Tangadan Falls

San Gabriel, La Union

Tangadan Falls
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Jaja R.
5.0 Stars

It was Labor Day weekend last year when we went at La Union without a definite plan on what we wanted to do. We ended signing up for a day tour at Tangadan Falls while waiting for the check-in time at our accommodation.

Tangadan Falls is located in San Gabriel, about half an hour to an hour away from the usual tourist destination in San Juan. The helpful staff from San Juan Surf Resort contacted their usual tour guide / tricycle driver to accompany us.

It was an easy trek going to the bigger falls. Along the way, there is a smaller falls where people can enjoy cliff diving. If you are that adventurous of a type, this may be good for you. We just rested for a bit there and continue with our trek until we found ourselves at the falls. It was a holiday so it look like more of a “swimming pool” because it was too crowded. We rented a life jacket just to be sure because we don’t know how to swim. It was available for rent at P50, if I remember it correctly.

We spent a few hours there and the water from the falls was freezing cold as expected! Our tour guide/driver also enjoyed his time by the falls and not forgetting to take our pictures too!

This is still not visited much by the tourists, but if you happened to be in ElYu, I highly suggest that you see and experience this for yourself!

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Gj A.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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Bea C.
5.0 Stars

You'll see this cascading 2 tiered waterfalls after a 30minute trek where you can also rent life vests and a P100-150 worth 'balsa' for you to reach the bottom.

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

My officemates and I all have our own reasons why we want to go to La Union.

Officemate #1&3: Tangadan Falls
Officemate #2 (me): Makai Bowls; Flotsam and Jetsam; El Union Coffee

So on our first day, we already crossed out our first agenda. First activity was to go to TANGADAN FALLS. 128515

Our contact was Kuya Pedro. I think he's very popular because he's the top most recommended tour guide online. Mainly for 2 good reasons: He offers the most reasonable and affordable fee and second, he is a fun tour guide! 128077🏼

For the 4 of us, total fee was P1000 (environmental fee of P30/head is not included yet). The "package" includes a Tricycle ride from hotel to Tangadan and back to the hotel and Entertainment! 128514

Part 1 of the trek is the cliff diving part - 5ft., 10ft., or 25ft. For non swimmers, they can also try this but they must rent a life vest for 50 pesos. Also, the tour guide will assist you so nothing to worry about. He'll teach you the proper way and he'll do it first so you'll have an idea and he'll be there waiting for you. 128077🏼 I can't say it's super safe (sorry! 128518), so make sure to do this only if you're confident with your skillzz. Otherwise, #YOLO.

Part 2 is the falls - TANGADAN FALLS. Once you reach the end, you just can't help but fall in love with how beautiful it is and you'll feel refreshed with the sight of the falls! It's really worth the trek and the intense heat!!! You can swim here as long as you want. The water is really cold, for sure tanggal ang init at pagod! 128563128518128521

Some helpful tips/reminders:
1. Bring sunblock!! It's really hot and it's important that you protect your skin. You may also apply Off lotion if you want.
2. Bring extra clothes (a shirt would be enough) and a towel to wipe yourself.
3. Wear trekking sandals or slippers. No need to wear rubber shoes.
4. Make sure to bring water and to rehydrate yourself! Also bring something light to eat (trail food). But they also have sari sari stores along the way just in case.
5. The trek is around 1.5hrs but can be longer depending on your phase. It's advisable to start the trek as early as 6am so you can avoid too much sun exposure, you're ahead the other tourists, you get to enjoy parts 1 and 2 with no (or less) people, and you can finish earlier.
6. You can opt to ride a habal habal on your way back if you don't want to trek anymore. Ride is around 250/habal habal and can fit 2 persons. It will take around 30 minutes to reach your starting point/your tricycle ride home. It's my first time riding a habal habal and it was kind of scary, like we're riding a roller coaster, but it's safe (sabi ni kuya! 128517128518).
7. ENJOY!!! And don't be a KJ (like me!). Sobrang init kasi, sinabayan ko pa ng init ng ulo, taspos puyat at gutom... ayun. 128566

