262 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Parañaque, Metro Manila

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Bea J.
3.0 Stars

I was craving for Happy Lemon's Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese so I scoured Aguirre Ave. for anything that would come close.

I saw that they have Rock Salt & Cheese variants in TeaLeaf. It was a choice between Banana Chocolate and Almond Chocolate. I chose the latter.

However, I was disappointed with their cheese. It looked like blocks of cream cheese and butter floating on my drink, as opposed to the frothy texture from Happy Lemon. I didn't taste the almond and the salt also. It is just sweeter version of chocolate milk tea. Plus points for the cute interior and their interesting menu.

I have to get the YOLO milk tea soon. Why? Because YOLO. That's why.

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Chie P.
2.0 Stars

I have to delete the review as I accidentally posted it on a different listing. My bad. Sorry!128539


The place is cute. That's all.128539

As for the milktea, we tried their Nutella Milktea which, I think is 500% sugar level. I cannot emphasize more how sweet it is. IT IS EXTREMELY SWEET. Ugh.

The Banana Monkey? Nah. Cannot taste the hint of banana because, again, the sugar level is extremely high.128557

Needs improvement, needless to say.

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Jamie G.
3.0 Stars

Why don't they fill their teas to the brim? I feel cheated. :(

No picture this time, we went with so much bad luck, power went off on us.

I got the large Lychee Fruit Tea with Pearls. Next time remind me not to get pearls anymore. i can't seem to consume them all because they get stuck IN the ice. I liked the lychee flavor with their tea. But again, my question: why not full to the brim??

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Jamie G.
4.0 Stars

We always pass by Aguirre at night coming home from Alabang. 3 times in a row, I get a glimpse of a new BBT (bubble tea, don't ask me, this came from Hongcouver) placed called (and I almost swore this was it) "TEATEA". Oh, shut up! We were going fast all three times. The first "Tea" was dark green-colored and backlit. The second "Tea" was light (yellow) green-colored, backlit as well. Tell me, is it my fault then that the "F" wasn't backlit??? Plus my eyes are broken from all the candy crushing.

Anyway, I dropped by one morning wanting to try a BBT from there. Surprise, surprise. Under the sunlight, the store actually says "TEALEAF". Blah.

I was looking for Jasmine Green Tea (my usual) but they don't have it. They say they have Fruit Tea which "tastes" like Green Tea. What is a "Fruit Tea?" Beats me. I ordered a Green Apple Fruit Tea, with pearls, of course, to go.

Inspected the area, not much to see. Place could hold 10 at once, maybe? Pretty small. Not somewhere I wanna hangout. Probably coming back for takeout, that's it.

My GAFT came, and I loved it! They put their shaker to good use. I love BBTs with a lot of froth (from the tea, not the separate flavored froth)!

Although the guy who helped me didn't seem to know so much about the difference between their teas, he's pretty nice so...

4 stars?

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