Texas Roadhouse

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Texas Roadhouse
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Most Recent Reviews

Pat D.
4.0 Stars

128079🏻 Ang sarap ng complementary bread nila
128079🏻 I enjoyed the free peanuts. Fresh from Taiwan
128079🏻 Their Ribs were yummy! Good for sharing
128079🏻 Love their mojitos 100841008410084
128557 A bit pricy

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Ruth S.
4.0 Stars

NY Dinner here because we super love their freshly baked cinnamon bread (the best compli bread!! 💯) and the unlimited peanuts!! Complimentary pa lang, busog na! 128523

Instead of ordering steak/ribs, we ordered something else. The new California salad for me, fish and chips for lola, roast beef belly for my uncle, and the southern fried chicken for my aunt.

The salad was good. Though, I should have asked for the dressing to be separated because it was too sour. They also added way too much that the vegetables were almost swimming. 128563 The chicken fillet was cooked perfectly. I think they added around 3-4 pcs of chicken. It was kind of bland but the dressing somehow made it “tasty” and thank you ketchup and steak sauce! 128514 Overall, it was still a pretty good salad dish. And also, the lunch size is already more than enough for me. I think, 2 persons can share this. Not bad for the price.

The roast beef was good. Though small and bitin, the beef was tender and tasty. My uncle liked this. I liked the side veggies! Haha! 128523

My aunt enjoyed her fried chicken. According to her, the breading was crispy, the chicken was tasty and juicy, and she liked the side fries.

As for the fish and chips, usual. Good but nothing extra ordinary.

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Justine-Denisse O.
5.0 Stars

First of all, I’m not into steaks. But you’ll love it once you’ve tried their rib eye. Their ribeye is very moist and flavorful. It is a bit pricey but it is worth every peso. Would not think twice going back here. 100841008410084️ Never got the chance to take a picture because we ate the steak right after it was served to us. 128514128514128514

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Cezar R.
2.0 Stars

The St. Louis ribs are a must-try here. A bit on the pricey side at Php 1600 but it's worth a try.

I, however, ordered their Southern Fried chicken and then my colleagues ordered ribs. Their ribs arrived first. When I followed up my order, Texas forgot to cook it and said it'll take 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, the chicken arrived and it was a bloody mess! They served literally served bloody chicken.

After all that wait, I had to cancel my order and then eat leftover ribs. A dining experience that I don't want to experience again.

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Pigoutsundays O.
3.0 Stars

I was looking forward to finally tasting the bread our "piggery" was raving about. They have eaten here several times before and they kept mentioning the bread and the peanuts 128516

So here's a take on our lunch from a first-timer in this resto.

Service : Thumbs up

Our nook where our 7 posteriors were parked were a bit warm and the hubby was getting all sweaty. Not a good way to start the meal I thought. But here comes one of the resto's server and went the extra mile by providing us an electric fan upon request. Wow wish i took the name of the pony tailed lady . You know who you are. Thank you


Famous bread - Im a bread fiend myself so I was really looking forward to finally getting a taste of this bun. Freshly baked and sweet, I now comprehend why our piggery loves it 128516 Its free so you can request as much as you want 128540

Peanuts : Addicting and free 128079🏻128079🏻128079🏻

Grilled pork chop : Unfortunately , tough and chewy. Perhaps Texas roadhouse can get some tips from its sister Italianni's which is juicy and tender. Just saying

Fall off the bone ribs: Love the flavor but could use a few minutes more to make it tender and really fall off the bone

Loaded mash : Yum yum yum! It was regular mash with sour cream , cheese and bacon. Will order this again

Loaded baked potato : same concept as mash. Equally sinful

Sirloin steak? - Our 81 year old Papa who is a steak afficionado, found it tough. But in fairness, maybe because he ordered it well done. Tsk tsk can visualize Wolfgang Puck's dismay hahaha

Ceasar salad with grilled chicken - too much dressing made the greens soggy

Price : We were 7 pax with a senior citizen. We averaged P750 per head sans the bff card 128553

Yes its pricey but we will be back armed with our bff card next time which is sulit128516128516

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Lunch out w Ony and his officemates!! 128109128108128108

I've visited this place a couple of times already (with my family) but this is the first time I'm eating here w Ony. After my doctor's appointment, I asked if he's game to have lunch, he agreed and even invited his officemates to join us for lunch. 128513

We arrived at around 1230 and though not yet full, there were a number of customers inside already. We were greeted by the manager and she led us to our table. Gave us complimentary freshly baked bread and the menu.

