Taramindu Beach Garden Inn

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Taramindu Beach Garden Inn
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Ynah M.
5.0 Stars

Well maintained place.
Excellent service.
Great food.
Budget friendly.

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Mariel O.
3.0 Stars

If you’re looking for a cheaper resort in Laiya, then Taramindu is a great choice. With a more affordable price, you can have a spacious room (and comfort room, yay!) for you and your family. (Btw, I love the big windows per room) Our room has a 3-4 layers of wooden shelf where we can put our stuff. It also has a small flat television and a DVD player! At the lobby, they have this shelf for DVDs, which I guess you can rent whenever you feel like watching. The resort also has its own pool. It looks decent but I refused to try it because the beach is more inviting.

The restaurant can be found at the front of the resort. It’s an open area where you can enjoy the view while eating. The food they serve, though, is typical (and affordable), nothing special. Although, I must commend their Sinigang dishes! It has the right “asim” and “sarap” that our family approves! Its prices are affordable. (Note: Each guest is required to avail P500 consumable food).

However, I’m quite disappointed with the location of their cabanas. It was placed at the side of resort, which lessens the opportunity for you to relax in the cabana, with the beach just right in front of you. (Too bad, I know). So far, that is the only thing I disapprove with the resort.

Our stay was good. Some staff, like Ate Tonet, was accommodating while some are masters of art of deadma and paasa (just like that Ate & Kuya who promised to get back to us when we asked for snorkeling assistance, huhu).

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Ayesha I.
4.0 Stars

We all know that summer outings should be planned ahead of time because there's a big possibility that resorts are fully booked on all the weekenda of summer. Luckily, I found this place (thanks to looloo! 128512) and found it amazing.

The place is not as extravagant as the neighborhood resorts. It's simple, homey, and just fine for a relaxing summer outing.

Bringing of food is not allowed so we just ordered at their restaurant. The food was okay, nothing really special.

One thing that dismayed us was that there were a lot of sea urchins nearby the shore. My friend accidentally stepped onto it and lifeguards/staff didn't had a sense of urgency on the incident. It was normal for them. But hello, we didn't know. They just gave us calamansi and advised to put it on the affected area. I just wished there was a warning sign for those things.

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Loren L P.
3.0 Stars

My friend got married here and it was fantastic. She was happy with their service and her wedding turned out perfectly. My review is based on our stay after her wedding as we moved to Taramindu from another resort
a day after her wedding & stayed one more night at Laiya.

Service is good. Staff were helpful. Room rate would have been reasonable for the facilities but their water heaters don't work. It was December & chilly in the morning so hot water would have been nice. Bathroom fixtures need replacement as well. The pool wasn't very clean too. Their part of the beach was well maintained, but since Laiya's sand isn't really fine, maybe they could improve their pool. Menu had very limited choices as well.

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DarkstarM D.
5.0 Stars

I do not know why this resort has 2 stars only
but as for me, this resort totally saved us when we were looking for a resort here one evening at about 2300H. No other resorts accepted us, we went "door-to-door" to no avail. I don't know why probably it's because of the time? Then we found Taramindu. They accepted us and we even bargained for a discount since we just arrived and we can't extend our stay (time out is usually 12nn). It was a great experience. The room was just okay, nothing special so don't expect but we didn't stay there all night anyway so we don't really mind. We just wanted the beach and just the beach! The food however was ordinary but very affordable. We owned the place from 12mn to about 0300H as we get drunk and sober by the beach. We heard only the waves and our laughs. It was unforgettable and as we awaken in the morning, we had massage by the beach. Aaaahhhh. Beach, vacation! I cannot wait!!! If I'd come back to Laiya, we will book again here!

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Me C.
2.0 Stars

Better maintained rooms.

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