Tat Japanese Restaurant

8485 Kalayaan Ave., Poblacion, Makati, Metro Manila

Tat Japanese Restaurant
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Most Recent Reviews

Choy A.
2.0 Stars

Food was just okay. Ordered the stamina yakiniku since it's their "best seller"... Also tried dashi maki tamago. Will give them 3 stars for the food taste. Yeah prices are affordable but so does in kikufuji.

Room temperature and service was the problem... They have 2 air-conditioners that was on 17 degrees but feels like hell!There were times that servers were all inside the kitchen and no one's available to take our extra order. Good thing that we were the only group during today's lunch. 2 stars for this place

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Abe C.
3.0 Stars

The Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake, Osaka style) in my photo was the clear highlight of the restaurant. A hole in the wall recommended by Chef Sau del Rosario to me, the food was decent, in general. It was the heat (not-working aircon) and the annoying conversation of two adjacent customers that brought this down from a 3.5 to a good 3, and its so-so service.

The other dishes, Salmon Sashimi, my wife's Chicken Teriyaki box, and my Kantonmen (guess their chefs' take on the Pinoy and Japanese fusion of Ramen and Kanton) were all okay. Nothing to write home (or looloo) about.

Okonomiyaki - like I said,a solid 5/5. Good for 3 to 5 people, it's a good appetizer or side dish. Can match any Okonomiyaki I've tried in Osaka. Unfortunately this was the only highlight of the lunch.

Kantonmen - decent at best. At P300 I thought it was okay in price. However, the flavor was average at best, noodles good, but lacked in ingredients to warrant the price. The waiter said it had seafood (more on him later) but it actually also had pork. More on the waiter later. 3/5 P300.

Sashimi - said it was a specialty. It was full of those white lines and not plump in cut. Kenji Tei is still my best for salmon sashimi. It may be their purchased salmon cut, but today they failed vs the picture. 3.5/5 P250 for about 8 pieces.

Chicken Teriyaki - again was okay. Cut was good. 3/5

Service - the waiter didn't even enumerate well what to order. He seemed nice enough and attentive but lacked briefing on what best to order. Maybe we didn't order well? Maybe I should have stuck to the Miso Ramen. Same price as the Kantonmen pa naman, P300. He was nice and attentive enough but lacked the requisite briefing. Further, the lady that seemed like their manager or something, was openly conversing with a patron na parang Balikbayan from the next table. Loudly. Complaining about the state of the country, from INC to traffic to our poor state. Uhhhh, typical negative Balikbayan who's trashing the country's current state, and not knowing our economy's gotten so much better, investors are coming in by the hundreds, and it's only our politicians and traffic that's crap.

Anyway, what made that loud exchange worse was the heat of the place. Two aircons that were on but it was so hot! -1 star just for that. And their manager even stayed at the table in front of the electric fan. 128518

Anyway, their hole in the wall is built to also serve the scholarships of the children of the former TAT Golf Course restaurant. 3 chefs highlight their restaurant. It's for a good cause so I'd keep it at a decent 3.

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OLi V.
3.0 Stars

I thought it was OK.

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4.0 Stars

Usual Japanese taste and cheap. Why not try here!

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January F.
4.0 Stars

It's established for charity. Big servings. Fresh tuna and salmon. Tasty dishes.

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Bam A.
4.0 Stars

New hole-in-a-wall joint by kalayaan ave, just beside Cornell's tailoring shop. yippe! It's been a while since we last found a "hidden" gem.

Very unassuming place, this Tat Japanese Restaurant. An old home turned into a dining place, only fitting 6-8 tables. It just opened like 2 months ago.

We asked for their specialty and the waitress said its noodles. But since the night before we just had ramen, we opted for something else. So we got the ff:

Salmon sashimi - for Php280, it's so worth it. Thick slices of fresh salmon. It's quite a lot than we expected. Kudos.

Tonkatsu set - my boyfriend liked this. Pork was tender and not fatty. Breading was crunchy and soft. Simple tonkatsu, nothing like Yabu or Saboten.

Gyudon - really tasty. First time I've had gyudon with glass noodles tossed in w the beef. It had a strong ginger flavor. Lucky for me I like ginger. If you're not into ginger that much then I suggest you don't get this.

I give this place 3.5/5. The food was yummy alright but it still lack a bit pnash.

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