Can I just say they have the best complimentary ever?? We loved and enjoyed eating both the bread and peanuts. Ito pa lang, busog na kami! 128518 The bread was served fresh and hot. It was soft and very tasty. Yummy on its own but yummier w the cinnamon butter. YOU CANNOT EAT HERE AND NOT ASK FOR A REFILL AT LEAST TWICE!!!! 128541 And of course the peanuts, normal peanuts but it's different when they're in front of you.. you just can't help but get more!! 128517

TIP: if your server is nice, she might give you extra peanuts and bread for take out. Our server wasn't that nice but because we kept on asking, she gave us a bag of peanuts and some bread. 128540128518

After deciding and after xxx number of peanuts eaten 128518, we finally ordered the following:


🔸Salad: Bleu Steak Salad
🔸Steak: Sirloin (6oz)
🔸Side: Mashed Potato
🔸Drinks: Lemonade and Iced Tea.

SALAD: It was cold, veggies were fresh, generous amount of steak added, just the right amount of dressing. It was good but kind of pricey for almost 700 pesos. If they can only add more veggies! 128523 PS: Eat this one right away because the steak wouldn't be as good anymore after a while. Or just eat the steak first and the veggies later. 128521

STEAK: The steak was cooked just how Ony requested it to be cooked. I just asked for a small slice just so I can taste it. It was tender and was seasoned well. No need to add any sauce or salt and pepper because it was already good on its own. Also the smallest size (6oz) was already enough for Ony. The Mashed Potato was just okay. Nothing extraordinary, just the usual.

Chesca, his officemate, asked for her steak to be cooked medium well but sadly, it was cooked (almost) well done. She still enjoyed her steak, though. Just not as tender. Her baked potato looked good, as well.

And oh, the drinks were both okay. Ony said that the lemonade was refreshing and he liked it more than the iced tea. 127865

DESSERT: 3 options available and we all decided to try the TURTLE PIE. This was surprisingly good. We actually liked this. The oreo crust was good, it was thick and firm. The salted caramel ice cream was creamy and thick. This is topped w chocolate, toffee syrup and roasted pecans. I enjoyed eating this because the whole dessert was not too sweet. It was a good ending to our heavy lunch! 128077🏼

PS: they now have ALL DAY MEALS available from Monday - Friday. Same quality x affordable/budget friendly. 128521 They have the following options:
- 2pcs. Southern Fried Chicken (295)
- Roadie's Pork Belly (295)
- Cowboy Roast Beef (395)
- Texas Grilled Pork Chop (495)

🔴 SERVICE. The manager was nice, very accommodating but our server was the opposite. Actually, she was kind of mean. 128530128527 Also, service was slow. We had to wait for almost 30 minutes for our orders and we had to ask and call her at least 2x for our requests and for water refills. 128542

Place was nice. 128513 Food was good. 128522 Service was meh. 128553

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Eboy D.
4.0 Stars

Yesterday, the family went to Uptown Bonifacio for some R&R (meaning the kids play at Kidzoona, while us adults "window" shop, or not). For our late lunch, we tried out one of Bistro Group's lastest imports - Texas Roadhouse. They spared no expense on the very elaborate interior design. The dining booths are comfy, the cabin feel is prominent with the classic lights, galvanized steel, brick walls and huge majestic moose head. The tables are huge but where we were seated feels a little cramped.

Service was fast. Kudos to Martin who was very accomodating to all our requests. Complimentary peanuts are served and a basket of freshly baked bread. The cinnamon butter paired well with the dinner rolls. So good, we asked for seconds.

We ordered the following: Grilled Chicken Salad with Ranch Dressing. It was packed with chopped boiled eggs, tomatoes, croutons. The serving was good enough for 2-3. The dressing lightly coated the lettuce and was very flavorful. For the kids, we ordered the Chicken Bites with plain rice, it came with a small cup of Iced Tea. The kids enjoyed it very much. I just hope we had an option for the sauce. The kids did not like the honey mustard dressing. I like it though, it had that right amount of sweetness. For our mains, we ordered a pair of sirloin steak and porkchop with a side of loaded baked potato and coleslaw. The porkchop was a bit thin and overcooked. The steak was cooked medium and was so soft. Recommended.

Senior discounts honored. Excellent addition to the Bistro Group. Keep the service at par.

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Chieo O.
5.0 Stars

After a swift site ocular, Ateng and I tried out the meaty finds at Texas Roadhouse, another family of Bistro Americano :) Rib-eye Steak and Shrimp combo with our sidings of corn, coleslaw and Steak Rice, super yum!

