Tam's & Friends Cafe

Malhacan Rd., Malhacan, Meycauayan, Bulacan

Tam's & Friends Cafe
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Miss Z.
3.0 Stars

My friend Kai paid me a visit in Meycuayan and i invited her to dine at Tam's Cafe and friends,so here's my verdict,let's start shall we?

location : If you are living in Malhacan, City of Meycuayan bulacan,It is just near the Tollgate or Supima E-Circle, across ministop corner building, You can never missed it specially if you exiting in Meycuayan going to Manila, there is a small signage with blinking lights outside,though at first glance you would probably notice that it was an old two-story apartment that was repaired and improved to be a small cafe.

Con's : No parking space!(uh-oh) tam's is literally located near the exit where parking space definitely don't exist,but you have options, you may park your car nearby the Establishment/ Food chains like Jollibee and Mcdo or in Savemore supermarket.

Because of this my friend Kai had no choice but to leave her car in jollibee,just near tam's cafe,Luckily there's an available slot,so goodluck on that!

Ambiance : Very cozy,Laid back. They have signages all around the cafe that is very cool and unique , but the airconditioning is very poor, i think this is mainly because the place is small and thier kitchen which doesn't have a good ventilation brings warm air inside the cafe.

Tam's is a two-story cafe,they can't accomodate big groups if you're paying a visit for lunch/Dinner, i think maximum of 15persons are allowed.

⏩Food : Ofcourse this is the most important part of my review, the Food! I can say it was okey in all sense of the word,i didn't felt that i was satisfied but it was just fine for me since i'am not starving that time but if you're hungry too bad for you,you might want to order another choice from thier menu,i think they need to improve the taste and the amount of serving, when we talk about sizzlings we are expecting a major hot angry sizzling sound and smoke that would be so clingy in your clothing that sometimes you feel you are smelling like the food you ate when you go, but for me i didn't felt this,it was hot okey but not the normal way when they serve the typical sizzling from other resto that i've been and it was a bit flop for me.

1.) Menu :

they have limited menu, they have the typical sizzlings like pork,sisig,chicken,tapa,and the normal offers for sizzling choices, while they also offer:

• Beef salpicao
• Beef Pares
•Crispy Pata
• Chickeng buffalo wings
• Carbonara
• Sizzling Tofu
• Matcho Nachos
• Kare-Kare
• Silogs ( Pork/Tapa/Hotdog/Liempo)

During lunch they also caters " lutong bahay ulam" as they called it.

What to try : They have a menu for Beef Kebab as well,but if you are a major fan of beef then do not expect,I've tried all of thier beef menu listed below and as a shawarma / beef lover i can say it's not that exciting as i've thought, it was okey it can temporary satisfy your cravings yes but not in a good way you'll remember it. Thier sauce is a bit sweet which i don't prefer on my shawarma , i prefer more herby that i could first taste the garlic and basil and the saltiness of the dressing.
But it's not that bad for a starters!

• Pizza Kebab
• Chicken /Beef Kebab Rice
• Shawarma Rice
• Beef Shawarma
• Kebab Burger

Drinks :

Since it was a cafe im expecting a variety of frappe and hot drinks, but thier menu is limited thou i haven't tried thier coffee's yet i might as well list some of the menu that they have but i forgot to snap the menu for it but i will post the FB page so you can check it out 128522

Other Beverages :

• Bottomless Ice tea
• Variety of Soda (Coke,Sprite,Royal)
• Variety of Juices ( mango,orange,pineapple)
• San Mig light ( bucket)
• Red Horse / San Mig Beer

Price : Very affordable for me , i think this is Flop.
Thier menu ranges from 70-150 pesos per meal.

Thier Kebab burger for example starts at 70-85pesos only, Kebab Pizza 70 pesos and Silogs for 70-85.

Very affordable indeed!
_________________________________What other things to do at Tam's
Aside from eating? : if you are a group of friends and you want to distress after a good days work or school,Tam's offers a KTV Room that could accomodate 20pax which is basically the second floor of the two-story cafe.
You and Your friends can enjoy the night by eating,singing and chatting at the same time.
You may do a reservation prior to avoid misplanned and hassle.

__________________________________My overall rating /verdict:

I would give Tam's and friends a 5/10 rating, i think they could improve more on thier food choices (Menu) especially on the taste and serving amount,if they could also make sure their ventilation is good for the diner to be comfortable enough to stay longer is a plus point.

If you are near malhacan and you're feeling lazy to go to trinoma or Sm north but you wanted some place cozy and private,Try Tam's it's somehow worth the curiousity :)


Tam's Open around 11a.m -2mn mon-saturday (close every sunday)

Tip : might as well call and do an advance order.

They have a Facebook Page.

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Don T.
5.0 Stars

Cozy place to dine and enjoy with your friends. Videoke rooms available too! Beer for only 45

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