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Marylouise M.
5.0 Stars

Tangadan Falls is located at San Gabriel, La Union. You have two choices going there, either riding an exclusive jeepney then hiking 15 minutes or walking/hiking for 1 hr and 30 minutes. But before going there you need to register at the PNP station then pay the ecological fee P30 at the treasury office. And decide if you're going to ride or walk/hike. For us we rent an exclusive jeepney costs P1300 because we're only 12, the original is P1500 we save 200 you must be negotiable with the driver, back and forth to your car park.You need to get tour guide. Kuya Charlie is our tour guide, his tour guide fee is only P500. He helps us all the way from safety, to our bags and to our way to the tangadan falls.
The road was very very steeper than baguio and baler. After 15-20 minutes jeepney ride. 15 minutes more for walking and hiking to reach the Tangadan Falls. You need to bring more water and foods. You can rest wherever you want coz it's really tiring. You will see the green nature, the trees and the bird singing. When we're almost there, we rest ourselves and our feet. My cousins rent a life vest coz the falls is 20-30 ft. it costs 50 unlimited time. I don't rent a life vest coz I float. The Tangadan Falls was really beautiful and so majestic. The water is very very cold. There are so many rocks but don't go to the dangerous zone in the right way. There are signs not to enter that point.
Overall going to Tangadan falls is semi hard but when you're there it's very worth it. I want to go back soon, maybe next year again!

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Cherilyn I.
5.0 Stars

closer to nature! this place will give you the chills and thrills you want! from the cold water and the activity, your trekking hours will never be boring 128076🏻128076🏻 #littleadventure

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Marvel T.
5.0 Stars

Tangadan Falls is part of our itinerary DIY Tour in La Union.
I think this is the best and popular falls in La Union.
For the first timers you need a guide; 200php
Recommending Mr. Jeboy, very friendly you won't get bored, part time photog too!

There are 3 activities you can do here:
1. Trekking going to the Falls (obviously)
2/9 difficulty - nothing you can't manage to trek
2 routes: 2 hour route and the 40minute route

2. Along the way you will stumble to a place worthy for cliff diving (free) 8ft and the 15 ft.
50php fee for life vest for anyone who is not good at swimming

3. Bath in the falls
250php/hour for the Raft
50php for the lifevest
30php entrance/environmental fee

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Jill B.
5.0 Stars

This is a super late review.

We went to La Union last November 2016. We're a group of 8-10 pax if I'm not mistaken. One of our itinerary is to go to Tangadan Falls which is located in San Gabriel, La Union.

There are 2 ways to get there.
1st - 2 hours trek.
2nd - Jeepney ride plus 25mins trek

Of course, since we only have the weekend to enjoy La Union, we opt to take the jeepney ride plus 25 mins trek. (Less transit time, more time to enjoy the falls)

Here's the breakdown of expenses;
Jeep - 1k
Tour guide - 1k
Life vests - 50
There's a fee you pay as an environmetal fee I think that is not more than 50 pesos naman.

* there's a balsa that you can rent for 250/hr I think but since were on a budget, we did not try it 128514

We arrived there at 8am. Yea! Haha! Too early but the advantage is that the falls is all ours!! We were the first tourists to arrive at the falls. Current was slightly heavy(?) I feel like I'm being eaten up by the falls haha! So I just stayed at the side. Rocks were of course, slippery so we have to be extra careful.

There's also a portion of the falls where visitors are prohibited cause there are falling rocks.

Overall, since its my 1st time to swim in a falls, I really enjoyed this trip to Tangadan Falls.

What to bring;
1. Aqua shoes / Sandugo Sandals
2. Water (Trek & swimming was so tiring)
3. Towel.

I recommend you to go on a side trip to Tangadan Falls when going to La Union! 128077🏻

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Mc S.
5.0 Stars

Tangadan Falls

One of the best places in La Union is Tangadan Falls. It is an Hour and Half travel from the town proper. Before reaching the Falls you would experience an hour Trekking so dont forget to bring water to rehydrate. And wear your most comfortable shoes. Bring your own toiletries. Parking is available before the trek.


