Taqueria Seta

4988 P. Guanzon St., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Taqueria Seta
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Anj C.
4.0 Stars

Taqueria Seta is a Mexican restaurant/bar in Poblacion, Makati. This is a great spot if you’re into booze with some Mexican pika-pika. Their pride is that they have the freshest spices such as dried habaneros, ancho chili, wagiyo etc.

Nachos (Php350) – This was huge plate of Nachos. I think this is good for 8-10 people.

Dynamite Sticks (Php250) – I liked that this wasn’t so spicy at all. I was able to munch it enjoyable along with the cheese in it.

Pollo Asado Skewers (Php230) – Tender and moist chicken. You can already tell that there’s so much going on with the flavors just by its smell. You can never go wrong with this one.

Elotes (Php190) – This was heavenly. The buttered corns were more appetizing when dipped with the aioli sauce.

Pork Belly Lechon Tacos (Php130) – It was really good. The Lechon was so good along with the onions, and avocado on top. The downside was that the Taco chips tends to soften as the oil from the Lechon drips. So, make sure to eat it while as soon as it lands on your table.

For drinks, there’s so many to choose from. There’s beers, cocktails and wine. They were all perfect with the food.

The vibe is casual. Very homey as if you’re in your friends’ house. Music is great, too. There’s a DJ so you can be sure that the music is well curated for your mood. Overall, I had so much time here in Taqueria Seta. Make sure to drop by, too!

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Fael E.
1.0 Stars

After seeing the hype from zomato user reviews, my girlfriend and I decided to come in for some much needed taco based decompression. We left more stressed than when we came in.

We braved the rain and traffic of friday nights in Makati, just barely squeezed the car into a parking space in-between a tricycle and a heap of piled rubble from construction and finally got to Tacqueria Seta. The entirety of Poblacion was buzzing but at Seta, two tables seated two separate couples who silently sipped their drinks while 80's favorites blasted obnoxiously loud on the speakers.

We seated ourselves and waited to be served. When it became clear to me that no one was going to approach us with a menu, I took it upon myself to grab one that had been casually dropped on a nearby empty table. Food was pricey, but maybe it would be good with legit ingredients and craftsmanship. thats what we pay for after all isnt it?

We ordered two tacos apiece and my girlfriend ordered a drink. Tequilla Blanco with lime, tabasco, something something. We gleefully watched the bartender mix her drink, but were confused when the waiter brought her something brown and milky with cinnamon on top. Before she sipped we informed him that this was not the drink she had ordered, but he insisted that it was. I looked over to her and told her to just order the drink she wanted originally, but she just let it go. Kind of her, i think.

Then the tacos came and what started as a slight disappointment with the drink turned into serious dissatisfaction with the food as well. I ordered the Tuna, and the Carnitas. She ordered the Suadero (beef slices) and the lechon. To begin with, the taco shells were hard and crusty like day old bread and to our chagrin were not corn tortillas as shown in all the photos. All the tacos were flavored very similarly to one another despite having wildly differing descriptions, which felt very lazy. Also, throwing half a spoon of avocado onto a taco does not magically make it California cuisine and therefore amazing. Little to no thought was given to the herbs used in these tacos. Ever hear of silantro?

The tuna taco tasted like the fish was a week old and left to sit in vinegar to hide that fact. I had hoped for refreshing but instead got day old rag fish. This really set me off.

The meat in the carnitas wasnt bad, but tasted suspiciously similar to the lechon taco.

The lechon taco claimed to have roasted pineapple but the taste was so slight that it might as well have not been there.

The suadero (beef) tasted like generic taco whatever. So unremarkable I cannot even bring myself to comment on it.

To top it all off they presented us with the bill that was handwritten on a scrap of paper, with no receipt given after we paid. Does the BIR have an accurate reporting of your sales figures? They'll never know and neither will we.

