TAS Roofdeck

31 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

TAS Roofdeck
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Jayson J.
2.0 Stars

Check your bill.
Might not be correct.

Dont get drunk here. Lol

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Chili G.
4.0 Stars

TAS Roofdeck Bar stands out from other bars along Aguirre and BF because of its unique location thus the name TAS or sa 'taas'. They have a few parking slots available in front but you can park across the street near the tennis courts which I did.
A bit scary though is you've to go up a spiral staircase which can be quite dangerous if you're tipsy na. Upon reaching the Roofdeck you'll see the bright lights and feel the cool breeze. They also have an enclosed section with really good ac. But the real draw is the outdoor part where smoking is also allowed.
We were served 2 versions of their sangria. Unfortunately I found it too bitter, maybe because of the wine they used. Wasn't able to try any other drinks, sayang.
In true southern fashion, the owners and partners greeted us in super laid back outfits - South na South talaga 128513 they told us a bit about how they came together, who's behind who and other aspects of the bar.
They served us some of their bestsellers which included their sharing platter, tokwa at baboy, pita pizza (I think), sisig and ribs. For me though the food was just okay. Nothing especially good or memorable, I think Yung pizza na pinaka nagustuhan ko.
Still a good place though for a couple of beers after a long day at work 127867

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Looking for a new place to hang out down South? There is no way to go but up! Tas Roofdeck Bar is just what you think, located on the top floor of a commercial building near the Aguirre Avenue BF Homes main gate. It can be quite a challenge to get in the place if you are differently abled or a senior since they only have a spiral staircase to reach them. But you'll be greeting by a good view of the main arterial road of BF. Catch the sunset too if you have the chance.

We tried the following dishes and drinks during our visit:
NEW! BBQ Ribs with Sidings 825 - a huge slab of pork ribs slathered with lots of barbeque sauce. Meat was flavorful but a little more time on the cooker should render it fall of the bone.

Sisig and Pita 280 - quite a twist! Instead of rice, they paired the classic sisig with pita for that perfect beer partner. The sisig had a perfect balance of fat and meat that melt's in your mouth.

Tokwat Baboy 230 - the tokwa was deep fried with a crunchy crust. The dish resembled more like a Tofu Steak with the small bits of pork. But instead of a sweet soy glaze, it had that distinct sourness from the vinegar and saltiness of the soy.

Sampler Platter 595 - perfect for that long night with friends! Grab a stick from a wide array of assorted skewered meats and down it with a glass of beer.

Pizza and Dip 190 - small but flavorful cheese and traditional margarita pizza. It came with a dipping sauce and a moundful of grated parmesan cheese.

Falafel Shawarma 190 - great snack of ground beans, with shredded greens and fried potatoes. The garlic sauce is probably the best i've tasted and i do not take that word lightly! The garlic sauce was thick, packs quite the flavor and a perfect pair to almost everything on the menu. Heck, i enjoyed it with the ribs!

Classic Sangria Bottle 395 - classic red wine sangria with chopped apples and citrus fruits.

Peach Bottle 395 - light, sweet and a nice drink to start the week!

Sponsored dining by Tas Roofdeck Bar and looloo.

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Jinky U.
4.0 Stars

Hello South peeps!!! 128075
TAS is a roof deck resto and bar in BF Homes Parañaque. It offers Filipino and international fusion dishes like grilled skewers, street pizzas and wraps. The place has a chill vibe , diners have the option to either stay at the indoor or outdoor area. It’s great for barkada hang outs, happy hour, and even parties 🥳 127876127881127882 . I enjoyed sampling their menu together with the Looloo tribe.

