Tali Beach

Seaside Drive, Nasugbu, Batangas

Tali Beach
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Josette P.
4.0 Stars

Known for its cliff diving activities, Tali Beach is a go to place for the adventure seekers. Though you would need to rent a house or stay at BnBs near the area to get an access at this place.

The main activity of this beach is of course some idle time just staring at the endless seas. I only get to visit the Sunset beach with fine yellowish sand. A little rocky if you ask me, but still a good kind. These little pebbles allows your feet to be relaxed and massaged as you walk pass them. There are various rock formations as well. During 4pm onwards, the waves can be strong.

Cliff jumping is definitely a highlight of this place with various cliff jump offs to choose from. I'm not sure about their heights but they vary in lengths. There's a guard there willing to throw this circle floater as he holds the rope but that's it. He only throws that on emergency basis. So basically you will throw yourself at the water without any life protecting gear. It's a little scary if you ask me plus it's even harder to get back to the jump off again. The waves has the tendency to push your body to these slimy, spiky rock formation.

But the water is blue and clean. I love its turquoise color so much. It's also refreshing but of course, sea water is sea water.

I like how Tali Beach is your private beach near the metro where you can unleash the adventure seeker part of you. I love how it's completely your own little seaside place especially on off dates. Totally worth a visit for a 2-3 hour drive from Manila. And, definitely a must to try cliff diving. Cause it ain't about the height, maybe it's about being one with nature cause we fail to appreciate it nowadays.

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

Cliff diving spot -- awesome!

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Raisa Z.
5.0 Stars

Bucket list: CLIFF DIVING 10024

Tali beach, you were amazing. Awesome weekend. Always a good time at the beach!


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Jackie S.
3.0 Stars

The water was clean but the shore wasn't. We saw a lot of cigarette butts and nails on the surface, so be careful and watch your step.

It was quite difficult to swim without beach shoes. We had to look for a spot that didn't have much rocks.

There's also a spot for cliff diving for the adventurous.

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