To summarize:

1. Poor service despite being near empty on a Friday night.

2. The waiter got our drink wrong but insisted that we were mistaken in our order.

3. Tacos were pricey, small, and not good. Crusty kunat day old shells. All flavors tasted very similar.

4. No receipt given, therefore no proof that the taxes you pay are being remitted to the government.

To top it all off, I left a comment on their instagram page relaying our experience. 6 hours later it was deleted. That tells me these guys have stopped caring about what we have to say. They dont want to fix their mistakes or even acknowledge them. That alone is reason enough to stay away.

In my experience, the photos and positive reviews lied. I dont.

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Jacexperience V.
4.0 Stars

Once inside, you will be transported to the summer afternoon vibes of Mexico.


Taqueria has two floors, ground floor would be the al fresco and the second floor is the air-conditioned area. I wasn't able to go to the second floor to at least check out the ambience, but like what I said above, you will be transported to the summer afternoon vibes of Mexico. It will remind you of the movie "Coco" with the murals in different parts of Taqueria.

🍽 FOOD & 127865DRINKS: What caught the attention of my tongue:

1. Dynamite Sticks (P250) - very tasty and the mozzarella cheese's taste is amplified by the slight kick of spiciness. :D

2. Nacho's (P350) - It is served in a long wooden container. It wouldn't even fit the screen for my normal instagram post and even for my stories. Haha!!! :D Ubos agad pagkalapag palang. 

3. Lechon (P130) - I enjoyed the lechon tacos!!! :D

128134‍♂️ SERVICE:

Staff were friendly and courteous.


This one I didn't get to check though. Sorry.

127759 OVERALL:

If you are looking for authentic Mexican spicy ingredients used in their food, definitely, this is a must place for you. :)

Youtube: Jacexperience
FB: @jacexperience
IG: @jacexperience

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Jam B.
5.0 Stars

Taqueria Seta
4988 P. Guanzon St., Barangay Poblacion Makati

Operating Hours
Mon-Tue: 5pm-11pm
Wed-Sat: 5pm-1am
Sunday: Closed

128222 (02) 851 7365
9993️ tacqueriaseta@gmail.com
127760 http://www.tacqueriaseta.com

Last night, I was able to witness the awesomeness of Tacqueria Seta! Indeed, I had a wonderful dining experience! 128522128074🏻

Ambience: 1108811088110881108811088
The ambience made me feel like I’m in Mexico! Murals were all over the place which gave a big impact! They played Mexican upbeat music to add a kick to its ambience.

Service: 1108811088110881108811088
People were friendly and was able to give everything we needed despite of the busy operations. Servers were smiling!

Food: 1108811088110881108811088
The food was very authentic! What makes their food different from the others is that they made use of actual mexican chilis & peppers. All sauces were made from scratch! What we had were the ff:

1. Nachos: P350
A really huge serving good for 6-8 people. All ingredients were made from scratch. Added in there were meat and spices, topped with cheese!

2. Dynamite Sticks: P250
The jalapeno crema and mozzarella sticks went really well together! You do not need any dipping here anymore! It’s good as is!

3. Pollo Asado Skewers: P230
Meat was juicy and tender. It had so many flavors, but not overwhelming. It was very friendly. It had pineapple glaze on it.

4. Elotes: P190
Grilled sweet corn cob with lime and cilantro. It was very good!

5. Pork Belly Lechon Taco: P130
It was very good! Highlight of the night! The sweet and crispy pork belly complemented very well with the rest of the ingredients!

Overall, I had a great night! Don’t forget to pair all your dishes with a beer/cocktail to complete your Tacqueria Seta experience! Will defenitely come back!

Thank you! 12852210084

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Gene G.
4.0 Stars

I was invited to a last minute looloo rendezvoos in Taqueria Seta. Located at Poblacion, it’s a Mexican restaurant owned by no other than, Chef Ian P. You read it right. He’s the man behind Common Table located at Salcedo Village, Makati.
The restaurant was born last December 2017. Seta means “mushroom” and they actually use a lot of mushrooms in their food. They aim to make good and affordable food.

The interiors of the place really has a touch of Mexican feel to it. There were colourful mural arts surrounding the restaurant and hanging lights which created this fiesta feels to it.

