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Scy L.
1.0 Stars

Tekjax is a small restaurant in Mangaldan. From the outside of the store they have posters advertising their house specialtist. The interior of the restaurant is painted in their theme of green, brown and white. The place is air conditioned. One side is lined with couches and tables while the other has computers on desks. It is a restaurant that doubles as a cafe. The place was swarming with flies and cobwebs on the ceiling. But I thought I'd give them a chance.

We were only there for a snack so we decided to try their specials. The clubhouse sandwich with fries and an order of siomai. We ordered the blueberry soda and their red iced tea for drinks.

After us, another couple came in. Then a group of high school male students. They seem to know the waiter as they were joking around with him. Later on another group of students checked the place to play on the computers but the internet was down. Two ladies also came in to order pansit for take out.

Now here comes the bad part. We waited for 30 minutes for our order already. A guy parked his car in front and came in. He may be the owner. I overheard them talking that there are a lot of orders. After 5 minutes of them chatting, I approached them and complained about our order. I told them it has already been 30 minutes and how hard can it be to prepare a sandwich and serve steamed siomai, really! We know because we used to work in the kitchen, too.

The waiter checked in the kitchen and told us it would be ready soon. I got a bit pissed and went back to my seat. After about 5 minutes, the highschoolers got their pansit. That's it! I approached the counter again and asked if we can just cancel our order. The waiter said it has already been made and the guy with the car went in the kitchen. After 5 minutes, it was finally served.

The taste of the food really did not justify the waiting time. Cost? Maybe. But I would rather pay double and have my meal serve quickly than wait for 45 minutes for these @&$#%!

The fries was the best thing. It's crunchy but floury. The sandwich is just lettuce, egg and ham with the cheap mayonnaise that is ultra sweet for my taste. The siomai according to friend tasted like cockroach, although I didn't get that. Now I know the pictures may lie to you but as a food photographer wanna be, I try my best to make my pictures as good and delicious as possible.

We ate quickly, paid and left disappointed as the other couple still did not have their order. Will I come back to that place? No. I guess the meals are only good for students on a budget who would like to hang out or have a date as I have noticed.

I don't need to provide a rating for this place.

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