Terra Verde Eco Farm & Resort

KM. 89 Alfonso-Maragondon Rd., Maragondon, Cavite

Terra Verde Eco Farm & Resort
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Angelica T.
5.0 Stars

When I agreed to go to Maragondon, Cavite I honestly did not expect this place. I didn't actually know what we were going to do there, just that I would need trekking shoes (the reason would be on another review).

This was the most relaxed place ever. It's a farm, it is as basic as it could get. It's fairly new so the place do not have all the amenities yet but what they do have,oh boy...

Let me tell you about the rates....
400/person Glamping - they would provide the bed and the tent
300/person - bring your own tent
1750 - cottage/room good for 3 with breakfast. 500 if you need an extra bed
3500 - cottage/room good for 5 with breakfast. 500 for extra bed

The room that is good for 3 does not have it's own bathroom though. They have a public restroom area, 2 shower rooms 2 restrooms per gender. So that's 4 for us girls and another 4 for the guys.
Lemme tell you about the shower head, its amazeballs! They don't just use any regular shower head but instead its the rain fall shower head, another plus would be they have hit water. 128512

Enough about the amazing shower head though...

The whole area is simply good for rest and relaxation. You can be a group as big as 30 and they can accomodate you. Enough area for cars too, we had 2 vans and 2 SUVs when we went there and it was not an issue.

Staff is super friendly. They are ready to assist in any way possible.

This is one place I don't mind returning to over and over again. 128522

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