Tarak Ridge

Alas-asin, Mariveles, Bataan

Tarak Ridge
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Roegan T.
5.0 Stars

It's been a while since I last hiked so I was really thrilled to know that my friends were down to hiking Mt. Tarak in Mariveles this past Sunday.

Based on what I've read, hikers usually spend the night here. But we still decided to do a dayhike since we all have to go to work the next day.

We left Genesis bus station in Cubao at around 3AM and arrived at Brgy. Alas-asin in Mariveles at around 6AM. We then went to the barangay hall and paid Php40 per person.

We hired a trail guide for Php800 for our group of 4 people. Kuya Obet, our guide, was only wearing rubber slippers. That's when we told ourselves that this guy's legit. Most guides don't even need fancy footwear since they hike the mountain almost every single day. They're used to it. 128514

The trail consists of loose soil, rock garden, and mostly clay. Good thing it didn't rain that day so most parts of the trail were dry. After hiking for 20-30 minutes, we reached Nanay Cording's turf. This is where we registered our names and donated money. 128516 They didn't require any specific amount.

We then hiked again for another 2 hours and finally reached Papaya River. Water here is drinkable so we had our water bladder and bottles refilled.

After having light snacks at the river, we continued the hike and finally reached Tarak Ridge after 2 hours. The view was awesome since it gives you a great view of Mariveles. Corregidor Island can be seen from the ridge as well. 128076

Right after we finished having lunch, we then did the assault to the summit which lasted for about 20-30 minutes. When we finally reached the summit, we were kind of disappointed since the view wasn't as nice as the other mountains.

But the view at Tarak Ridge made up for it. 128521

The descent was also kind of difficult since some parts of the trail were damp. All of us slipped at some point. But we all got up. Life will always bring us down. But we should be able to pick ourselves up and move on -- learn from our mistakes and try to improve ourselves. 128514

When we reached the river on our way down, we took a dip in the river for a couple of minutes to cool our bodies before another round of devasting, knee-busting descent.

After 4 hours of descending from the summit, we finally reached Nanay Cording's turf and logged out. We bought all of their turon because we were so hungry. 128514 I also got a bottle of fresh and pure honey from them (Php150). FYI it costs Php300+ at the supermarket! 128527

We then went to a house near the main highway. Finally had a shower and ate at a nearby eatery. 127831127859127858

Overall, it was a great climb! Awesome test of someone's fitness level as well. But will I go back? YES. But only if it's an overnight trip. 128584


03:00 Genesis Cubao Bus Station (departure)
06:00 Arrived ar Brgy. Alas-asin
06:30 Start of the climb
07:00 Arrived Nanay Cording's turf
09:00 Arrived at Papaya River
09:30 Assault to Tarak Ridge
11:00 Tarak Ridge lunch + photo taking
11:30 Assault to the summit
12:00 SUMMIT!
12:15 Descend to Papaya River
14:00 Papaya River swim + rest
14:30 Descend to Nanay Cording's turf
16:30 Nanay Cording turf
17:00 Descend to shower area / house (end of trek)


1. Bring at least 2L of water (you can have it refilled at Papaya River)

2. Pack light! If you're planning on doing a dayhike, make sure you carry less as it will strain your back in the long run.

3. Don't haggle! The popularity of the place as a hiking destination helped improved tourism in the area and has provided livelihood to the community. Just pay. 128521

4. Last trip of the buses going back to Manila is 6:30PM. You can either hop on a Genesis or Bataan transit.

5. Bus fare from Manila to Mariveles = Php267

6. Bus fare from Mariveles to Manila = Php267

7. Shower fee = Php20

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John S.
4.0 Stars

A favorite major climb destination of mountaineers, trail begins with a gradual ascent on paved roads to wide dirt trails, light and easy. Progressive upward slopes and narrow forest paths, from Papaya river the trail steepens which would probably rough up tour legs first. Next the incline turns into a semi-vertical ascent which would now require a hand support. Reaching the grassland section is almost a relief but the loose dirt makes this part slightly difficult.