11088️Sisig and Pita (P280) - surprisingly good even if it was not served on a sizzling plate. Protip - drizzle some garlic sauce on top —— kanin nalang ang kulang ! Di ba Ac C 128521

11088️Pizza and Dip (P190) - We were served the All Cheese and Margherita - this is yummehh with the balsamic dip 128076

Sampler Platter (P595) - A taste of their skewers :
11088️Liempo Bacon - a crowd favourite! 128523
Steak Salpicao
Pork BBQ
Chicken Inasal
Chicken Teriyaki
Smoked Liempo
Falafel Skewer and Breaded Tofu Skewer - para sa mga galit sa laman, este karne .. ah basta, ung gusto ng “healthy” 128540
Scotch Egg - I did not get to taste this (mabagal si mamsh 128518), but it was real good daw hehe!

Their version of Tokwa’t Baboy (P230), breaded tofu and bacon . It came with the typical tokwa’t baboy soy vinegar dip.

Falafel Shawarma, (P190), a great vegetarian option together with their breaded tofu dish .

BBQ Ribs with macaroni and cheese sidings (P825). Big serving! It’s definitely for sharing.

BTW, their Garlic Sauce and Chili Sauce = Winner 128077 It pairs well with everything! Aannd they are selling these too YAYYY!

Classic Sangria Pitcher P395
Peach Sangria Pitcher P395
Most of us preferred the peach flavoured one.

So if you are on the lookout for a cool place to hangout in BF and with good chow , check out TAS. Thank you Jessica G for the invite 128536 and it was nice meeting the rest of the Looloo foodies 127860127865
Until the next rendezvoos!


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Ac C.
4.0 Stars

TAS Roofdeck, as the name suggests sits on the roofdeck of the building along Aguirre st. Going up and down the stairs maybe challenging specially if people are already a bit buzzed 128522 But the view and the vibe of the place makes up for it. You can dine and chill with your friends, they really captured the south vibe 128522

Here are my favorites!

Their Peach Sangria (Php 395.00), it may lack a bit of sweetness but it has the kick of the alcohol 127865 (I like my alcohol a bit strong) 128076🏻

Sisig and Pita (Php 280.00), which I loved. We were all apprehensive to try the sisig since it’s not your typical sisig served in a sizzling plate but, it tasted like the real deal. Place it inside your pita and dab a little sauce and your good to go. Perfect for your pulutan, or order some extra rice and this is perfect for your dinner 128077🏻

Pizza and dip (Php 190.00) - I liked the pizza, basic pizza with really crunchy and good crust. You also have a choice to dip in olive oil or cheese 128525

Sampler Platter (Php 595.00)- It has your barbeque, chicken inasal, salpicao and more! Probably your go to order for your pulutan when drinking and spending time with friends 128522

All in all, I definitely would recommend Tas Roofdeck to southies (and of course non-southies hehe) if they want to experience the chill vibe of the south and good food 128522

PS. They can cater and accept private events 128522

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Jayson J.
3.0 Stars

There’s a nice roof deck bar along Aguirre by name of TAS, it got its name because of its location— “taas” the place is a nice place to stay to enjoy the sunset, it’s also a plus if you’re a smoker, because you’re free to do so here. They do also have a non smoking area, over all 80pax max sitting capacity. I was already running late, too bad i wasn’t able to try all the food served. Nonetheless

128204 BBQ Ribs with Sidings 825PhP
This is new in their menu. The serving size is huge, it’s served with this special barbecue sauce. It does make the ribs really tasty; without it it’s a little bland. The half rack of ribs needs a little more marinating and tenderizing to do. Anyway, it’s already good for pulutan.

128204128525 Sisig and Pita 280PhP
Do get this when you visit the place. This sisig is best to go with their garlic sauce. It’s not your usual super crunchy sisig, but tastewise it’s above average.

128204 Sampler Platter 595PhP
Their sample platter— i was able to try:
Tofu - it was a little hard
Falafel - so good! Order this and enjoy it with rice and their garlic sauce.
Chicken inasal - it does taste like satay
Chicken barbecue

128204128525 Falafel Shawarma 190PhP
Anything with their mushy falafel is fine to order here at TAS.

128204 Classic Sangria Bottle 395PhP
It’s a little too strong. Needs to improve on the sweetness.

It’s also cool how the they came up with the menu— drunk idea of wrapping up some barbecue in a slice of pizza. Well, it did work out fine afterall. I like that their tables got hook for bags, and there’s about 5-6 parking space.