Oh! And sinking our teeth into these tasty Cactus Petals (ouch)....NOT, they are still made from onion hehehe 128522128522128522

Appetizers were surely a filling episode! Need I say more from the bucketful of fresh peanuts and unlimited sweet bread with spread? Yum yum yum 12852210084128077🏻

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Dang Q.
5.0 Stars

Good food and country music. I feel right at home!

This is one of the places that brings back true US quality for me.

Everyone gets a basket of free freshly baked rolls for starters.

Today I ordered the Jr Chicken (245php) with sweet potatoes (your choice of sides).

I got 2 pcs of camote, because they said the servings were small. I felt that one would have sufficed so yay! 128516

I had to slow down for this because I started feeling full smack in the middle of my meal. My total bill was 214php after my BFF (Bistro) card. This included my free serving of brewed coffee that did not disappoint.

One of the things I look forward to is seeing more international brands cough service and goods up exactly as they would abroad. This wasn't the case here but it's as close as Asia can get for now.

Good eats!!

P.s. I didn't know camote could be so fancy.

  • No. of Comments: 8
Vicky J.
5.0 Stars

Loved the grilled porkchops at Texas Roadhouse. They were grilled to perfection - juicy, tender and flavorful with it's pepper gravy. I opted for steamed rice from among the side dish choices. Enjoyed my meal a lot! Loved the freebies that they serve before the meal, too - a bucket of roasted peanuts in the shell and unlimited serving of freshly baked sweet bread served with butter. Really yummy!

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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

Back here again!! And the main reason why we went back... The complimentary bread!!! We loved it so much we went back for more. Plus the peanuts!!! Ang sarap kasi!! 128149 For the complimentary bread and peanuts, 5/5 stars!!! 128076🏼

However, the food were all just okay. Nothing special. You'll be full but not the happy kind of full. 128518 Hmm, 3 stars?

Combo Appetizer Platter: 3/5
- the spicy cheesy balls (rattlesnake bites?) were good but not something you'll want to have again, no "i want more of this" effect. Best to eat this while still hot and since it should be really spicy, they might want to add more jalapeños because it's not spicy. 128517
- the cheesy baked potato skin and buffalo wings were so-so. Usual. Nothing extraordinary.
- Not worth it. You can skip this one.

Crispy Chicken Salad: 3.5/5
- Generous serving size and toppings. Greens were fresh. The crispy chicken was tasty and good!

Fish and Chips (Fries): 3/5
- Fish was kind of bland and was not fried that well, it was not crispy and the breading was too thick.

Fall off the bone Ribs: 3.5/5
- Tasty and tender ribs. This was good but again, no "this is so good, the best ribs ever" reaction.

Sides: 3/5
- We had Coleslaw and Mashed Potato. Both were okay.

Service was not good. Was kind of disappointed with how slow and inconsistent all the servers were. And they were not helpful and accommodating. 2/5 stars for the service. 128530128078🏼

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Harold L.
5.0 Stars

It was my first time eating at a steakhouse, let alone eating steak, so after seeing this on PopTalk, I knew I had to go in quickly.

For the location, it was generally suitable. The restaurant was a bit secluded on the fourth floor, which makes it a little peaceful. The view of BGC also added to the eating pleasure, and the decor inside felt justifiable for an authentic American steakhouse. They also had TVs all over the place showing Basketball games, so there's that.

For the food, upon coming in, they'll bring you with some freshly-baked bread with butter and a whole bucket of steamed nuts for appetizer. Man, the bread itself was so tasty I almost forgot -that we were supposed to order something. Not even going over-the-top with that one.
I ordered an 8oz hand-cut sirloin steak, grilled to a medium(photo above). You can actually choose the doneness of your steak according to your preference, then when they bring it to your table, have you check if it's fine or not. As for my brother and parents, they ordered the country fried chicken and some ribs. For the taste, the sirloin steak was so amazing, with or without their homemade sauce. The steak itself was juicy and tender - they got the medium part well. It was super chewy in the mouth and you can still taste all the marinade and the freshness of the meat itself. Slicing it did not take time at all, because that was just how tender it was. And unlike some pieces of meat, the outer portion of this slab did not taste bitter or anything. Sure there were grill marks, but it did not affect the quality of the meat in any way - if not give it its smoky feels in the mouth. It might be because that was my first steak, but I definitely can't underestimate the feeling of that sirloin steak in my mouth. (I can literally taste it while typing this.) As for the ribs, they were amazing as well, capturing the barbeque taste and the essence of the meat itself. The country fried chicken tasted good, however it was the brown gravy I did not find as appealing. But other than that, the rest tasted awesome. Oh, and I do recommend the lemonade for your drinks.

