker part of you. I love how it's completely your own little seaside place especially on off dates. Totally worth a visit for a 2-3 hour drive from Manila. And, definitely a must to try cliff diving. Cause it ain't about the height, maybe it's about being one with nature cause we fail to appreciate it nowadays.

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

Cliff diving spot -- awesome!

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

Bucket list: CLIFF DIVING 10024

Tali beach, you were amazing. Awesome weekend. Always a good time at the beach!


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Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

The water was clean but the shore wasn't. We saw a lot of cigarette butts and nails on the surface, so be careful and watch your step.

It was quite difficult to swim without beach shoes. We had to look for a spot that didn't have much rocks.

There's also a spot for cliff diving for the adventurous.

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