Tendon Akimitsu

NAIA Terminal 3, Andrews Ave., NAIA, Pasay, Metro Manila

Tendon Akimitsu
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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

127881 C O N T E S T W I N N E R 127881
Free 2 bowls of Ebi Don from Tendon Akimitsu c/o our loving friends from |ooloo 128525

2 things I learned today: It is much more convenient to just park your car at Terminal 3 and be on your flight (P40 flat rate and P300 overnight). And 2, one can access the food court / fine dining levels of Terminal 3 even without a flight ticket. It's like a mall inside the Airport that is accessible to all.

Sorry na.. ngayon ko lang nalaman muntik na kasi ako bumili ng ticket na day tour sa Cebu balikan.. 'charaught 128517

127844 E B I D O N 127844
Includes 4pcs of Prawns, 1 Shrimp (with head), Seasonal Vegetables (Squash, Okra, Eggplant in mine) Tempura on top of white rice and drizzled with their Tendon Sauce.

You can request for tempura sauce with no additional charge but I won't recommend it since it will change the original taste of the dish. The Tendon sauce is quite different from the tempura sauce.

With all those toppings, I still wasn't able to finish off the rice but not to worry.. Tsukemen to the rescue! 128525

Cross-ordering with Ramen Nagi (since they are one company anyway), I got their Tsukemen so I can join their other contest under #TeamTsukemen 9996128514

Thanks Tendon Akimitsu, Peanut D and the gang at |ooloo 128536128536128536

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Paolo S.
2.0 Stars

I had high hopes for this after reading it was a franchise straight from Japan and the tempura recipe has been passed down from over 100 years ago. So high that i went to NAIA 3 early before my trip specifically to try this. 128514

Well, with unreasonably(?) high expectations came a bit of a letdown. Ordered the Godaime Chef special to try a bit of "all tendon everything". Though okay, it wasn't remarkably delicious, especially for the price (almost P700 128562). It didnt seem like a recipe that'd be passed down a hundred years down the line haha. I think i've had better at Little Tokyo in Makati. The batter is unique in that it isnt the light colored flaky type we normally see. Its a lot closer to fish-n-chips batter. And it didnt come with the typical tempura dipping sauce with grated daikon or ginger. You pour your own sauce, which tasted a lot saltier than usual, like toyo salty.

In retrospect, maybe i should have ordered from Ramen Nagi instead 128539 (they share the same spot).

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