Talisayen Cove

San Antonio, Zambales

Talisayen Cove
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Gj A.
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Zia M.
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"Paano po mag-move on?"

For all those #hugotlines and hugot peeps out there, I think this is the place for you.

Located at the back of Anawangin Cove in Zambales, just an hour away from Pundaquit Beach, this gem is definitely a quick getaway from all those heart breaks and stress. 128524

We went here last Sunday, and man, isn't it the best time? We were literally the only tourists/campers who were there. Basically, we own the island for a night.

We rented a cottage (Php 200), but we occupied 3 cottages and 1 nipa hut because we can. Yahoo! 128077🏻 They're not very strict with this, and that's good news.

The sand isn't really that fine, but it's white. And it's hot (scorching hot!). You could even see the heat wave from the distance! 128293

The water is clear, and it wouldn't hurt your eyes so much, which is good. You could see fish underwater and some corals too. 128077🏻

It was high tide and the water is not on its calm state, so be ready.

During the night, they have generator sets here so you won't have a problem with the lighting...BUT it's only until 9pm? If I'm not mistaken

So yeah, go grab your beach towels and tents and go here for that quick holiday! 127946🏽9728

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Bhem S.
5.0 Stars

Since one of my college barkada was here in the Philippines, we had the chance to grab his availability since he will just stay in PH for only 15 days. So this is quite an urgent invitation. Late notice but it's better, than just a plan. Our budget is more or less than P1500 for an overnight stay in Talisayen. The island has no electricity, but generator will substitute at night. No network, so phones can be kept for social media but make sure to bring power banks just in case your cameras drained because of the whole day photoshoot.

There are faucets in every comfort room (you don't have to fetch water from the water pump) there are cottages but advisable to bring your own tents for a more comfortable sleep. The sand is not that finely white but still attractive. The water was so crystal clear!

At night, you can make bonfire then set your drinks and snacks. Talk, laugh, and roll. That is how we end our day.
The next day we had one side trip in another island before we go back to the main land, I can't remember what's the name but it's another nature wonder.

It was another great adventure indeed. We had a lot of fun and since there is no phone signal, we converse most of the time and it is I think the advantage of going to a remote island. If I will have the chance again to come back, I will. Definitely.


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Deyna M.
5.0 Stars

A place where you can spend your 24-hour escape from the busy streets of Manila. A place where you can indulge yourselves with sea water and be able to talk about everything. A place away from social media and internet. Just pure nature with great sunrise and sunset. You can bring your own car and park it on designated parking lots (based on your contact person) and leave all your worries behind onto a great adventure.

Ride a boat. Prepare your waterproof cameras. Set up your DSLRs and tripods. The place is photographer-friendly (i swear it!). Explore the beach, hike the mountains and bathe yourself in the sun. Who cares what you do there? Have fun! Play volleyball, go island hopping and set up a bonfire at night.

Our trip only lasted for at least 24 hours because we need to go back to the daily grind but it was all we needed. It was one of the most relaxing, stress-free, recharging experience we've ever had.

Our photo here is taken using our 60D Canon camera in a tripod to capture the sunset just before we leave the place.


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Herl C.
5.0 Stars

Since summer is about to end, we organized a beach trip either to Cagbalete or Magalawa Island but our plan went out differently. We ended up spending our weekend at Talisayen Cove in Zambales. Who else didn’t want spontaneous trip?

Our assembly time in Victory Liner, Cubao was 5:45am to 6:00am. I learned from the site that their first trip bound to Zambales is 6:30am. So we went there earlier than the departure time. Since there were lots of passengers going to Zambales, we bought tickets (P240.00) bound to Olongapo rather than Iba because they were already sold out. That’s why we changed our plan to Nagsasa instead of Magalawa to avoid wasting our time on travelling. Good thing, we scored tickets before 8:00am and then our bus departed at 9:30am. Thanked God for the passes!

We arrived in Olongapo at 1:00pm and then we went to the nearest grocery store to buy stuff we needed like food for a large group of 14. Tip: You should buy things before you go since it’s cheaper to buy in market than in beach. It was scorching hot three in the afternoon and then we decided to go to Pundaquit. We rented a rip-off van instead of taking a bus bound to San Antonio. The rip -off driver let us paid P300.00 per head (We learned that the bus and tryke fare was only P70.00). I don’t know why there are people like that! Such an opportunist!

Anyway, after an hour of riding the the rip-off van, we arrived in San Antonio, Pundaquit at 4:00pm and then talked to random boatmen at the shore that will take us to Nagsasa Cove. However, Kuya boatman (Poor me! I forgot his name and wasn’t able to save his number) suggested us if we like to go to Talisayen Cove instead since Nagsasa is 2-hour boat ride while Talisayen is just 1-hour only. We didn’t want to waste our time so we ended up going there! Anawangin, Talisayen and Nagsasa Coves are all part of San Antonio, Zambales. So if can’t decide where to go, I suggest you should try other coves aside from the popular Anawangin.

Finally, we reached Talisayen Cove at 5:30pm and we paid P300.00 (back and forth) for the boat ride. The entrance fee is P100.00 and FREE cottage rental and pitching of tent. Not bad!When I step my foot on the sand, I saw campers and I couldn’t help but think of Anawangin days wayback 2011. Still missing those days!

Reminder: There is NO SIGNAL and ELECTRICITY on the cove. Prepare your flashlights and battery packs, as well as mosquito repellants. And please, Be extra patient with the comfort rooms if there are lots of campers. It took us several minutes of waiting for our turn. Other cubicles were really dirty and disgusting. Oh well, other’s didn’t put too much concern on hygeine.

The morning after, I was one who got up early as early as 6:30 in the morning. I grabbed bf’s camera and took pictures since the sun shined very brightly and it was indeed a beautiful day! Almost all of things I found at Talisayen is the same like in Anawangin. The sand is fine gray in color. The mountain is wallpaper like, very relaxing and photogenic. The sea water is blue green and very calm because of the perfect weather. And the trees, how could I forget about it, very beautiful woods that all I can think of are foxes and bunnies.

It was really hot at 9 in the morning so we decided to hit the beach and took pictures with my friends. There are parts of the sea which are dirty, I guess it’s because of seaweeds. But it didn’t stop us from hitting the small waves! Yey! Super stress reliever talaga ang dagat!

I really had fun staying at Talisayen Cove because the place is new to me and I was with my awesome friends! I think for now, this is the last beach trip muna because I need to save money for our Malaysia-Singapore trip on September! Yey! Excited! We left the cove at 2:00pm because we were expecting a sidetrip to Capones Island but since everybody was tired and I got sick, we just let it passed. We just come back some other time if our schedule permits! :)


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