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Christina R.
3.0 Stars

Terraz is a casual restaurant located in the Zuellig Building, an iconic skyscraper in Makati. You can't miss it. Its the one with the ceramic bamboo frits that run through the entire glass building. This restaurant offers relaxing city views despite it being only in the third floor.

Every regular payday, Terraz offers a lunch and dinner Pay Day Buffet. With their humble selection of dishes, live music, and relaxing ambiance, the price tag is just about right.

On our visit the restaurant was pretty full. I particularly liked the barbecue ribs the salmon belly sinigang, and a saucy spicy chicken. They have a decent paella in the centre which you should try.

They have a happy hour for their cocktails on week nights. I enjoyed my Mango Margarita as it had a good balance of mango and alcohol.

You should definitely watch out for their Valentine’s Day dinner every February. They have a intimate 7-course dinner with wine at the Sky Garden on the 32nd floor. Seriously look it up because it screams romance and is definitely the dinner to impress.

The next Pay Day is on February 28 which celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year at 588++ per person.

Sponsored dinner ℅ Terraz for Team Kaladkarin.

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Steff S.
4.0 Stars

Nice and busy place with mostly company employees and the like.

Chocolate Cake - 1108811088110881108811088
I have high standards when it comes to chocolate cake but I must say this one is pretty good. The cake is moist and the ganache is not too sweet or too thick. And the plating is fantastically done.

Tomato Soup - 1108811088110881108811088
No tang and just the right amount of creaminess. I love it!

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Dennis O.
4.0 Stars

Terraz is a semi-fine dine place in Makati hidden in the beautiful Zuellig Building. Most people might not be to familiar that there is a Raintree restaurant in this building. Terraz offer delicious mix cuisine and conference room for meeting or small events. On my visit I got to try out Terraz payday buffet. Every payday weekday (15/30) Terraz rollout a buffet eat all you can for 520PHP++. I love the ambiance of the place with violin player making the place a romantic kind.

For their buffet we were told that it is something that varied every payday. Up to the last minute nobody knows what will be serve. Chef is the only one who knows what will be served. For our visit some of the notable food that captured my attention are the following.

127860Soba shot glass - I love this yummy cold soba in a shot glass. A bit salty due to the soy sauce but for me it was a swabe shot.

127860White Bean Salad - Seldom do I eat beans in buffet but this was something yummy that I glad to try. Love the mixture of greens and white beans with its delicious dressing.

127860Ribs - this was the fave of the night. Juicy tender yummy ribs. Something that you'll enjoy munching on with some beer.

127860Salmon Miso Soup -they have the salmon and the sinigang miso soup serve seperately for people who want the salmon minus the sinigang taste or have it mix depending on your taste. Great idea hitting two dishes in one. Love the salmon but not too much of a fan of the sinigang haha..

127860Pita Wraps - this one is refreshing and standout from the other savory dishes. This was my atchara kind of dish for the night. Something to remove my umay from the savory dish.

We also got to try some of their delicious cocktail to complete the night. They have a Happy Hour promo Buy 1 and get the 2nd one for 50% off. 4pm to 11pm Monday-Friday.
127864Mango Margarita - this was a hit great blend of sweet mango and citrus flavor of margarita. Very refreshing and a unique take on margarita.

Overall I love the ambiance of the place and a great hideaway for a romantic date while having it within the budget. This made Payday splurge much better. 128522

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Marc M.
4.0 Stars

Pin lights shining so bright
Happy Hour All Night
Lucky for you that's what I like
That's what I like 127908

Buy one, get the second drink at half price 128525
With this place and ambiance it's quite reasonable.