Generally, Texas Roadhouse did not disappoint my first steakhouse meal. It's expensive, alright, but "reasonable for a big slab of steak" expensive.



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Dianne C.
4.0 Stars

Love their combo platter appetizer (picture above), I also liked their free rolls but the cinnamon something- not quite. Forgot what we ordered but the appetizers were a stand out. 128522

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Anthony J.
5.0 Stars

This the REAL Texas Roadhouse Grill down to the peanuts and to those luscious bread buns. This is paradise for carnivores. You have to order their BBQ steaks because thats what the Texas experience is all about.

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Erika M.
4.0 Stars

Service, food, ambiance 128076🏻128077🏻. Must try!! Tho medyo pricey pero super sulit! 🙂 especially the fresh baked- bread 🙂🙂🙂

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Jen L.
4.0 Stars

went there during the long weekend with friends and enjoyed the steak there!

saktong lambot, saktong timpla!

ang mas masaya part, 40% off nung pumunta kami hahahah


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Ruth S.
3.0 Stars

One night, my family and I decided to have dinner here. I have always wanted to try this place out ever since so yayyyy!! 128588🏼

I was so excited to try their complimentary bread that on our way, I kept on telling them to eat as many bread as possible! Haha! 128541 I read somewhere that they bake their bread every 5 minutes so you are guaranteed to enjoy freshly baked bread. And it did not disappoint! It was so good. While waiting for our orders, I think we asked for at least 3 refills. Best enjoyed while still warm and with a generous amount of the cinnamon butter! Even without the spread, the bread was also good and tasty. But try not to eat so much because it's filling. 128517 And also, they have unlimited peanuts. Sarap!! Complimentary bread and peanuts pa lang, busog and super happy na kami!!! 128513128563

Service was a bit slow. Good thing, the bread and peanuts were able make us not think of the waiting time and that we are all hungry. It was at least able to delay hunger from turning into HANGER. 128541

We ordered the following:

🔹 Crispy Chicken Salad (Lunch - 275)
🔹 Sirloin Steak (6 oz. - 595)
🔹 Award Winning Ribs (Half Slab - 695)
🔹 Texas Fried Fish (4pcs - 375)
🔹 Sides: Mashed Potato, Steak Rice, and Fries

As much as we enjoyed the bread and peanuts, our orders were all just okay. Good but not super yummy. Can't say their the "best". Maybe I expected too much? With the hype and all. 128530

Service was good. All the staffs were very helpful, easy to call and are warm and friendly. Will I comeback? Yes for the bread and maybe to try the burgers!! But not soon or urgent. 128518

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Kristin A.
4.0 Stars

Dined here a couple of times already 128514 The steaks are good as you might expect for USDA beef. Ribs aren't too shabby either. But what really stood out for me is the Cinnamon Butter for the complimentary bread - I'm drooling now just thinking about the warm bread and buttery goodness 128523

Service is as you might ghy expect from a Bistro Group resto. They're quite full on Fridays, and we get mixed success with calling the servers but they are rather quick and accommodating for the most part. Very quick on the water refills too.

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Wiljohn M.
4.0 Stars

The real thing is finally here!

I enjoyed dinner at Texas Road House last night.

The peanuts are still staple but I also enjoyed the freshly baked bread. It was soft and warm with the nice cinammon flavor.

We also ordered appetizers of buffalo wings, potato skins and rattlesnake bites. I loved the rattlesnake bites the most. It was hot and spicy and perfect with the blue cheese dip. The chickeb and ribs combo was also good. The meat was packed with flavor that you would no need any sauce or gravy for it.

Next time I am trying their steak.

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Kitkat G.
4.0 Stars

It was bustling with people when we arrived. The waiters served us with a basket of bread and dip. The bread was just oh-so soft. Saraap! We asked for seconds.haha

Our orders:
Warm and comforting. Love the spiciness of this dish.

It was a-okay. Nothing too special. The mashed potatoes compensated the dish.

Filling meal. The chicken was tender and bbq sauce addicting.

I love love my dalandan juice! Both freshly squeezed, awesome thirst quenchers.

Overall, love the food. The waiters were attentive, friendly and the place is a cool hangout spot.

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