The Appraisery

Cubao Expo, 61-62A Gen. Romulo Ave., Cubao, Quezon City, Metro Manila

The Appraisery
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Michelle B.
4.0 Stars

This is not a food find as much as a really cool place to hang out , play games and have fun with friends and family. They offer hot and cold drinks as well as sandwiches and pasta dishes that will satisfy you while you play one of the many board games you can use while you are there. They are helpful in helping you pick out your game and even explain a new game to you. Time goes by really fast when you play and have fun so you do end up drinking and eating their food. The Cubao expo vibe is geeky cool and some people here are serious gamers.
Not a lot of seating available specially late in the evening.

  • No. of Comments: 9
Isha S.
4.0 Stars

Another Thursday in Cubao meant another Thursday dedicated to finding another good food place in the area. This time, there were only two of us - me and a friend and our destination was Cubao Expo (Cubao X).

Of course, the area in itself is full of oddities, curiosities and good food finds but for tonight, we just settled on one area: The Appraisery. The place is kind of small but has two floors. It's essentially a board game cafe/art exhibition area/place to sell and buy stuff. The first floor can accommodate maybe around 15 people while the second floor can accommodate around 10 or so. Most of the board games are on the second floor and to access them, you have to go up this wobbly metal spiral staircase. Eeps! No worries though, perfectly safe! (I think)

The owner was there when we came and he was very helpful as he gave us suggestions on which game would be best for two players (we eventually settled on a fun, Star Wars-based card game), then he explained the rules and even stood by and coached us the during the first few rounds. 128077

The menu is comprised of sandwiches, hot dogs, paninis and pastas as well as hot and cold drinks. Prices are mostly in the 100+ peso range. We ordered the Kumbaya (125 pesos) - an espresso-based drink topped with marshmallow fluff and crushed graham crackers then drizzled with caramel. Essentially, it was campfire smores in a cup! I liked this drink as it was sweet but not
cloying and the incorporated elements added some much needed "pop" to it. We also had their Green tea Matcha Frappe (135 pesos) although this was pretty bland and ordinary. As for their food, we were able to sample their Bolognese pasta (160 pesos), served with some toasted bread. This is supposedly one of their best sellers, and although there was a fairly hefty amount of toppings such as cheese and meat, it didn't really stand out for me. Finally, we had the Chicken Avocado and Pesto Triple Decker (175 pesos), served with thin camote chips. Taking its cue from its name, this panini was a mouthful! One bite and all these flavors would be rushing at you. It was confusing but it tasted surprisingly good. I don't know why, but it worked!

Overall, this is a good place to hang out with a couple of friends, play a few board games, etc.

  • No. of Comments: 3
Cindy S.
4.0 Stars

This place is a hidden gem located in Cubao Expo. I was craving for a matcha drink one afternoon and tried searching nearby for something that would satisfy my inner matcha monster and this place did not disappoint. I would say this place is more for my gamer and hipster friends out there. The place was packed with people playing board games when we came here. I will be back for more of their drinks!

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Allana J.
5.0 Stars

This term had been a very stressful term for us! I mean, with all those p6, calc and lab classes OMG I'M SO GLAD IT'S FINALLY OVER!
And as a celebration for ending this stress, we went here and tried their board games haha!
The board games they offer are shown in the photo above. Yes, they have many! And these are not even board games that are common like snakes and ladders or monopoly. NO! I don't remember the name of the boardgames we tried but all of them were fun! I even call it the test of friendship bc most games are challenging, you would do everything to win! I MEAN, EVERYTHING! Hahaha.
Also, their food is so good! I ordered their chicken pesto and avocado triple decker and it was amazing! It's spicy and salty at the same time! Idk abt u but that combination really satisfies my taste buds! It kinda reminds me of buffalo wings! It was so good but i wasn't able to finish it. One half is really famishing! I suggest you share an order of this if you'll try it bc they give big servings. I also ordered their Kumbaya but it didn't really left a mark in me hahaha! Nothing special, I guess. But not that bad either.
I WOULD DEFINITELY COME BACK BC I REALLY ENJOYED MY FIRST TIME HERE! Maybe next time with HS friends 128077🏻 5 stars for a great experience!

  • No. of Comments: 2
Ann Margaret L.
5.0 Stars

Went here to chill out with my friends. I've been longing to try this place because I heard it serves food and you can play board games.

People there were nice and approachable. You can ask them to assist you or teach you how to play your chosen board game. They were very patient 128522

In order to play boardgames, you should order first. We came there as a group so each one of us should order at least one from the menu. The owner said his best seller is the Kumbaya beverage, so we tried it (really tasted great!!)

We played Coup and Alhambra there until 9 in the evening. Their games are so addicting so I will definitely come back!!! Its fun there haha!

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Gene G.
5.0 Stars

Last month, me, Jas L and my cousin went to The Appraisery because we curious as to what kind of board games they offer.