Uno de los mejores lugares de la Unión es Tangadan Falls. Es una hora y media de viaje de la ciudad apropiada. Antes de llegar a las cataratas se experimenta una hora trekking así que no olvides traer agua para hidratar. Y Ponte los zapatos más cómodos. Traiga sus propios artículos. El estacionamiento está disponible antes de la caminata.

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Edison A.
4.0 Stars

Breathtaking... this, my friends is San Gabriel La Union's Tangadan Falls. (The largest I've seen so far).
We always think of Surfing when we hear La Union but you cant miss this majestic falls when visiting the place.

It's normally an hour trek from the main roads but lucky us, 2 thunderstorms are passing by when we went there. It took us more than 2 hours to reach the falls, we had to change routes multiple times because of the rain - slippery trails, strong river currents, etc.. We crossed the river twice with a single rope (and each other) to hold on to, the water can be very treacherous during the rainy season.


Wear proper hiking clothes - we encountered a lot of ants and mosquitoes. (+sunblock +insect repellant)

Wear sandals or hiking shoes - no no to your flip flops, it will stick like glue on the mud.

Bring biscuits and water - we were dehydrated and starved #instadiet

Rent a lifevest! Do not underestimate the current of this falls, it has taken lives before. (unless youre michael phelps or aquaman)

Never leave a buddy behind.

Take lots of pics

Zen yourself



Enjoy nature.


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Cristina D.
5.0 Stars

We've been to this amazing nature basing from the blogs. We are thankful for the information because we are able to follow the right direction. The following considerations is a must when you are planning to go there:
a. As you get to San Gabriel- be sure to register in the Tourism Office for you to have safe hiking because they will assigned a trained tour guide for you/ your group. ( If its first time its a must, for your safety.)
b. The tour guide is really a blessing for our group because we were well assisted (back-and-forth) and even in swimming, it seems that the group has own lifeguard. I recommend Kuya Freddie Sarmiento, you can ask him in the office. He also gave his mobile number for more inquiries-09959885951- p.s- He is a certified tour guide in San Gabriel, ask for his ID for verification.
c. You should change to your swimming suit as you arrive in the drop-off. Wear a nice flip flop as well. Bring plastic bags for bag protection and other stuffs.
d. Travel light as much as possible. It will be worth-it as you reach the Falls despite of long walk/hike or crossing-rivers.
e. As you get there, enjoy and feel the love of God by His given nature! :)

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Zai M.
5.0 Stars

Besides waves, sand and surfboards, the province of La Union has so much more to offer. It is also a foodie heaven, an adventure spot and it has a hidden falls that is worth visiting. 128512

As I have mentioned in one of my previous posts, my friends and I went to La Union to volunteer for Team Surf (a one day event for special kids). Two days before the event, we already went to Elyu so that we have more time to explore, surf and chill. Our first agenda on our first day was to visit the falls. We were not able to do this last year since we lacked time. We rode a tricycle from Ili Sur, San Juan going to San Gabriel. The ride was approximately 20-30 minutes and the four of us paid 200 pesos each. The tricycle driver knew a local, Kuya Jericho, l who became our tour guide going to the falls. He charged us 150 pesos each.

From the trike’s drop-off point, we went on a 1hr hike going to the falls. I commend our tour guide, Kuya Jericho. He was very informative and was telling jokes that made the hike more bearable 128517. Since all of us are girls, he helped us in going up on some parts of the hike. We went through rice fields, mini rivers and other rocky areas along the trail. Before reaching the falls, we stopped by a cliff diving area. Kuya told us that there are 3 diving spots (5ft, 10ft and 15ft). There is a mini sari-sari store near the cliff which also offered life vest rental (Php 20). I was afraid and I have never cliff-dived before. But since I was already there and all of my friends were ready to try, I also jumped. Talk about peer pressure! Lol. Thanks to the pressure because I enjoyed it and went for another jump from the 10ft cliff. :)) 128513 After jumping, taking pictures and re-applying sun block, we continued our hike.