Drinks are well made, alcohol not too overpowering. Perfect for the ladies 128513 and also to just chill around. I love the Mojito with plenty of mint leaves that I can chew on for later 128513

They also have a PAYDAY BUFFET which happens every, well, payday (duh) 128514. They change menus everytime so every pay day is like an adventure at Terraz.
Not bad @ Php 520++ although not as extensive as the bigger buffet players but it screams quality. Pretty much like Alba's Buffet. Also, I like the fact na dito, walang manang na nakikipagbalyahan sayo for the serving spoon. Walang singit sa pila. Everyone waits patiently and with dignity hindi yung parang patay gutom. Good thing ako lang ang patay gutom that night 128514128514128514

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Jayson J.
4.0 Stars

When you think of payday, don't go to the malls and shop till you drop. Instead, go to Terraz and enjoy their payday buffet lunch or dinner for only 520+PhP. I got to experience eating at this payday buffet, what i can say is they might not have the most intricate food served, but the ambience and service is really worth it! Who would not enjoy a live violinist while dining?? (Dinners only) Buffet food choices change every payday, meaning it depends on the head chef on what he's gonna serve. So make sure you visit every payday so you'd try different food selection. My favorite food that dinner service was the barbecue ribs, garlic sausage and sinigang sa miso. Buffet is until 11pm only.

So what's it like on regular days? They offer ala carte items and i'm here to feature their best sellers in their menu
🥗 Sesame -crusted Ahi Tuna @285PhP
Pan-seared ahi tuna, romaine lettuce, japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes

127836 Laksa Soup @395PhP
Singaporean Curry Laksa Soup with seafood, quail eggs, boiled chicken, tofu, beansprouts, coconut milk

127838 Terraz Reuben Sandwich @495PhP
Beef pastrami, arugula, sauerkraut, onions, melted gruyere, rye bread, pickles, herbed fries

127829 Parma Ham and Funghi Pizza @325PhP
Parma ham, buttoned mushrooms, onions, parmesan, thyme

127837 Truffles Beef Tagliatelle Pasta @325PhP
Shredded beef, garlic, onions, truffle oil, au jus, parmesan, fresh herbs

🥘 Osso Buco Milanese @395PhP
Braised Beef Shank, Lemon zest, garlic, parsely, caramelized onions, baby carrots, baked garlic mashed potato on phyllo pastry

128031 catfish "unagi" style @325PhP
Teriyaki-coated catfish with vegetable cake, mixed greens, Japanese rice

127848 deconstructed chocolate valrhona @275PhP
Revel bar crumbs, nougatine crisps, vanilla ice cream, chocolate soil

30% off on selected dessert cakes every Thursdays and Fridays from 7PM onwards.

But of course. There's the bar area at Terraz which offers good promo on "social hour" happy hours. Buy one cocktail and get 50% off the 2nd glass
128204 Classic Margarita @210PhP
Fine taste of alcohol and lemon combined with a whip of salt at the end.

128204128525mango margarita @225PhP
Get this. I actually wanted a second round of this if only i was not driving that night. The mango and salt is a good combination!

The verdict goes like ordinary but quality food plus good ambience and service. It's likable enough and is a pretty good place for a date-- which brings me to mentioning that Terraz also caters to lunch and dinner meetings (max 32 pax) for a good price. The payment is consumable for the food they serve. So this is also an option if you guys are looking for a good meeting place.

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Reich T.
4.0 Stars

I am well acquainted  with some of the restaurants under the Raintree Group  (I am referring to Rocket Fuel errr.. I mean Rocket Room) This is the first time I've heard of Terraz.  Unlike his cousins,  Terraz is located inside the prettiest edifice in Makati Avenue.  I am talking about Zuellig Building,  folks.  It is safe to assume that my ignorance can be attributed to the restaurants location.

The restaurant screams elegance.  High ceilings and modern furniture.  It is also spacious and has excellent lighting.  Apart from the lovely dining area,  patrons can opt to reserve some of their private roons for meetings and company lunch outs. 

Terraz specialises in Asian and European Cuisine.  Their Executive Chef,  Arnold Gozon has perfected his craft with years of culinary experience.

| Szechuan Shrimp.   This dish holds a special place in Chef Gozon's heart.  He briefly shared his experiences and what motivated him to create the best tasting Szechuan Shrimp dish.  The crustacean is cooked perfectly,  i can tell as i didn't have any difficulty removing them.  Overcooked ones will have the meat stucking to the shells. 

| Laksa Soup.   Another well-executed dish.  The soup is flavorful -  a little lemon grass,  tamarind and coconut milk.   Laksa is all about ze broth,  this one passed with flying colors.  I would have preferred more heat though.

| Terraz Chicken Rice.  I am not a fan of Hainanese Chicken but Terraz' version changed my mind.  They know how to cook fowl,  that i am certain.  This is chicken in a it's glory - clean and light flavors.  The spucy dipping sauce is full flavored ans compliments the chicken. 

| Sesame Barbecue Ribs.  Succulent ribs served with mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables.  I liked the fact that they didn't go overboard with the barbecue sauce,  you get to taste the tender ribs on each bite.