Upon entering the place, we were greeted warmly by the owner, Vic. Vic was really attentive and made sure that the customers felt at home. Since it was our first time, we asked which is a good drink to order. One of their best sellers was the Kumbaya. I was supposed to order that but I was in a tight budget so I decided to go for the straberry milkshake. My cousin on the other hand got the Kumbaya. The Kumbaya is really great ! If you're a coffee drinker, you'll love this drink. 128077

After getting our orders, we asked help from Vic again in what's a good boardgame for beginners (since we were really beginners in boardgames hehe). He let us play King of Tokyo. He thoroughly taught us how to play the game and we were able to get the hang of it 128077

It's really a different experience if you have one and play with your friends than meeting new people. Even though i have board games at home, I would still go for the latter since I would love to meet new people in playing games 128077 Keep it up, Vic !

  • No. of Comments: 14
Jackie A.
5.0 Stars

Had a spontaneous boardgame date with my friends at Cubao Expo today. We all learned how to play Dixit and ended up liking it more than we should. 128514

Anyway, I ordered the pesto chicken avocado triple decker panini (yes, it's a long name, and no I'm not even sure if that's the correct name lol). It was simple, yet satisfying. 128522

The whole place was cozy and perfect for bonding with friends + the staff was cool and nice to everyone. 128077

  • No. of Comments: 4
Trish N.
5.0 Stars

Always glad to be here. Both the staff and crowd are genuinely friendly. Food and drinks are worth every peso. Despite the pretty tight space, it's the best board gaming place in the metro!

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

The Seattle dog PHP 150

For cheesy meaty cravings with a dash of mustard flavor.

A tad overpriced for me since I'm not into munching chips.

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Luisa E.
5.0 Stars

The appraisery's app tart (PHP 65) could be very addicting.

Umay factor: I could eat this for a week and then get sick of it for 2 days then I could eat it again for a week. 127822+127856

It's the just right kind of sweet but if you want it sweeter just ask for more syrup 128523 chocolate or caramel.

  • No. of Comments: 2
Pat L.
4.0 Stars

An all in one shop!
It meshes food, fashion, music, art and entertainment, there's an assortment of board games sitting on the shelves, a flat screen television, display of clothes that you can buy, some really cool artwork hanging on the wall and a menu board of yummy things to appease your grumbling stomach.

Too bad I was in a hurry and didn't had time to explore the store. I had the

White Mocha Frappe (P110)

The serving was a bit small but taste wise, it was good. I liked that the coffee was not that strong and their whip cream is 128077.


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Patsy C.
5.0 Stars

My boyfriend and i decided to let off some steam before the crazy end of the semester arrives.

I ordered their Irish coffee and also kamote chips.

The irish coffee was served in a big ceramic cup9749️. It was strong, which I really needed since I was going to finish some school stuff.

My boyfriend got their mixed berry slushy. It tasted sweet, with hints of well berries, it reminded me of the grape shake at cibo.

Our date night became game night, thanks to Luisa E we met some new friends. Well first one of them taught my bf how to play the game of thrones card game.

Btw you can only play board games if you actually purchase food.(there must be people who just hang out there and play)

After the whole saga of me not understanding anything from the card game128517, we finally played some really fun group games. Dixit and word for thought.

We played them with people we(my boyfriend and i) just met. And it was great. The games got us to know each other well. You'd seriously think we knew these people even way before we came here.

Lulu says that most of the people who come by during the weekend are regulars. You never know, maybe when you come by you'll be a regular too. Haha

Again atmosphere was great, with really good music and good company too.

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Patsy C.
5.0 Stars

The Appraisery which was formerly located in San Juan now has a new home over at Cubao expo.

I personally liked this location better since most of their market hangs out here and well kasi it's nearer my place. Haha!

The ap reminds me of some of the places i've been to in Burbank and San Francisco. It's a cafè/clothing store. You can order food and drinks and shop upstairs or even play board games. You can actually trade some of your clothes for other stuff.

The owner recently came back from the states which is where he had gotten the whole idea. The owner is very friendly and hands on and you can usually see him manning the cash register.

Anyway I went here with a couple of my high school friends because one of them is leaving for the states.

We decided to have dinner here and i got their chicken, pesto and avocado triple decker sandwich and their strawberry slushie.

Their strawberry slushie tasted like italian soda but in slushi form. It was refreshing to pair it with the sandwich.

The sandwich was really thick, with lots of pesto in it. The chicken was cut into thick slices and there was a hint of spice in it which added flavor. Oh yeah they served this with lots of kamote chips!

My friends who ordered their pesto pasta also liked their dish and one even gave it a 128077.

My best friend Luisa E is part of the staff who works here (btw she's new to looloo and she loves food as much as i do) they were all friendly.

Good food and good company makes for a super good experience.128077128522

**oh yeah if you're here and you want to drink alcohol you can order some items from Escobar which is the bar right next to The Ap, they'll be happy to bring it over to you

  • No. of Comments: 7