Now, on to the food. Since this is a Mexican restaurant, expect their dishes to have different levels of spiciness! What makes Taqueria Seta different from other Mexican joints is that they officially get their chilis straight from Mexico. They make sure that they incorporate different kinds of chilies to complement the kinds of dishes they will cook.

So, here are the ff. foods that were served to us:

* Nachos (350php) - this is their classic Nachos and it kind of has the same ingredients like the one in Common Table. Since Common Table consists of 5 cheeses, Taqueria has 3 different kinds of cheeses (cheddar, mozzarella and aged cheddar). I was expecting this to be your regular nachos since I’m usually used to nachos not being spicy. But oh boy! This sure is a kicker!
* Soft Tacos - they served us 5 different kinds of tacos which were Cabeza de Credo (Sisig - 110php), Carnitas (110php), Lechon (130php), Tripita (Tripe - 120php), and Lengua (130php). Each of us had their own share of tacos. I was able to get the Tripe and one juicy fact! This is Chef Ian’s favourite soft taco.
* Chicken Skewers - this has got to be EVERYONE’S favourite dish that night. It’s a MUST to order this one when you get the chance to visit Taqueria Seta. I don’t want to spoil anything. Better try it out for yourself :D
* Pollo Frito Pecante (470php) - Next to the Chicken Skewers is this dish. It’s their version of Buffalo Wings. A lot of ingredients were placed in this dish ( I remember this having beer, tomato, garlic and chilies to it). I was expecting this dish to be spicy but thank goodness, it wasn’t.
* Arroz Credo (300php) - This is what you call their Mexican Rice Bowl. The proper way to eat this dish is by mixing the runny egg and other ingredients through breaking the “bowl”. This is my 3rd favourite!
* Last order I’ve tried is what they call “Taco Ng Ina Mo”. Love the play word haha! It’s their version of deep fried burrito and I found this to be quite alright.
* For drinks, I was able to try their Tequila Sunrise. As usual, it was really good. It had its right mix to it.

Thank you Peanut D. for the last minute invite! <3 Thank you Chef for the warm accommodation in your restaurant. Truly can't wait to go back and have another round of your Skewers hihi.

It was nice to see you all, EJ B. and Clarissa P. ! It was great to finally meet you, Pat D. <3

Can't wait for the next looloo rendezvoos!!!

Flatlay : EJ B

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Clarissa P.
4.0 Stars

Poblacion is one of the popular Food Society Food Tour destinations because of it's hole in the wall restaurants, waiting to be discovered. It's filled with non-assuming places that will leave you wanting to go back, again and again.

One of the popular themes of resto-bars here is Latin American, mostly Mexican. The colorful culture, the chill ambiance, the familiar food - best recipe for a feel good and comforting after work hang-out place. In each street, there's no doubt that you will find a Mexican resto-bar and in one of the less visited areas of Poblacion, you'll find Taquetia Seta...

Cross the street from A.Venue Mall, look for Guanzon St. The street is dark but don't be afraid to walk down the path until you see Crying Tiger. Just beside this popular Poblacion destination is Taqueria Seta. Easy to miss? Yes! But once you discover it, you'll be hooked.

Set in a used to be boarding house, I would say that they did a great job transforming the space! Open air first floor with a bar area, walls turned into canvass for paintings reflecting the colorful culture of Mexico! Fiesta, Cinco de Mayo, Dia De Los Muertos and a gorgeous mural by Koookoo Ramos depicting a beautiful Mexican Lady that will definitely capture your attention! They also have a second floor, if you prefer an enclosed air-conditioned area.

Now onto the food - you'll find your Mexican staples in their menu, developed by Common Table genius, Chef Ian. But what sets Taqueria Seta apart from all the other Taquerias out there?!? Their chilies game is strong! Importing different kinds of chilies from Mexico, Chef Ian explained that there is more to chilies than the spiciness that we know. Just like how coffee lovers enjoy the flavor profile of coffee beans, depending on where they were grown, how they were handled, etc, chilies also have this kind of depth. Some have a sweeter profile, some sour and others with distinct fruity flavors.