Terraz is a revelation.  Another restaurant under Raintree's roster that carefully crafts well-executed dishes. 

Nice to have finally meet you,  Terraz.  See you soon!

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Giovan T.
4.0 Stars

A Raintree group restaurant - Expect excellence.

2 ways to Terraz: Escalators or the glass elevator (press 3rd floor). They have numerous meeting rooms accommodating 4 to 30 pax, which they bundle for 3 hour to a whole day event. The view from their largest meeting room offers a green view of the BGC skyline and parts of Makati, but you'll be too busy to notice, so the grey walls of the other rooms will suffice most scenarios. Restroom is surprisingly basic and during my visit both soap dispensers were empty and it was just 2pm. 

The general dining area is spacious and colourful, the open kitchen showcases all the effort Chef Guzon and his team exerts in preparing your meal. The outdoor seating area is no more than an option in my opinion, simple outdoor sofa sets among the simple garden that spaces the podium of the adjacent building. For the most part the comfy plush seats will keep you relaxed during your meal or meeting.

Terraz Chicken Rice (495 PHP)
The highlight of my meal at Terraz. A delicate, clean tasting dish that will surely impress.

Laksa Soup (395 PHP)
It's rather light for laksa and spice level is minimal. 

Szechuan Prawns (555 PHP)
It's a splurge, but you get what you pay for, a well-made dish that mesmerises you with its freshness.

Sesame BBQ Ribs (450 PHP)
Simple 2 piece meal, smooth mashed potato and meaty ribs evenly coated with their soothing BBQ sauce sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Terraz position itself in a market that's willing to spend to impress, which they deliver flawlessly.


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Wennifer C.
3.0 Stars

We had a whole day meeting in one of their function rooms. For breakfast, i had chicken pesto sandwich with honey mustard dressing. I didnt taste the pesto and honey mustard, it was plain roast chicken sandwich. Their hot chocolate was good. For lunch, had pan seared salmon and tomato basil soup. Salmon was good. Tomato soup was disappointing- canned tomato soup :( the group ordered two kinds of cake- impossible and cake and a dome type cake (i forget the name). Impossible cake is leche flan and chocolate cake in one. Interesting but not something i would order again. The dome cake was so so too. Mousse part was good, but the cake/ chiffon part was nothing great. Four cheese pizza is also yummy!

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Jacque B.
4.0 Stars

Our company is located in this building so, most of the time that we have meetings, a quick dinner or lunch, we chose this place. They have wide array of food offerings, has function rooms, smoking area, good ambiance ---- perfect place for gatherings.

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Sandra Y.
5.0 Stars

Last night, its a winding down from work and welcoming the weekend with dinner at Terraz. Its another first! Been passing by this glorious glass building at the middle of Paseo and Makati Ave, its Zuellig Building. Thanks to my date128522

Terraz is located at the 3rd floor of the building. The place has a perfect atmosphere for winding down with bright colors, and glass window all over.. Perfect view of the traffic 128522 and feeling great that I'm not in it anymore128522 The place has diners when we get in mostly yuppies.

Scanning the menu, they got a lot of interesting dishes, from salad, pasta, sandwiches, Asian &Western dishes, desserts and cocktails! Price is reasonable, with quality food and serving size128077🏼 Everything is good plus the dessert we had is a must try.

Soup: Melted French Onion Soup Crusty Rosemary-cheese bread 150.00- heavy soup! Love the melted cheese!!!

My order : Pan-Seared Salmon with Mishima Mix-Served with steamed Japanese rice, buttered vegetable and ponzu sauce395.00- happy with the veggies, just the way I wanted it-half cooked128076🏼 Salmon is done with crispiness on the outside, which I find gorgeous and melts in your mouth10084

His order: Grilled Boneless Chicken Inasal
Java rice, sinamak, cucumber, red onion, and tomato salad 395.00- tasted the chicken, well marinated and delicious. No sauce needed me.