When we finally reached the falls, we rented a bamboo raft so we can experience the water therapy thing that they recommended. We paid 150 (as a group) for the raft. The falls was beautiful! It was worth the sweat. The water therapy was a very nice experience! It was a free and all-natural massage from nature. Very therapeutic! We stayed under the falls for a while. After that, we took our snacks at the nearby sari-sari store and had another 1 hour hike going back.

Some tips:
1. Wear sturdy shoes. I wore aqua shoes and had no regrets
2. Bring water!! There are some stores along the trail but it’s better to have your own.
3. Sun-block. Super jinet, this is a must!
4. Don’t mind the long trek, the view at the end is worth it

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Nicole S.
5.0 Stars

I hate climbing mountains but I really love falls!

This place was 1 hour away by car from San Juan La Union.

There are two ways to get to the falls a 2 Hour trek or a 1 hour car ride + 20 min trek, of course we opted for the 20 min trek.

When you get to the parking area there is a little house where you can ask for a tour guide, there is no fixed rate and you pay him as you please from there you will pass through trees, fields, and pretty steep steps to get to falls.

There are 2 layers to the falls both of where you can jump off into the water. You can also rent a raft at P150 to take photos in the middle of the water. For people who cannot swim you may also rent life jackets P20 if I recall correctly.

Definitely try to visit it when you are in the area!

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Josette P.
5.0 Stars

Tangadan Falls is definitely one of the places one must visit when in La Union. It is located the next town after San Juan which is San Gabriel. The trek is around an hour to an hour and half depending on your pace. The trek is a series of rocky climbs, stream crossing and some steep ups and downs. It an be pretty dusty right now and for sure muddy on rainy season. Thirty minutes before reaching the falls you'll encounter the cliff area. The cliff area is where people can jump and jump all they want. One can choose to jump either from 5, 10 or 20ft. You can choose to rent a life vest at 50php. Your guide will assist you all the way. It will amaze you how the rock formations are in that area. The rocks are slanted, and of different forms. It is really an amazing work of nature. There are lots of sari-sari store around the area too and it's not really pricey compare to the other mountains or falls that is commonly trek by people. The halo-halo and ice candy are really good beat-that-summer-heat food. Ice candy is just Php 8 while the halo-halo is Php 20. The falls is majestic. We rode this balsa and paid Php 200 for it since we're 8, that is considerably cheap. Right beneath the falls will give you the ultimate experience. No need to jump, dive or anything. Just stay there, enjoy the cold water that will give you a nice water therapy massage. It sure feels good! Really great actually! You have to experience it. We were there for like 30-45 minutes and it was really fun. We had to trek back for another hour back to where we start.

Our guide is Kuya Jericho and he is the best you could dare to ask. He's funny, kind, and he has probably anything you might need. He has with him a first aid kit, and he even has tools to fix your slippers in case it broke down which happened to me. Thank God he's with us or else I probably bought another pair. He even helped me when I slipped accidentally and I almost fell down from a cliff. Imagine the rush from that. His number is, (0930) 184 9976. Had his permission to post his number. He's quite a good photographer too. So yeah, highly recommended!!

Breakdown of expense:
Php 300 per person for tricycle to San Gabriel (start point of trek - back and forth)
Php 75 per person tip to Kuya Jericho (our own initiative cause he's such a big help to us)
Php 25 per person for the balsa rental

Be sure to check this place when in La Union!

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Luisa E.
4.0 Stars

It was so nice here, a bit crowded but manageable. It's really deep and the water's nice and cool to be dipped in the really hot weather.

There are little bamboo hut stations for rent and floaters because it can be very exhausting to swim in due to the falls strong current.

Our jeep fr. San Juan to San Gabriel cost php10 but the jeep going back was php15. I think we were charged wrong the in the 1st trip.
Tricycle to the motor ride php30
Our motorcycle ride cost 300 back and forth and he also lead us to the falls.

It's so fun to ride the motorcycle in the province!
Pic -- © Patsy C

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Patsy C.
4.0 Stars

I have finally returned to Tangadan after almost 2 years.

Though I must admit, it was a challenge to commute here. From San Juan, we took a jeep to San Gabriel, this took about 20 mins and got off near the San Gabriel jeep terminal.

