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Bella J.
5.0 Stars

I actually first heard of Tenya while I was in Japan since it was part of my dad’s list of places to eat in while in Tokyo that he got from his officemates. But since we ended up not going to Asakusa (where I was told Tenya was), we never got to try it. But it didn’t take long ‘till we discovered there’s Tenya in Manila so we headed for the MOA branch to try it out!

Tenya is best known for different kinds of tempura, which is something you’ll see right away when you browse the menu. For those wary of deep fried things for health or diet reasons, Tenya uses canola oil for their tempura!

There was a vacant table that could fit my family when we arrived so we were seated right away. They serve tea (mogu cha) but you’ll have to request for it!

There are many options to choose from, which can make the whole process longer than usual, but we ended up going for the set meal. I got the Jo Tempura Soba Teishoku (Php 375), which comes with Japanese rice and the following tempura: two black tiger prawns, kani stick, green beans, sweet potato, and eggplant. I also opted for cold soba instead of hot.

Oh my, oh my!!! Really, really good tempura! They were properly fried and not greasy, and the tempura batter had a nice crunch to it. Really enjoyed the prawns as well as the eggplant. I wish there was more of the eggplant! The cold soba was really good too and if I weren’t full after eating my teishoku, I’d have eaten a full bowl of the soba.

My mom got the Classic Tempura Soba Teishoku (Php 315), which included a black tiger prawn, squid, kisu, green beans, and sweet potato. She liked her order and enjoyed the rice in particular. One of my sisters got the Classic Tempura as well but opted for the regular Teishoku (Php 295).

My dad ordered the All-Star Tempura Teishoku (Php 365), which came with a black tiger prawn, squid, salmon, kani stick, green beans, and mushroom, along with some potato salad, rice and miso soup. I didn’t notice that the salmon was part of the All-Star set so I got pretty jealous when I saw it. 128557 Haha! I’ll go for the All-Star Soba Teishoku the next time I eat here for sure!

My second sister got the Buta Yakiniku Jyu (Php 295), which is basically buta sautéed in onions and sauce and topped on some rice. My third and last sister, who is unfortunately allergic to prawns, got the Spicy Salmon Maki Soba set and likewise opted for cold soba. The serving size of her maki was really generous and she had trouble finishing them.

Needless to say, I’ll be back here very, very soon!

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Unisse C.
4.0 Stars

We were in Mall of Asia for dinner after doing some groceries. We couldn't decide on where to eat so we brought dad over to the new #MOAEATS hall. It's a relatively "new" section beside the IMAX theater which has different restaurants for you to try. Last time we were here, we only got to try Morganfield's and Paper Moon.

We checked the menu for most and ended up at Tenya. The photos outside were very convincing. Plus I've been craving for Tempura for quite some time now.

I got the Asakusa Soba Set which had 3 tempura pieces with vegetable tempura, a cup of rice, and cold soba noodles. The noodle set can be soba or udon and both can either be hot or cold. My dad's a fan of hot udon so he got that. 128540

The whole set was able to make me full. I'm happy that I got to have cold soba, but if you choose that set, there's no miso soup. The Teishoku set comes with miso soup.

Soba: 110881108811088
Tempura: 11088110881108811088
Rice: 1108811088110881108811088️ (add their special donburi sauce 128077🏼)

Value for money wise, it's not bad because it gets you full. Taste wise it's pretty average. What disappointed me was the tempura wasn't piping hot when it came to the table - like the ones you get when the buffet is newly refilled. I half expected it would be still quite warm because it did take a while to be served.

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Bernisse C.
3.0 Stars

Tenya is one of the most successful tendon restaurant chain in Japan. Once regarded as expensive, Tenya aims to provide high quality tendon and tempura at an affordable price. Other than Japan, Tenya is also operating in Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines.

If you're not too familiar, Tenya offers a wide variety of tempura dishes and tendon or tempura donburi.

127843 SPICY SALMON MAKI [P255] 11088110881108811088
Spicy salmon rolled in tobiko and topped with agedama, shichimi and spicy Japanese mayonnaise
I would have given this a 5 star if they had added a bit more mayonnaise. It felt a bit dry but I really liked the spicy salmon flavor 128069

127843 EBI TEMPURA MAKI [P285] 110881108811088
Ebi tempura rolled in tobiko and topped with agedama, shichimi and spicy Japanese mayonnaise
This is a good alternative for those who can't eat spicy dishes. They really need to add more mayonnaise to counteract the dryness of the other ingredients.

127844 ULTIMATE EBI TEMPURA SOBA TEISHOKU [Php415] 110881108811088
(1) Black Tiger prawn
(2) Pacific White shrimps
(4) Shrimp Poppers
(1) Japanese rice
Your choice of soba or udon. These can be served either hot or cold

I got the cold soba just because I was craving for it. I found everything to be average. The tempura were cooked well, neither overcooked nor undercooked. The breading was crispy but not as crispy as I wanted it to be. I also found the tempura sauce to be a bit bland compared to other restaurants. What I did like was the concept behind the set. I think it's sulit especially if you're really famished like I was. By the time I took my last bite, I was super bloated. Also, their Original Don Tare sauce is good. Perfect for Donburi. It's sweet but not too sweet and has a slight soy taste.

Service was satisfactory. Staff were attentive to our needs and there's no service charge! 128077🏻 Get a cup of their hot tea, it tastes authentic.

The place looks like any other Japanese restaurant. It has the Japan feel to it and is clean. However, there were several flies that really bothered me. I hope this gets resolved soon.

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Midz S.
4.0 Stars

I was craving for katsu or tempura and remembered that I came across this new tempura place around Mall of Asia, so we decided to go for it.

Tenya's ambiance is similar to any Japanese restaurants, except that their chairs are blue and yellow instead of the usual red/ black/ white. I did, however, admired the hanging box-shaped lights and pink and white flowers.

I was torn between their Asakusa Special Tempura Teishoku (which had 3 prawns) and their All Star Tempura Teishoku (which had more varieties). I went with the latter because it was recommended and had salmon :D

(Prawn, Salmon, Squid, Kani Stick, Green Beans, Mushroom, Kakiage, miso soup, potato salad, a cup of Japanese rice, pickles, radish, tempura sauce)

After ordering, we were served with a cup of their nice tea. Shortly after that, our orders arrived. This gorgeous basket filled with lightly battered food deep fried in canola oil was huge! But, I didn't have a hard time devouring it all (that's right, I'm a warrior) xD Everything was good, although I found it a bit bland lacking in flavor, and the sauce was a little light. Still, I enjoyed having a little bit of everything on my plate. (by the way, the kakiage is like a Japanese flat meatball consisting of shrimp, onions, chopped vegetables).

Tenya surely is a place for those who dream of eating tempura. It prides itself with its famous tempura don, which I have yet to try on my next visit.

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George C.
5.0 Stars

I enjoyed my meal at Tenya. They truly are the house of tempura. It's the right crisp, flavor and everything else. The sauce made up for it although I know they still have tempura sauce (if you request it?). Do try the chikuwa cheese as well for your appetizer. Reasonably priced. Will definitely visit again!

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