The Zuellig Zling- London gin, Kirsch, lemon-lime, pineapple210.00- buy one take one! During their happy hour. Well, there's a sudden kick after finishing a glass. I love it!

Impossible Cake- dessert right after dinner. My bf insisted me to try this cake. I asked, why it is named "impossible"? Looking at the cake, is moistful chocolate topped by leche flan ... Then he said, have you heard anyone who did that combination? Ok, this is a must try100841008410084️Leche flan is baked and the cake was frozen. Per slice 225.00

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Lark M.
4.0 Stars

Ambiance was perfect for Tita Session with my ex-officemates who I last saw more or less three years ago.

Ordered Beef Misono Sandwich. Finished only 3/4, but hey, I liked it. For 325php (plus sc & vat, i think), i thought it was fairly priced given the serving size. It also included a cup of fries, and it tasted good. I liked the beef strips, and the greens were fresh.

Others ordered pasta, and pizza. They loved the pizza. Can't remember though what it was.

Took advantage of their 555 promo as well. Five bottles of beer, five bar chows for only 500php. Bar chow includes nuts, dynamite, sisig, chicharon and chicharon bulaklak; served in a plate, in small portions.

Was given a surprise Salted Caramel Cake Slice by my officemates. Looooved it! I think I prefer it more than Wildflour's.

Service was great. We loved the staff. They were warm, and very helpful.

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Misty G.
4.0 Stars

Had a team dinner with the boss at Terraz. A little expensive and seems "fancy", but price range doesn't seem to be all that shocking. Would come back when I'm in the mood to splurge for good food. In photo: schnitzel.

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Ge S.
4.0 Stars

With a cityscape view and a private atmosphere, this is the best place to go for a private affair. Not to mention the ambiance of the place as well. Food is good but could do better.

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Kat G.
3.0 Stars

Tried the Terraz Chef Salad - it was okay, nothing special, a bit pricey.

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Rodney O.
4.0 Stars

Ambiance: Nice place. Needs more vent. Cozy, perfect for meetings.

Service: could be better. They have the bell thing that you press to call a waiter but it isn't effective.

Food: was good. The asian spring roll you could skip. The seared ahi tuna salad is worth a try. Light and crisp. Veggies tasted fresh. The salmon bento is what you need to get. It was soft and cooked right. It had an asian slaw with it which was yummy. It also has japanese fried rice.

I tried the pork medallions - I didn't like it much. The seafood skewers tasted well. The steak and frites looked good.

*If you are parking in the basement be sure to pay for parking at the lobby.

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Tala G.
4.0 Stars

What I've tried so far and rating with 5 as the highest:

Indian Spiced Butter Chicken 4⃣
Crispy Lechon Style Pork Belly 3⃣
Soy Glazed Norwegian Salmon Bento 4⃣ - no wonder this is a best seller. So flavorful, no lansa aftertaste at all. One of the better salmon dishes I've tasted.

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Elmer R.
5.0 Stars

Mission checked. Went here for 3 reasons: 1. To see one of the most beautiful building in the country today 2. Check out the nice view from this resto as professed by diners and 3.The food.

Looks expensive at glance with the fine dining concept. Picked out the tomato basil soup with spinach and a stick of Gorgonzola croquette. The soup alone made me believe I'm going to have a dinner blast, it was so good. They serve complimentary bread and dip while you wait for your mains.

The pan seared salmon with japanese rice and ponzu sauce was delectable. Took some cut of their lechon style pork belly, 'twas crisp and oozing with porcine goodness. 128536 Such a hearty meal we had. Definitely coming back for such dining pleasure.

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Joanna B.
5.0 Stars

BEST LASAGNA EVER 128557 no words

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3.0 Stars

A little hideaway found in one of the eye-catching buildings in Makati, you can find Terraz at Zuellig. It has a posh interior which is inviting for socialites. The only downside for this place is the food takes ages to arrive at your table. You can probably chow down faster than it takes for it to get served.

Roasted Rosemary Chicken, Ginger & Mint Lemonade, Terraz Chicken Rice, and Crispy "Lechon Style" Pork Belly

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Francis C.
1.0 Stars

Ordered Chicken Inasal and it was RAW! Nuff said.

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