From there we asked a trike driver to take us to the start of the trail to Tangadan, instead he brought us to the terminal where the motor taxis were. He recommend that we take those instead to get to the easier trail.

We took his advice and Luisa E and I got on the motor. It was our first time to do habal habal, kaya adventure. Haha. Anyway the trip on the motor took about 20 mins.

Thankfully the driver was nice enough to be our guide to the falls. The trek only took 15 mins.

Tangadan is a far cry from when I last went here. There are now kubos you can rent out and well, now it is more accessible to the public.

The local tourism government doesn't charge anu environmental fee, so all you have to do is register.

Tangadan still looks so beautiful, I just hope that it continues to be taken care off.

How much did the transpo cost? (Per person)
Jeep to San Gabriel and back to San Juan- P15
Motor taxi-P200

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Roy T.
5.0 Stars

Our trip and experience at Tangadan falls is definitely one of the highlights of our short vacation in San Juan, La Union last October. 128077🏻

La Union is famous for its waves, thus many surfers and surfer wannabes, like us, come to visit the place for the experience. Because of this, many miss experiencing the so called La Union's best-kept-secret, the majestic view in Tangadan Falls.

The falls is around ~45 minutes jeepney ride and approximately an hour trek from the drop off point. You can choose to bring your car and leave it at that point. We got our guides from our hotel and paid 400 pesos for the whole tour package.

It was one fun adventure! You'll have to do some trekking, cross a river that has strong current, walk through ~2 meter wooden planks to cross the gap in a dam, balance your way through narrow passages well enough not to fall to the rocky river with fast current 128563128517, step your way through some muddy ground careful not to step on animal dung 128514, squeeze through twigs, branches, and bamboos to get to the other side of the forest, etc. they were all challenging but we enjoyed it (unlike our Daraitan experience haha!) halfway through the trek, you may do cliff diving at either 20 feet or 10 feet elevation. Sad we were not able to do so since we lacked time.

Just when our feet started to feel sore, we arrived and got awestruck by the beauty of Tangadan Falls!! 128557128525 it was discovered just late last year and not much tourist have been there since more spend all their time to surfing. It's a loss if you're in San Juan and you didn't visit this place!

When at the falls, after all the picture taking, you can rent a 'balsa' or bamboo boat to go near the falls. Some of my friends tried staying at the foot of the falls to feel the pressure from the water dropping straight on them. You can also dip your body on the clear, clean, cool water as long as you hold on the balsa because you may get carried by the current to far away places 🤐🤐

Our swimming (or water dipping) got cut short because we were running out of time. It was sun down already so we had to hurry. We started a bit late.. So we had to bid the view goodbye and started our trek back to the drop-off point.

And yes, inabot kami ng dilim. Something we never expected and added challenge to out trip times 100! 128555128514128514 to make the long story short, we took time, used teamwork to share lights from our phones (around 4 ONLY), and eventually reached our destination. whew! 128517128517

What a memorable experience with friends!!

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Ron M.
5.0 Stars

If you simply look at the photo you would just appreciate this for its picturesque view, taking a photo is effortless, getting there was ultimate challenge.

We travelled to La Union from 12mn til 6am, given a sleepless travel we still went straight to where the initial start of our hike together with some of the locals here, it took us two hours of exhaustion, pain, and fear, but despite all odds we were able to reach our destination and upon seeing the falls bad vibes were suddenly drained from us, this really made our trip a memorable one


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Angel S.
5.0 Stars

Instead of going to Pugad Adventure we ended up in the best-kept secret of La Union the "Tangadan Falls" in San Gabriel–a 30 minute ride plus an hour’s hike (from San Juan). Before heading to the mother falls, you can stop for a while into their cliff diving spot. You are "brave enough" to take the challenge.

Tangadan Falls is a majestic and unquestionably unvarnished by Mankind. Now I can say that La Union is definitely more than just a surfing spot.

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Jomar L.
4.0 Stars

The trek is about 2 hours. It was my first falls that i've visited in La Union. The view was nice and beautiful. The downside is that the place is starting to get crowded,due to mismanagement of the area. Hopefully I'll check it again early next year!! 128536

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