TenRen's Tea

2/F Greenhills Promenade, Annapolis St. cor. Missouri St., Greenhills Shopping Center, San Juan, Metro Manila

TenRen's Tea
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Most Recent Reviews

Julie L.
4.0 Stars

Highly recommend their Matcha Slush (Php 120). It was good!

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Denise A.
5.0 Stars

Taiwan is famous for its Bubble Milk Tea also called as Pearl Milk Tea. There are different types of milk tea in the world and the taste vary depending on where it is made like India, Hongkong or Taiwan. I have never been to Taiwan but I heard Milk Tea Shops are literally everywhere - From street stalls to high end malls. It's just an addicting drink that no one can resist!

I have been a fan of Milk Tea's ever since the hype came in the Philippines. My most favorite brands which came in first would be Gong Cha and Cha Time. But then Ten Ren came in, and it changed the whole Milk Tea Game for me!

Ten Ren, which means "Heavenly Love" in Chinese, is a taiwan-based company which specializes in tea and ginseng products. For them, 'Tea is not only a beverage, it is also the presence of living art.' They are the largest tea manufacturer in Taiwan which sells high quality different types of organic teas and teacup sets. They have more than a thousand stores in Asia and America but only a few opened Milk Tea Chains.

Thankfully, Ten Ren opened its first branch in Greenhills, Promenade (2nd Floor) a few months ago. It's just sad that I have to go all the way to the North just to have a taste of their teas. Anyway they have the original teas, hot and iced milk teas, fruit teas, tea lattes, and slushies.

One of their best sellers which I have ordered thrice already would be the 913 KING'S OOLONG TEA. 913 King’s Tea is mild-roasted Oolong Tea, created with the superior quality of Oolong Tea and Ginseng. It has this distinct roasted aroma that made me want to sip more!
If you're a first timer here, this is a MUST TRY. NO REGRETS!

128204Their milk tea's by the way have two different variants: THE LATTES and the MILK TEAS (powdered). I tried both and I liked the latte better cause it taste more natural and lighter than the other one. It's just purely refreshing! It's amazing how you can smell the leafy scent of the teas

Their Lattes are more expensive priced at P120 for Medium and P140 for Large. I think it's SUPER WORTH IT regardless of the price. It's like the Starbucks of Teas only you get the value of what you're paying for.

Nothing could go wrong with their teas because they're made from Natural ingredients and no added preservatives.

10084️VERDICT: Can I just say I LOVE THEIR MILK TEAS SO MUCH I wouldn't stop going back for them even if it's far from home. Honestly, after trying Ten Ren's Milk Tea, I stopped purchasing from other brands because Ten Ren set the bar so high, created their version THE BEST, THE MOST NATURAL AND THE MOST ORGANIC that I cannot 'un-taste' the preservatives of their competitors. No offense.

✔️They have recently opened their Mall of Asia Branch so no need to go all the way up north to try their specialties!
✔️They are selling different kinds of expensive tea sets, tea makers, drainers, etc.
✔️They have a complimentary hot tea on the waiting counter which you can freely drink while waiting for your order to be served
✔️Their tapioca balls are freshly cooked inside their stores every day so expect high quality pearls on your drink. Though waiting time for that would usually be 10-20min.

Thanks to Ten Ren Tea, High Quality Teas are now accessible not just in the old traditional form but also in Bubba Milk Tea form - the young and the old and the not so old (haha!) can now fully enjoy drinking tea in the version of their liking.

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Rachel T.
4.0 Stars

Ordered their Taro Green Tea Latte as recommended by my friend. This was her favorite milk tea drink when she visited a Ten Ren branch in Taiwan. You can smell the freshly brewed tea from the drink and taste some taro bits. They only have one size for their drinks.

Btw, their ice tea latte is made from fresh milk while their ice milk tea is made from powdered milk.

I also ordered a pack of Green Tea Wasabi Peanut which she also recommended. It was like eating a nagaraya coated with wasabi. During the first bite, i felt a strong wasabi sting through my nose. Although i wasn't able to taste any green tea despite having a green tea ingredient according to the packaging. I think the wasabi taste overpowered the green tea.

What i just don't like about this place is that they don't have comfortable seats for chilling. All are high chairs and tables. Well, as stated in their store logo, it's Ten Ren To Go, so i guess you're not expected to stay but instead to order and have it as takeout.

They also sell authentic tea leaf drinks for brewing (with various numbers - the higher the number, the more delicious according to my friend, prices are a bit steep for me - im not a tea expert so honestly i can't really say much about it but if i were to try it out of curiosity, i think it's expensive) and some tea utensils.

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Alexandra N.
4.0 Stars

913 oolong milk tea

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Muffy T.
4.0 Stars

I was finally able visit tenren! This plce is in the open air area on the second floor of promenade mall. Big tea place that not only serves tea drinks but they also carry a wide selection of tea leaves.

I had the green tea latte with pearls. Its basically fits your usual idea of what milk tea is; only this one was made with steeped green tea and fresh milk )instead of the usual black tea and milk powder). Less caffeine they say. The drink was surprisingly refreshing and light.

Price of drinks range from 90 to 150php. A little steep, but totally justified because of the high quality ingredients they use.

Place is vibrant, clean, and staff offers great service. I was happy that they knew their tea selection very well, and were able to help me choose the best tea leaves for me to buy. They also have free taste for some of the teas they carry - just ask.

Overall a wonderful visit. Cant wait to go back!

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Pierre O.
3.0 Stars

This tea place has been opened for quite a while now and I just have to try it.

Outside the store, you can try their milk tea for free. They serve it in a small cup. The free milk tea though was too sweet for my taste so I tried to lessen the sugar level upon ordering.

The store itself was nicely decorated with a lot of merchandise to sell and a lot or maybe all is from Taiwan who drink tea a lot. I am an avid tea drinker so I know. 128513There was also a tea set where one can perform or join tea ceremony.

I ordered green tea latte with pearls with 25% sugar. They used real tea leaves to prepare my drink which I have not tasted in other commercial milk tea place. The green tea was strong bitter taste which was awesome. They also use real milk instead of powdered milk which adds to the freshness of the drink.

The downside of this store however is that the servers seem to not know what the customer was ordering. Secondly, the place was also SOOOO HOT! And they don't give out their wifi password which I find funny. 128518

In my opinion, just have your drink to-go and relax elsewhere. 128514

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4.0 Stars

Greenhills is the first branch of Ten Ren's Tea in Manila. It will open their next branch at SM MOA. They sell Premium Chinese Quality Teas in US, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and now in the Philippines. 🇯🇵🇺🇸🇵🇭

For Php110.00 I tried their Matcha Milk Tea Slush - 11088110881108811088️ 4/5
"Yung matcha lasang lasa mo pero di nakakasawa" 127862

#ilovetoeat 12851510084️ #TenRenPh @tenren_ph @greenhillsph

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