Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop

Session Rd., Baguio, Benguet

Tea House Restaurant and Bakeshop
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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

Since it was raining and we can't walk along Session Road, we decided to just stay somewhere first while waiting for the rain to stop. Instead of Starbucks, I suggested we look for this place. Looking for this place is not so hard as the sign is pretty big and bright. Thanks to looloo and to Rocky R and Kiko G for recommending this place! 🤗

We all ordered brewed coffee to keep us awake and warm since it was cold during that time. And of course, the reason why we're here, the famouse dessert --- CHONA'S DELIGHT. 127874

It was good and was indeed a delight to eat. Just imagine yourself enjoying layers of cream, chocolate icing, custard? and moist chocolate cake... ang sarap diba? My family liked this and we even went back so we can bring some home for pasalubong! 128517

The "small" order is already good for sharing and costs 135php only! Yummmmy!! 128525

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Sj F.
5.0 Stars

Chona's delight was one of their bestsellers. It was not eye-pleasing but has a sumptuous taste.

Miki bihon guisado was also a must try! Veggies,seafood, meat were over na over sa plate. You can add calamansi, soy sauce and chili oil to reach desired taste.

*super madaming bumibili ng cakes nila!

I recommend both of this dishes! Thumbs up!

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Kate R.
5.0 Stars

Chona’s Delight! 128522

Every friend of mine that had visited Baguio raved about Chona. At first I thought that it was just a person’s name but actually it was a specialty cake in Tea house. A simple bakeshop and restaurant in Session Road. 128077🏼

So when in Baguio, I can’t missed the chance to have Chona for me. I went inside the restaurant, and I can’t find their menu, and all I can see was the markings on the wall and on the glass. I don’t know how I can order Chona… I’ve stuttered at first, then said, “Where is Chona?”, the crew was looking at me, puzzled. Then I followed, “What is Chona?”, then he walked away… he walked towards the fridge and get a small container of something… Then he said, “eto po si Chona”, sabi ko, “ahhhhh, ano ba sya?”, the crew said, “chocolate mousse mam”. My thoughts was, “ohhh chocolate mousse!”, so I ordered one Chona for me – to go! It was awkward at first, feeling ko umoorder ako ng tao hahaha! 128514128514128514

Taste: Chona is sooooo good! I can now understand why my friends talks a lot about it. The cake was topped with chocolate ganache with swirly whipped cream and layers of moist chocolate cake with custard filling, it was placed inside a microwaveable container. It doesn’t look appetizing, since the packaging is like that. But looks can be deceiving…

First Bite: The first sink of my fork to the container of Chona’s was sinful. I remembered mumbling how good it was. That bitter sweet taste that I had on my first bite. I can’t resist to have more… It’s sweet but not too sweet. It was love in every bite! I had to close my eyes and let my friend take that away from me or else, I will be having sugar rush and will be running around the whole night! Haha It was soooo good, for all who loves sweets, this cake is a MUST try! You will not regret it, I promise! You’ll want more and you will be talking about it for a long time! 🙃🙂

I am smiling while writing this review, the tastes still lingers on my tongue and it makes me happy. 🙂128523


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Emmeline B.
5.0 Stars

One of my favorite restaurants here in Baguio which never let me down. Fast service, great food, affordable and delicious desserts. They have a wide-array of food selections in their menu, which are all worth the try. They also have their super-fast take-out service that includes "bilaos" from palabok to pansit which are very great for picnics or parties.

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Rocky R.
4.0 Stars

For locals and most visitors, they know that Tea House Bake Shop & Restaurant is one of the places to be when it comes to good, yet affordable food and cake. This place has been around for quite some time, and has been another Baguio favorite. They specialize in a spectrum of Fil-Chi cuisines from birds nest soup to pancit bijon guisado.

Apart from their scrumptious entrées, patrons go there for their sumptuous cakes like their ube macapuno delight, and their ever-so-famous Chona's delight; a very moist chocolate cake with custard filling. Almost every birthday, graduation, anniversary party has to have their cakes from this place, or it wouldn't be a party at all. 128513

Because Tea House is a favorite, this place becomes crowded. And even though it does, the taste of their food is always consistent, the service they give is always above par, and there is never a feeling of disappointment.

So for those who plan on visiting Baguio to have a gastronomic adventure, I suggest to try out and support local favorites like Tea House Bake Shop & Restaurant and more established restaurants before venturing out to more "hip" places.

Happy eating!!!

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Bianca N.
3.0 Stars

My friend recommended this place and told me I had to try Chona's Delight (P120 for a small tub). It's a classic moist chocolate with layers of cream and caramel and chocolate on top and in between.

I also noticed that this place is very busy with people buying classic streamline "birthday cake".

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Stefanie Mae B.
4.0 Stars

This place is well-known as a local business and personally it's already a "no-brainer" option when it comes to small gatherings/parties since they offer a variety of great-tasting food ranging in different sizes at affordable prices. Palabok,pancit malabon,and their cakes are a few of their best-sellers. We prefer take-outs since ambiance is not the best. 128513

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