Taqueria Seta mixes and matches their chilies to arrive to a certain flavor that they would go well with a particular dish. The heat from the chilies is not up front. It's as if the heat is not there until a couple of seconds after chewing and enjoying your food, the heat develops! But what's good about it though is that you can still savor the flavors of each dish. Habanero, Pascilla, Jalapeño and Guajillo are some of the types that they use. You must be prepared to savor spicy food when you go here!

So what did we sample?

| Nachos for 350Php - this is their classic Nachos. Loaded with home made cheese sauce - with three kinds of cheeses: cheddar, mozzarella & aged cheddar , home made Chorizo, pico de gallo, avocado and jalapeño - this was one loaded and spicy nachos!

| Soft Tacos - they served 5 kinds which were their best sellers: Cabeza de Credo (Sisig for 110Php), Carnitas (110Php), Lechon (130Php), Tripita (Tripe for 120php) and Lengua (130Php).

Their soft taco shells are thicker than the usual that I've tried. I also noticed that they only have one soft taco per order unlike the usual two that you'll get in other Mexican restaurants. We were to choose one variant to try so I went for the Lengua. Braised tongue, cheese, avocado, pico de gallo and salsa verde - this one is good.

I didn't get to try all but Gene G had me try the Trapita which was really good! The meat was flavorful and the Salsa Roja gave this taco a kick of heat! I also liked the touch of acidity from the pickled relish. Pat D also had me try the Carnitas which was the spiciest of the three. The pork shreds had a goof flavor and the addition of chicharon gave it some texture.

| Chicken Skewers - my top 1 fave for the night, I would recommend that you try this when you visit. Chicken meat, they only use dark meat, marinated in tomatoes, garlic and beer - char grilled for added flavor. Drizzle generously with lime, and enjoy each tender and flavorful bite!

| Pollo Frito Picante for 470Php - Top 2 in my book - this is their version of Buffalo wings! Marinated in garlic, tomato, beer and a mix of Habanero and Pascilla chilies, coated with batter and deep fried. To finish this off, they topped the chicken pieces with a drizzling of white sauce, which had pineapple providing a good sweet profile to counter anything that's too salty, plus a red sauce with Jalapenos! Surprisingly not too spicy, I loved each crunchy flavorful bite!

| Arroz Credo for 300php - this is their Mexican Rice Bowl where you literally eat the bowl as well. Set in a crispy tortilla bowl, this dish has Mexican rice, avocado, Crema Mexicana, cilantro and lime topped with chopped pork belly, pickled red onions, salsa and a runny egg! To Enjoy this, you have to break the "bowl" and mix all the ingredients together! This way, you'll get a complete meal that explodes in flavors! The tasty and a little salty pork belly, the fresh tomatoes, some acidity from the pickled onions and some good egg porn from the runny egg. This was my 3rd favorite and I would urge you to try this too!

| Last thing that we tried was their deep fried burrito that they playfully call "Taco ng Ina Mo". I know right?!? So much creativity in this one! This was also the spiciest of them all, maybe because of the red sauce it was topped with. Literally a burrito that's been deep fried, I realized that I like my Burrito the classic way.

| For cocktails, I tried their Margarita. I would say that this one needs a little more boost of alcohol. I mean, I don't even like my cocktails with too much alcohol but this one was just lacking. Pat's Calle Guanzon was on the sweeter side and though that's something good, he said that it also needs some more alcohol kick.

Overall, I liked the food selection and the ambiance of this place. Their price points are also not bad at all. Definitely a place to check out when in Poblacion.

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Pat D.
5.0 Stars

Taqueria Seta just opened 3months ago and is definitely a must try restaurant in Poblacion.

