Tap Station

G/F, Forbestown Rd., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila

Tap Station
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Julie L.
3.0 Stars

After Chotto Matte, we moved here. Food and drinks were affordable but quite limited.

We ordered a bottle of wine (Php900) then platter of cheese (around Php600 plus). Only a few number of chairs and some areas were a bit warm due to poor ventilation.

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Foodie F.
4.0 Stars

We got no. 17. Because no. 21, 20, 19 and 18 (we asked in that order) had run out. Parang sa pag-ibig. Kung wala talaga, eh di move on to the next. Di kailangan magmukmok. Basta nasa puso mo si Christ, you'll be fine. Sobrang masaya naman kami sa napili namin. Pilit na #hugot. 128518

Since they only offer beer (they don't hand out menus, you choose from the huge blackboard at the bar), you have to order food next door. We had truffle pasta and pepperoni pizza from Frank and Dean. #frankanddean

The place is cozy and has an urban bistro feel (distressed wood panels, polished cement flooring, unconcealed piping). Don't expect to get drunk though, unless you bring lots of cash. Bring friends and stories, instead. #maibalang

On the beer: Wow, hirap naman ng tanong. Pwede bang "masarap" na lang sagot ko? Hahaha. I'm not a beer person. Pwedeng ramen na lang? Hahaha. Pero sige. Of course, it's not watery like San Mig but it's not too heavy on the palate either. It's quite sweet, to be honest. Not sweet in a pinoy kind of way like softdrinks. It's like burnt caramel at first sip and it becomes malty in your mouth. When left at room temperature, the sweetness softens but the bitter taste is still agreeable as compared to warm red horse. Toasty, I guess is also a good word to describe it. So there's no issue if you are penniless and you can buy only one mug and you sip through it for an entire hour. That's what i did. Haha. Sorry for the San Mig and Red Horse references. Next time I try imported beers, I'll take notes so I'll have more sosyal references. A friend told me there's a branch in Malate. And they're selling everything at half the price! Pag pupunta ka, text mo ako para masubukan natin yung iba. 128518

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Tei A.
3.0 Stars

So many beers to choose from! They have a happy hour promo (less 50).

Limited bar chow/appetizers, though -✖️

Friendly service - ✔️

Non-airconditioned (can be hot and malamok) - ✖️

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Came here after the Chotto Matte/Izakaya Sensu dinner, and only the hardy ones remained. This was also the night we initiated the newest member of our Alcoholics Anonymous group :D

Because we wanted to try as many varieties as possible, we got the sampler. At less than 300 bucks for 6 small glasses, it's not bad at all if you just wanted to try things out. Then when you find a brew you like, you can stick to it forever. I think I liked the Christina R. 's pick of Kreik Fruit Ale (#7) then my own pick of Heverlee (#10). The others were going into darker brews that Dennis O. preferred :D

This place fills up on Fridays. Good thing we were there on a Monday. Hahaha.

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Paolo S.
5.0 Stars

Heads up, this is probably going to be a sucky and not-so-helpful review. So just take my high level recommendation for what it is, and that this place is awesome. Just take my word for it. 128517

I had 2 rounds of #14 (buy 1 take 1) and got a good buzz from that. Then had a round of something else, i forgot. And finished off with a beer flight consisting of #'s 1, 6, 7, 15, 23, 25. And the only reason i know this is because i took pictures 128540 I, for the life of me, frustratingly can't remember which number was for which glass in the picture i posted... nor the exact taste of each brew. I seriously need to step my cicerone game up 128549 Considering there were other beers on our table as well, it was all just a hazy mess of really good beer. Now that i can attest to. 128521

Craft ales on tap with each brew having a distinct taste and even alcohol content from the other. I do remember the red one had a punch like fruity aftertaste that i found cool. The dark, heavy, and malty one's seemed like variations of my favorite cerveza negra! But at the end of the day, parang halo halo lang lahat yan sa tiyan. Halo halo na beer! Different hues, aftertastes, volumes, depths... but all equally satisfying.

Great crowd, great vibe, even better beer. Always loved the tap brewery concept. BGC's got another gem in this one. 128077

P.S. you can cross-order from Frank and Dean. I think they're under the same management. That's where we got out 5 cheese pizza from. And yeah, the pizza was awesome too~

Pizza and beer ftw! 127829127866

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

Friday after shift would always mean drinking session with my teammates.

It feels so good to be back here. This time, I ordered #21 Weihenstephaner 7.7%. This is really my favorite aside from #19. Others ordered #11 and the fruity #7.

Servers were really very attentive and helpful. They guided my officemates on what beer to try depending on their taste.

I still haven't tried their food, though. 128584

P.S. They still allow bringing outside food. Cool stuff. And did I mention they don't charge service fee? 128541

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

And the initiation to the alcoholic anonymous continues. I just tapped out. Lol.