They also cater to events, so do include them in your next party. What’s challenging here is the ingress/egress where there’s no other way but this winding metal staircase. There’s no problem with the width and plight of the staircase; it’s just a little risky after a night of alcohol.

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Charlzz C.
4.0 Stars

Tas is a community chillout place at the heart of BF Homes ,Paranaque.The cradle of the concept was from a drinking session among the owners having idea of putting grilled or barbecued meat inside a pita bread thus became a clever "drunk idea".The moniker "Tas" came from the word " taas or itaas",it's a third level semi open restobar with a good natural ventilation and a great view especially on summer time,when the sun sets late.I still don't want this called an "inuman" place rather I want to think it's more of a venue for unwinding with good affordable food and some drinks with or without alcohol.

The owners were very welcoming and walked us through some of the dishes.

Skewer Sampler -samples of scotch egg,falafel,inasal chicken, teriyaki chicken,beef salpicao, liempo bacon,smoked liempo,breaded tofu.My top picks for this ensemble are the scotch eggs,smoked liempo and the liempo bacon.The liempo or pork belly has a very flavorful marinade ,the basting was not overpowering and the meat was tender.While the scotch eggs a gastropub phenom was a dandy,very good swathing of tasty sausage meat.They have different sets of these skewers if you opt to zeroed in on your preferred meat items

Tokwa baboy deep fried crusted tofu cubes ,topped with cooked bacon served with vinaigrette.The crust or the bread crumbs covering of the tofu was a bit tough and difficult to sink your teeth into,you need to drench it into the dip of soy and vinegar in order it to be manageable.Maybe change the batter or the crust mixture ,but the toppings of chopped bacon was a brilliant idea .

Sisig and pita - the Pinoy pride Sisig giving a new twist by serving it with pita bread.Sisig is seldom my favorite item these days because of the influx of restaurants and food stalls selling it.However the marriage of the pita and sisig was unexpectedly bedazzling ,combined them with their homemade signature sauce of garlic and chili ,flat out an instant favourite.

Pizza- Margaret and Alfredo variants with balsamic and parmesan cheese dip.Another imaginative idea of having these thin crust pizzas dipped into balsamic vinegar.

Shawarma falafel - falafel balls wrapped in pita bread served with fries.For the health conscious and vegetarian ,taste wise it's good a minor adjustment on the structure and texture of the falafel ,I think a bit more firm to lessen those mushy feel when you chew it.

Ribs and baked mac (new menu to be launched on December) slabs of ribs BBQued served with baked Mac and BBQ sauce.Not your fall off the bone ribs yet still on the right level of tenderness ,flavor was ok but if you will have to smothered it with the provided BBQ sauce for the flavor to stand out more.Baked mac is good.

Iced Lemon Ginger Tea- the subtleties of all the components works very well,not too sour ,no overwhelming ginger taste and most importantly not too sugary.

The charming elements of the place is the soul or feel of the place, friendliness of the people ,youthful classy tunes and the reachable price points together for the value for money service.Some food items should be improved overtime yet a very miniscule issue.Will come back for the Sisig and scotch eggs.

***Garlic sauce and Chili sauce are their "coup d grace " ,sauces that work well with anything on their menu,and their selling them for you to enjoy them at home.***

Thanks Tas Roofdeck for being a wonderful host and Looloo family for this rendezvoos.#ibatalagaLooloo.


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Dana A.
4.0 Stars

NEW FAVE PLACE TO CHILL!!!!! ice-cold-beer-kind-of-night chill!!!

paking space: 110881108811088
staff: 11088110881108811088
food: 11088110881108811088
place: 11088110881108811088

the bbq is good it goes well with their sauces. 128150 will definitely go back!

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