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Agatha S.
5.0 Stars

I fell in love with this mountain. Everything from the jump off point to the peak is just lovely - the trees along the trail; the tree branches that hug each other; the river, the birds, the heavy winds and their sound during a quiet night; the skeleton trees at the peak; and the view of a golden sunrise at the ridge... Ahhh 10084

This is not an easy hike but every detail of this mountain made it all worth it.

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

Been here many times together with my friends. Tarak is consider as a major climb by Pinoy Mountaineer. One needs go to the Brgy. Hall and pay 40.00 pesos registration fee. There are plenty of stores here for last minute buying.. make sure to buy all you need. Getting a host is not required because the trail is well- established. I also suggest not to bring plenty of water so that your bag is not that heavy because there's a lot of trekking involved. The first part of the adventure is to walk from the highway to nanay's house. Once there, you need to register again.

The trail was not that steep except the part going to the summit. We decided to stay overnight in Papaya River. It was a hammock camping.. we didn't bring our tents for a change.
We had our drinking session while swimming in a very cold Papaya River. We owned the mountain that day so we're free to do whatever we wanted to do. My friend brought a speaker at malakas na ilaw na sabi nya nirentahan pa daw nung nag brown out sa barangay nila haha.. we were like in a pool party with pulutan at alak ( panalo nakarating orange chicken at sisig hahaha

At 5 am, we set off our gears for the final assault. Going to the summit was the most challenging one. The trail was so steep. I had to hold the roots of trees, maintained balance, and crawled like a baby.

Once you're at the summit, you will be wowed by the view. It gives you a 360 degre view of Bataan. Climbing Mt. Tarak really requires mental and physical preparations. This is also a good training ground preparation for major climbs like Mt. Apo,Mt.Halcon etc. I'll definitely come back for more!

Photo:Papaya River

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Tif F.
4.0 Stars

Great view. If you love the vast forest and a pretty difficult trail, you gotta try this mountain. :)

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Jon B.
5.0 Stars

This mountain tested my patience and endurace to their limits. The weather wasn't that good when we climbed this mountain.After two hours of trekking, I heard the steady sound of grushing freshwater and it was like music to my ears!!Finally, we've reached the Papaya River, which is the only water source in the mountain. After lunch and a nap in our tent, we set off towards the summit. Man it was hard! We had to hold on to tree trunks and branches jutting out of the soil, steeling ourselves for a jagged landscape ahead. Our guide though was so proud of us because we were on the ridge in less than two hours. When I saw the view at the top, I said " WOW " sabay " NGANGA". The Ridge provided a 270 degree view of Bataan. It was also amazing to see corregidor Island and Cavite from a distance. It took another 20 to 30 minutes before we reached the first summit (apparently there are two summits – El Saco and Tarak). We were 1,130 meters above sea level and the view was really amazing.

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Franz D.
5.0 Stars


1. Preparation is everything. (Yes, physically and mentally.)
2. Believe in yourself.
3. There are times you'll be needing a hand of others, but most of the time, you have to do it on your OWN.
4. It's okay to take a rest. Just a little rest, I mean.
5. Don't follow their pace. Make your own.
6. Notice every little thing around you. Feel the sound of nature. Blend with it. Absorb with your naked eyes. Don't photoshoot everything.
7. Don't rush. You'll get there, I promise. It is more rewarding at the top.
8. Feel the pain. But don't forget to smile. ;)
9. Remember how great and awesome you are!
10. Thank God you're still alive. :P Really, thank God. His creation is so wonderful.

Bonjour dear friends! 10084

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Joshay S.
3.0 Stars

Photo at Mt. tarak summit10084128540

Tarak is situated at Mariveles, Bataan. We had our climb last May 31-June 1,2014 organized by my officemates lead by Elvis.

It was a very nice experience climbing Tarak. We left our things and did our camp at Papaya river.
Socials and BMC during night session.

The next morning we went to the summit and saw breathtaking view on top.
Worthit climb128079128525

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Mervin Paulo R.
4.0 Stars

Nice rooms, great food and people. 128077128076

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