Teaspoon Café

Fil-Am Friendship Highway, Angeles, Pampanga

Teaspoon Café
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Mary Love S.
4.0 Stars

One of our Pampanga Food Crawl stops was this adorable café that seemed to have been designed as an Instagrammers’ paradise. Every nook and cranny are screaming cute and with lifestyle bloggers with us during the food crawl, they sure went crazy with the place.

Hello, Teaspoon Café.

“I wish I dressed nicer” was the first thought that came to mind when I entered this charming place. One could score the perfect profile picture here. But aside from its picturesque space, Teaspoon Café offers savory dishes, decadent desserts and nostalgic milkshakes.

We were greeted by two beautifully decorated tables with the perfect flat lay. One table showcased all the sweets we could sample while the other table focused more on the savory treats.

I wasn’t able to take note of the names of each dish so I’ll just highlight the ones I sampled.

From the savory table, I tried some of the spam and fries which were pretty straightforward. It was your usual deep fried spam and fries.

The pasta dishes were a bit on the bland side but if I were to choose, I’d go with Creamy Pesto Linguini with Chicken Strips (PHP220) over Sausage Agliolio (PHP220, available in classic and spicy) as I love chicken breasts!

I had a bit of the marinated pork too and I found it okay.

The savory dishes may have not been impressive but the desserts were!

The red velvet cake was moist and something you’d bring home to share with your loved ones.

I also loved the buttermilk cookies which tasted just like the ones I enjoyed when I was a child.

The store also sells cashew tarts which were pretty good. I even bought two boxes as pasalubong!

But the highlight of our visit were the blast from the past milkshakes. Each milkshake used a classic candy or sweet from the 80s and 90s. There are LALA, Mik-Mik, White Rabbit, Viva, and so on. I sampled ChocNut and it tasted just like it!

Overall, this place is a great stop for sweets or afternoon snacks. And if you are a proud 80s or 90s kid, you’ll love its milkshakes!

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Alex V.
5.0 Stars

Teaspoon Cafe, which is just a good couple minutes from the center of the city is a haven for those who would like to get some peace and quiet without having to go that far given the five minute drive from Sto. Rosario Street.

The address actually sounded like it was hard to find but we were able to find the cafe through the Waze link that was posted in the cafe's Facebook page. The cafe with a very peaceful ambiance has this beautiful vintage interior that would give you the impression that the place is hours away from the city. From the location of the Cafe you won't be able to feel the noise and traffic from the city which is actually pretty nice. The place is also very airy with high ceiling unlike most cafes which is a plus. There's also a second floor which can be reserved for small gatherings, parties and meetings.

We were able to try the Sausage Agliolio Pasta where you are given to pick if you want it spicy or not. Personally me and my friends love spicy food so we picked that one. It was, I must say my favorite because it was served warm and it was very flavorful too. The Teaspoon Clubhouse Sandwich was also very satisfying and the serving was enough for two people given the sandwiches were really big.

For our drinks, we also tried the Chocnut Frost which is under their specialty which they call Pinoy Chillers. It was very delicious and creamy plus it wasn't too sweet. They also used a very generous amount of Chocnut candies because i was able to taste bits of it until I finished my ddrink. The Melon shake too was very good and highly recommended.

We also ordered the Matcha Green Tea Latte because we're big matcha fans. It was more of the creamy type matcha drinks with the subtle Matcha flavor and it was more of a creamy hot drink but it did the trick and satisfied all our Matcha and Green tea cravings.

The main highlight of our meal though was the cake. We were able to get a slice of Queso de Bola cheesecake and the Choco Nutella cake. They were both very decadent most especially the Queso de Bola and its perfect for those people who like their desserts with just the right amount of sweetness.

Overall our experience was great and we would definitely come back to try out the other meals.

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Marco L.
4.0 Stars

Coming in felt so cozy with the setup that the have, the dangling lights, the books, the decals, It was like I was in a kids dream house.

So I was really excited to get eating and I ordered 3 things, zthe Classic Cheese Burger127828 The Chocnut Chiller 127847 and the Quezo de Bola cake 127856

The Classic Cheese Burger - Sadly, just your everday ordinary burger 128528 and the chips that came with it was too salty!

Chocnut Frost - Imagine your childhood blended to a drink, placed in a mason jar and topped it off with whipped cream. Nostalgia in a sip! Whats so good about the drink was the flavor wasnt too strong, and you could actually taste the chocnut! You even have the option to add coffee to the drink if you wanted to! Kudos to Teaspoon for making this drink! A must try! 128525

Quezo de Bola Cake - I told myself that this is impossible to work, I was wrong in so many levels, the texture is like of a cheese cake but firmer, and the savory taste blends so well withthe creaminess and sweetness they added to the mixture 128519 A must buy for Christmas time127876

So if you ever get to drop by north, you absolutely must drop by this lovely place 128522

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