Are you craving for mexican food? Loveeeee spicy food? Or looking for a place to hangout after a hard day’s work? Taqueria Seta is the place to go 128074🏻

Price 1108811088110881108811088
- Very affordable. You get quality food for the right price

Ambiance 1108811088110881108811088
- You’ll love the colorfull wall designs. It’s Hip, cool and artistic. The servers are really nice and they provide good service. 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻

Food 11088110881108811088110881108811088110881108811088️ (ang dami lang stars)

▶️Calle Guanzon- my sweet drink, one of their bestsellers

▶️Classic Nachos P350- 128293128293128293 not just your typical nachos. This one comes with queso, chorizo and JALAPENOS

▶️Grilled Chiken Skewers P200+ - my favorite! I can eat this all day.

▶️Pollo Frito Picante P470- another dish that I really liked. Habanero pineapple glaze is 10084

▶️Tacos Carnitas P110- 128293128293128293 love the flavors, a bit spicy for my taste

▶️ You should try their ricebowl and the famous “Taco ng Ina Mo”

I’ll be back and will tag my friends along 🤗 Thank you looloo and Peanut D 10084️ Another great and fun looloo rendezvoos

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5.0 Stars

I was invited for another Looloo Rendezvoos in Taqueria Seta located at Brgy. Poblacion Makati City. It’s a restaurant owned by Chef Ian Padilla, yes, he is the man behind the success of Common Table in Salcedo, Makati.

It is a 2-storey restaurant surrounded by beautiful and colorful murals with a touch of Mexican and Latin culture. The light colors are warm too which blend to the Mexican vibe of the place.

Taqueria Seta offers Mexican cuisines and most of their spices were import from abroad. We tried the following cocktails and dishes during our visit:


127864Mojito - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
127864Tequila Sunrise - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
127864Calle Guanzon - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

“I think the mojito was a little bit bland, maybe it would be better if they can add another shot of alcohol to the glass I am drinking. You can never go wrong with tequila sunrise, the mixture of the alcohol blends well with the other ingredients.”


🌮 Nachos for Php350.00 (Crunchy tortilla chips, smothered in cheese, meat and spices) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
“Surprisingly, it was spicy and totally good. Best paired with your favorite drink.”

🌮 Pollo Asado Skewer for Php230.00 (Guajillo Marinade, Grilled Lime) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“Absolutely our favorite dish in Taqueria Seta. The chicken skewer was perfectly grilled and seasoned. Served tender too.”

🌮 Tripita Taco for Php120.00 (Tripe, Avocado, Pickled Radish, Salsa Roja) - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5

🌮 Cabeza de Cerdo Taco for Php110.00 (Pork Sisig, Soy, Cabbage, Jalapena Crema, Quail Egg) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5

“Both tacos were good and flavorful. But I will choose the sisig eventhough it’s spicy ‘coz it’s tasty.”

🌮 Pollo Frito Picante for Php470.00 (Chicken Wings, Habanero - Pineapple Glaze, Crema Mexicano, Lime) - 1108811088110881108811088️ 5/5
“I like the crispiness of the chicken outside and tenderness inside. It was seasoned well. It has a mild spice.”

Other dishes served were the “Taco Ng Ina Mo”, it’s a fried buritto and it’s the spiciest of all the dishes we’ve tried. And Mexican Bowl was also good but you need to break the fried wrapper bowl and mixed with the egg, rice and other ingredients.

Overall, it was a fun night having dinner with my fellow Loolooers. The service went well with their courteous and kind staff. Definitely, I will be back again and bring my friends here.

Thank you Chef Ian Padilla for having us.

And thank you Peanut D for the invite.

Nice meeting you again guys Clarissa P, Pat D and Gene G.

#ilovetoeatph 12851510084

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Miri A.
5.0 Stars

A new Taqueria in Willamsburgos ! Went during soft opening and had their yummy street tacos , chili cheese sticks and loaded nachos - all super yummy!

P 499 ALL YOU CAN DRINK MOJITOS AND MARGS for HAPPY HOUR 5-8PM ! Me likey 128513128513128513

Nice Muraled interiors give you that Tex-Mex vibe.

Looking forward to coming back to try their expanded menu 128077🏽

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