6pm until 9pm is the happy hour for tap station and Christina wailed and told us if only we left sensu a little bit earlier. Haha. AAs here in the BGC area should try these--25 different crafted beers some are hard to pronounce as some were really german names-- kemberloo.

128204 Beer flight @295
Here is for the curious and gusto makarami. If you wanna taste as much as you want in one order. Try this. I went for #19-wheihenstephaner bavarian wheat 5.9% is a considerable wheaty taste. Blonde ale. Not so liking it.
I LOVE AA's VP Christina R order of #7-kreik fruit ale by belale brewery 3%. --galing pumili!
AA's president Dennis O got a marijuana based hops #15-häkan hard smoked malt rauch bier by craft revolt 5.5% that tastes like processed meat--bagay sa meat -- it's a kinda dark ale.
Also, the tomador finished #21-Wheihenstephaner vitus single-bock 7.7%-- the strongest of them all--tastes so wheaty too!
Kristin A got a safe #10-Heverlee whitte belgian wheat 4.8% and our baby AA Elaine O #2-Punk IPA brewdog 5.6%.

A lot more to try but not for me.
Maybe a spoonful would do lol.

Could only accommodate around 25-30 pax. Servers are sooo friendly they even drink with lonely customers (like one foreigner i saw them doing shots)

No CR, but with WIFI and flatscreen TV for libangan. It got some loud foreigner customers too. Mapapagaya ko sakanila. Ambience is a chill bar, lighter than tipsy pig's ambience. 128539

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Dennis O.
5.0 Stars

3rd stop last night was Tap Station. A beer haven for people like me who love trying different variety of craft beer. The place got 25 tap stations displayed just behind the bar. You get to choose which poison you would want. For us we try out their Beer Flight which is like a beer sampler. 6 small glasses of your choice for just 295. Not bad! They also got a happy hour from Mon-Thurs 6pm-9pm. Cheers!128522128077

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Ian P.
4.0 Stars

Great selection of beers! My kind of place for hop heads! Cheers!

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Inna A.
4.0 Stars

They havs 25 beers on tap, which is awesome. 128525

Of course I ordered the wheat beer; and Chimay, you can never go wrong with Chimay, red or blue.

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Norman Lester T.
5.0 Stars

I used to see this hangout place every time I go to gym in Anytime Fitness in BGC but I haven't had the chance to try this out. Well, not until last Saturday.

My officemates and I were really planning to stay at Tipsy Pig as we're craving for their nachos and salted caramel beer but the place was full. So we decided to try the nearby beer place - Tap Station. Pretty nice ambiance!

We were welcomed by their huge selection of craft beers. They actually have 25 on the list. I wanted to try everything first before I order 1 glass. 128514 So I ended up ordering their beer sampler. It costs 295php for 6 beers served in small cute glasses.

What I included in the beer sampler:

4. Manila Hipster, fruit ale, 4.8%
6. Black Bitch, stout, 4.8%
15. Haikan Hard, smoked malt rauched bier, 5.5%
19. Weihenstephaner, bavarian wheat, 5.4%
21. Weihenstephaner, vitus single-bock, 7.7%
25. Smoothie, IPA, 4.8%

Out of these, I loved 19 and 21. All others are either too sweet or too bitter. I decided to have one glass of (19) Weihenstephaner. Pretty good taste. For me, it can be compared to Hoegaarden. My colleague ordered (21).

I would really like to order their pica-pica but the staff said their kitchen closes at 12am. Too bad. But the good thing is, *drum roll*, they allow bringing outside food! The staff even advised us that we can buy food from the nearby Frank and Dean. But since we were really craving for nachos, we bought Tipsy Pig's Dirty Mexicana (490php) instead. Yes, we ate it at Tap Station! Ain't that cool? 128541

The service was superb. That factor made this review 5 stars. Very friendly staff. They even gave us plates for us to eat our nachos properly. 128541 I wanted to try more of their beers so I asked the staff if they can let us try in small shot glass-type before ordering our second glass. Fortunately, they said yes! I've tasted:

5. Wild Ride, pale ale, 4.0%
10. Hever Lee, witte, 4.8%
17. Leffe Brune, dark ale, 6.5%

My colleagues decided to have another 1 glass each of (10) and (17).

Enough of alcohol, let's go to the interiors. It's relatively small compared to Tipsy Pig and Frank and Dean. It has a "hole in the wall" vibe, artsy, and open air. Yup! No aircon. But I guess, it contributed to the rustic vibe of the bar.

P.S. They have cheese platter! Five different types of cheese. The price is 595php, if I remember it right.

P.S.S. I find it cute that you can choose where to put your beer. They have 4 glass choices: A, B, C, D. Me? I prefer A (last picture) and the classic beer mug D.

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